Lyzabeth Lopez Diet

Lyzabeth Lopez is a personal trainer and major influencer and personality within the fitness industry. She started training as young as 12 years old and went to to gain numerous qualifications within fitness from then. The first was becoming a certified aerobics instructor at 16. Then becoming a personal trainer at the age of 18. Lyzabeth Lopez diet is a major part of her success, keeping her trim and toned to highlight the fact she knows what she’s doing.

By the year 2016 she’s trained countless women and won a fair few fitness competitions too. Without any sign of slowing down she continues to inspire and motivate people everywhere.

This motivation comes not just from Lyzabeth’s diet, but also her grounded and effective approach to training.

Continuing on her success Lyzabeth is set to dominate the female fitness scene, bringing out new plans and appearing in the lime light regularly. She initially found her spark as a result of seeing Jane Fonda, and it’s fair to say she might even be filling her shoes.

Lyzabeth Lopez Quick Stats

  • Height: 5’5″
  • Average Weight: 53kg
  • Date of Birth: 1981
  • Nationality: Canadian

Lyzabeth Lopez Workout


Lyzabeth has created a number of workout plans and diet plans that you can follow. But the biggest and currently most popular is her Hourglass workout.

The Hourglass workout is a full body program that is focused around body recomposition (building muscle and losing fat).

It contains a massive number of different workout styles including boxing, TRX, HIIT and more. This is a paid plan though, so anyone looking to build and cut down to that Lyzabeth Lopez body shape might be slightly disappointed.

Generally Lyzabeth ensures she stays toned and curvy all year round. But keeps fat to a minimum. Remember that recomposition we spoke about earlier?

If you’re looking to cut down and also build up a little we’d recommend starting to look at programs that run with short rest times, high rep ranges and cardio finishers.

The HIRT, or High Intensity Resistance Training will ensure your body is building as much new muscle as possible, whilst burning away some unwanted fat.

To watch a Lyzabeth Lopez workout, you can check the below video. Which she gives a good example of a solid glute workout to help tone up your butt.

Remember though, that a workout is just the start when it comes to crafting a body like Lyzabeth Lopez.

If you want to run a leg day like Lyzabeth Lopez, this is a typical leg workout for her. It’s not a beginner program as it does contain a few big exercises and supersets, but it’s well designed and will work! She gave away this workout in an interview with Cut and Jacked.

  • 10 min step mill warm-up
  • 5 min of walking lunges (light weight – focused contractions throughout).
  • 3 super sets of: single leg – leg press/ single leg squat/jump squat
  • 3 super sets of: glute kick back/deadlift/switch lunges
  • 2 super sets: abductor/adcutor machine
  • 3 sets ham string curl on ball (abs as active rest)
  • 2 sets good mornings (heavy)
  • 2 sets low back – hyperextension machine with a 70lb+ dumbbell
  • 20 min run
  • 10 min jump rope
  • Stretch

Her toned and well built figure will be built around what Lyzabeth Lopez eats too. Her all important diet!

Lyzabeth Lopez Diet


Generally Lyzabeth Lopez doesn’t watch carbs or calories when she’s eating. Just opting to keep clean eating a priority and ensure she has lean meats and plenty of vegetables. She’s also conscious of getting enough healthy fats into her diet.

Her carbs are normally always eaten earlier in the day. And she will stick with leafy greens or salad in the evenings rather than complex carbs.

Lyzabeth gets stricter with her diet and nutrition around 3 months out of a show. Here she will begin to take note of what she is eating to try and ensure a successful cut.

The healthy foods Lyzabeth eats a lot of in her diet are:

  • Brown Rice
  • Kamut Pasta
  • Chicken Breast
  • Peanut Butter
  • Salmon
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Leafy Greens

Lyzabeth Lopez realises the importance of cheating on your diet once in a while too. Generally she doesn’t crave crap sugary foods, but if those cravings do come along she will indulge them. It’s essential to allow the body and mind to enjoy themselves to ensure longevity with your diet. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a treat either.

Another way to ensure you always stick to your diet and keep things interesting is to rotate the foods you eat.

Lyzabeth Lopez does this regularly as it makes things interesting for her, but also helps keep her body fueled with foots from various sources. Try and always buy organic and non processed foods though. But there are plenty of healthy recipes that are available to make your diet interesting.

I always try to change things up to provide my body with an array of nutrients and to avoid creating food sensitivities.

Lyzabeth Lopez Supplements


Lyzabeth Lopez supplement stack always contains protein powder. The fitness model says this is an essential part of her plan as it ensures she’s getting enough protein to fuel her muscles through the day.

She will sometimes support her diet with a complete greens drink and always has a trusty multivitamin to go along with what she’s eating too!

Similar to the foods in her diet Lyzabeth Lopez mixes supplements up too. Whilst she always has the above supplements, she will sometimes use BCAA’s, fish oil or glutathione too.

Lyzabeth Lopez Social Channels

Lyzabeth is active on social media and you can follow her for all sorts of fitness and diet updates. She’s also a great source of motivation! If you really want to see what she eats and goes into her diet though, you’ll have to head to her website to purchase her plan.

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