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Sometimes it’s not just the size that matters, and Andy Speer proves that every time. Although ripped and bulging physiques are more popular in the bodybuilding community, there are still some people who would prefer something closer to ‘normal’ or ‘average’ size.

Andy Speer had started off his journey much like most men, he was tall but skinny, averaging at around 140 pounds during his university years. It’s also at this time that he decided to change for the better, he lifted and ate more, building up his physique and putting on up to 45 pounds of pure muscle.

Outside of being a fitness model, he also regularly competes in a competition called the Beast Challenge. This challenge requires its contenders to perform a set of exercises and lifts, and Andy Speer (at 175 pounds), is one of the lightest men ever to join this competition.

Andy Speer Quick Stats

  • Height: 6’10”
  • Average Weight: 175lbs
  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Nationality: Northern California

Andy Speer Workout

Andy Speer Workout

When it comes to working out and building muscle, Andy Speer had not started with the best equipment. He was a university student, he went to gym, and he ate in the school cafeteria. He was limited to what he could do, not just by his circumstances at the time but his college-lifestyle.

Many people will experience the same troubles, perhaps you’re older- you have a job, you have kids, you have chores and responsibilities- in this situation it gets hard to justify your own needs. However, Andy Speer got over his troubles, he made do with what he has and now that he’s a lot older and more experienced- he knows what works for him and what might work for other people.  

Of course, the intensity of his workouts will probably be different from what you should be doing in the beginning, and there’s likely differences between how he trains during off-season and on-season, but the basics stay the same.

The point is, that you give it all you got and you push and push. That doesn’t mean you should overtrain, no no, continue to progress slowly. Make sure that you’re giving your body time to recover, sometimes it’s not just about getting the fancy muscles. No, if you want a well-formed physique, you’re going to have to follow a process.

Andy Speer’s Barbell Circuit Warm-up:

  • Dumbbell Halo (10 reps in both directions)
  • Standing Dumbbell Reverse Fly (10 reps, leaning against bench)
  • Standing Dumbbell Scap Raise (10 reps)
  • Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (10 reps)
  • Single-leg Deadlift walk (10 reps per leg)
  • Dumbbell Goblet Squat (10 reps)
  • Plank (30 sec.)
  • Jump Squat (10 reps, no weight)

Andy Speer Diet

Andy Diet

One of the things that Andy Speer had to learn recently, is that what you eat when you’re a young adult will have to vary differently from what you eat when you start going on to your 30s. Junk food and the like will affect you much more than it did before, you’ll find yourself gaining more weight for a lot less.

However, if you want to make gains, eating less is not the answer. Building up muscle requires that you follow a certain pattern. You’re going to have to make sure that you’re providing your body with everything it needs to build up.

Back when he had been younger, Andy weighed very little. At the start of his fitness journey, he began to realize the importance of eating. He would eat what he can, when he could. He tried to average around 5,000-6,000 calories per day, spreading out the calories and nutrients to make sure that he never ran out of energy.

He didn’t know what to eat either, and for a while he did what everyone is recommended to start with – he counted his macros. Counting macros might be tedious, it takes time and a certain level of preparation. However, counting your macros is a good way of starting out. It pushes you to get to know what you’re eating, and after a while this habit becomes so ingrained that you might not have to do it anymore.

Andy Speer Supplements

Many fitness models invest in fat burner or pre workout supplements, however, that might not be true for someone who is as experienced as Andy Speer. However, he has been confirmed to supplement his protein intake with some shakes when necessary.

If you’re wanting to stay lean and stay energised and focused like Andy Speer, we’d recommend changing up your stack and adding some CBD. It can really help recovery and aid your diet in getting shredded. Check out our current favourite CBD supplement here.

Andy Speer Social Channels

MINDSET MONDAY You will face challenges this week, that’s life. Imagine how under stimulating and unfulfilling life would be with out challenges to overcome. That in itself is enough to to be grateful for each and every challenge that you encounter. Some challenges are seemingly not very demanding, other obstacles appear monumentous at first glance. Your mindset as you approach each and every challenge dictates not only the external outcome, but more importantly your internal reaction to that outcome, and even more importantly- your adaptation and growth during the process which then leads to your ability to handle more demanding challenges in the future. Right from the start look for the positive in the situation, it may not be staring you in the face, give it a minute, take a breath, look through the eyes of POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE and ask yourself: 1) What will I learn/gain/improve upon having overcome this challenge? (GROW) 2) How will that increase my ability to be of service to others? (GIVE) Be honest and specific in you answers. Realize from the get go this process will not be easy but will be worth it. Remember that you are worth it! Have an awesome Monday and challenging and rewarding week! #mindset #monday #challenge #grow #give #grateful #speerstrength

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