Harvard Guide to Yoga

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In our book, The Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga, we offer the a program based on the scientifically proven benefits of yoga, including over 100 illustrations and dozens of breathing and meditation techniques that you can practice at home.

We provide a simple, scientifically based 8-week program that integrates the postures of yoga with self-compassion, breathing, and meditation for overall wellness. Alongside stress reduction supplement SRS you can experience true zen.


Dr. Marlynn Wei & Dr. James E. Groves

The Harvard Guide to Yoga is a book that was written by harvard medical school…here’s a bit more about it as taken from HarvardGuidetoYoga.com .

The Harvard Guide to Yoga offers a great insight into yogic practice and how it can help you with both mental and physical health. At Supplement Devil we focus on nutrition, but this guide instead offers readers a chance to experience healing in a different way.

When you take on correct supplementation along with yogic practice you can experience complete wellbeing, as well as great performance with yoga and in daily life.

Harvard Medical School Guide to Yoga Review

Score 5/5

The book itself has now become available online and also on Amazon. Receiving a wealth of online reviews this is near enough an essential read for anyone looking for an intensive 8 week course to yogic practice.

The guide itself offers a full breakdown of yoga for beginners and even something for advanced practitioners and so is essential reading for those looking to seriously take on yoga to add to their fitness regime and lifestyle.

Other reviews online also match our own feeling that this is truly a 5* Yoga book and an absolute must have for anyone getting into yogic practice.

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What Does the Book Cover?

What sets this book apart from other yoga guides is the fact that the authors take a deep dive into the science of Yoga.

The science section isn’t mind boggling either, with sections clearly explained to allow for a full understand of key principles.

This is almost the opposite of what you’ll find in other classic yoga books like Light on Yoga and even some of the sciency yoga books because everything is written and backed up by scientific references.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find in the Harvard Guide to Yoga:

  • Science of Yoga
  • Different types of Yoga
  • The History of Yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Care and Injury Prevention Yoga
  • Breathing in Yoga
  • Asana
  • Mudras

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