Viktoria Kay Diet

Viktoria is a fitness model and blogger who has seen her career truly take off ever since she made a move from Europe to the USA. She was born in Hungary in 1983 but was raised in Germany throughout her childhood and adolescence. During this time, she was extremely athletic – taking part in various sports such as tennis.

However, it wasn’t just sports that Viktoria had an interest in growing up. Due to her striking looks, she began modeling – quickly becoming aware of her potential within the industry. Eventually, Viktoria came to the realisation that she needed to move elsewhere in order to reach new heights in her career – deciding that relocating to Los Angeles, California would be the ideal move. So, by the age of 21 she took the plunge and moved to the USA for pastures new.

At first, things weren’t easy for Viktoria, as she barely knew English which became a huge barrier to her reaching her true potential. But, after remaining dedicated to improving her physique through a healthy diet and training program, things soon started to look up for her. Once she’d begun to make a name for herself in the American modeling industry, Viktoria soon decided to combine her two greatest passions – becoming a fitness model to reach the level of success she currently enjoys today.

Nowadays, she regularly updates her fans via her social media pages, hoping to be a positive influence in other people’s lives. As well as sharing content via her YouTube channel, she updates her fans via her Instagram page too.

Viktoria Kay Quick Stats

  • Height: 5′ 8″
  • Average Weight: 68kg
  • Date of Birth: October 31, 1983
  • Nationality: Hungarian, German

Viktoria Kay Workout

As a model, it’s important for Viktoria to be in the best shape possible so that she is ready for any upcoming modeling shoots. To achieve just that, Viktoria remains active in the gym on a regular basis – combining a mixture of cardio and strength based exercises.

Viktoria states that her abs and glutes are her strongest muscle groups, and therefore are her favourite body parts to train in the gym. She is that dedicated to continually building lean muscle in these areas that she’ll even work these muscle groups up to four times per week!

To ensure that she continues to reach her fitness goals, Viktoria likes to change up her training program regularly in order to shock the system. This results in optimal lean muscle gains which further contributes to her sensational physique. Take a look at her training below:

Viktoria Kay Diet

Viktoria’s dedication to fitness stretches beyond the weights room – paying close attention to her diet allows her to maintain her phenomenal physique too. Preferring to stay clear of highly processed foods, Viktoria likes to incorporate clean, whole foods into her diet instead. By doing this, she is able to fuel her workouts effectively, and also recover faster too.

Staples in her diet include avocados, oats, quinoa and berries. In addition, she uses lean meats, low-fat dairy, and chickpeas for her protein sources. However, Viktoria incorporates a cheat meal into her diet from time to time – the perfect reward for her hard work and dedication in the gym.

Viktoria Kay Supplements

As well as following a diet full of whole foods, Viktoria supplements her diet with a variety of vitamins which ensures that her body gets the essential nutrients that are needed to stay in top condition. Additionally, this greatly benefits her overall health too.

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