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Natasha Aughey is a fitness icon, sponsored athlete, and highly popular social media star who hails from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to her dedication to fitness, she’s not only built an enviable physique, she has also been able to build an ever-increasing online fan base too. At the time of writing, she boasts around 757k followers on her Instagram page.

Natasha’s interest in fitness isn’t such a recent thing either, as she played a variety of sports throughout her high school years, including the likes of soccer. As well as this, she followed a healthy lifestyle too, regularly attending the gym. However, she failed to make the progress that she desired despite her best efforts. At that moment in time, the majority of her training in the gym consisted of cardio only.

Eventually, after taking advice from those around her in the gym, Natasha began to lift weights on a regular basis. Thanks to her excellent genetics, it wasn’t long before her hard work paid off – forming the foundation for the incredible physique that she’s now famous for.

Ever since she began to share her progress online back in 2013, it didn’t take long for Natasha to soar to fame online. She’s even reached the bodybuilding stage in the 2013 OPA Ottawa Championships, where she was able to finish in sixth place. More recently, she has become a qualified personal trainer, earning a CanFitPro qualification at level 1. As well as this, she now sells her own training and diet plans via her website Glutes, Guts, and Glory, which allows Natasha the chance to help her clients achieve the physique of their dreams, just like her.

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Natasha Aughey Quick Stats

  • Height: 5’6″
  • Average Weight: 65kg
  • Date of Birth: March 18, 1993
  • Nationality: Canadian

Natasha Aughey Workout


Natasha follows a workout plan that involves working out six days per week, taking only one rest day. Over the years, she’s found that this is the most effective workout regime for her to continually obtain her fitness goals. Whilst she’s known for having excellent genetics, which undoubtedly allowed her to build significant muscle mass over the years, it’s her hard work and dedication, and staying consistent with her training and diet that’s delivered results.

In terms of her weightlifting plan, Natasha likes to keep her reps low, focusing on lifting heavy weights. This is opposed to lifting lighter weights with a high repetition range. Here’s the plan that Natasha follows:

  • 1st Day: Back
  • 2nd Day: Glutes and Hamstrings
  • 3rd Day: Chest and Biceps
  • 4th Day: Shoulders and Triceps
  • 5th Day: Quads and Leg Plyometrics
  • 6th Day: Shoulders (Focus on Rear Delts)
  • 7th Day: Rest Day

Just take a look at this video of her training in the gym, and you’ll just know how hard she trains every time she steps foot into the weights room:

Natasha Aughey Diet


Natasha follows a diet that allows her to continually build lean muscle mass. While the majority of her diet choices are lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats, Natasha likes to experiment with different recipes – creating healthier versions of so called ‘cheat foods’. However, from time to time, Natasha will indulge in a cheat meal in order to reward her hard work in the gym. One of her favourite bodybuilding meals is chicken, rice, and vegetables.

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Natasha Aughey Supplements

As well as following a mostly ‘clean eating’ diet, Natasha also likes to make use of supplements in order to fuel her workouts and recover quickly from her intense lifting sessions. Her favourite¬†supplements includes¬†the likes of:

  • Pre Workout
  • Post Workout Whey Protein Isolate Shake

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