Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet

Jennifer Nicole Lee is probably someone a lot of mothers can relate to. This mom, author, nutrition expert, and so much more has gone through a lot of tribulations in order to get where she is today. Everyone knows that having children, whilst arguably one of the best moments in a mother’s life, can throw a woman’s fitness out of the loop.

It isn’t just the cravings that lead a mother to eat things that are probably not good for them, it’s also the hormonal changes that occur when one is pregnant. This is not something that can be helped, it’s not good to limit your diet and or overtrain while pregnant. That can lead to complications, not only to the mother but the child as well.

The fact that Jennifer Nicole Lee was able to overcome the challenges of being a mother, and still work on a healthy diet and training regimen is awe inspiring. It’s no wonder why so many people have come to look up to Jennifer as an inspiration.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Workout

Jennifer Nicole Lee

When it comes to exercising, Jennifer Nicole Lee has an interesting perspective that works not only for her but promises to work on her audience as well. Whilst you might see a lot of fitness personalities suggesting half an hour or more of training almost every day of the week, Jennifer suggests that in this case, quantity is yet again not as important as quality.

Because of her busy schedule, which a lot of working moms can relate to, she doesn’t have time in her schedule to workout every day. Instead, she focuses on high-intensity workouts that get her results quickly. All that is required, is just a tiny bit more effort.

In four days out of the week she focuses on toning her body with weight training, and with the last three, she focuses on burning fat with high cardio activities or workouts.

Here is an example of a Jennifer Nicole Lee approved week schedule, taken from here:

  • Monday is always going to be Shoulders and Triceps
  • Tuesday is always going to be Legs
  • Wednesday is Cardio
  • Thursday is Chest and Biceps
  • Friday is Back
  • Saturday is Cardio
  • Sunday is your OFF-Active Rest Day, and also Food Prep Day (grocery shopping and meal planning)

Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet

An important part that people sometimes forget, is the management of nutrition. Jennifer Nicole Lee has a strict diet plan, that she shares with her audience, that is meant to promote the increase in metabolic rates.

This is a tactic that you might be familiar with. Simply put, the regular three meals per day just doesn’t work as best as eating 5-6 small meals per day. By increasing the number of meals you have per day, metabolic surges that come along with the consumption of calories will occur constantly rather than be spread apart throughout the day.

This way, one can be certain that the foods they eat will actually be used up rather than stored as body fat. This might be difficult to some, however, this is the secret of being able to achieve a toned body like Jennifer Nicole Lee. This is something that has been proven to work and is used a lot by people – who not only want to burn up calories but promote a leaner physique.

Here is an example of an approved Jennifer Nicole Lee daily food intake plan, taken from here:

  • Breakfast: 1 ½ cup cottage cheese, ½ cup fruit cocktail
  • AM Snack: 1 medium apple, 1 small banana
  • Lunch: 3 ounces lean turkey breast, 2 pieces whole wheat bread, 1 slice low fat cheese, 1 tsp. low-fat mayo, 1 medium apple
  • PM Snack: 2 slices 7 grain rye bread, 4 tsp jelly, 2 T peanut butter
  • Dinner: 4 ounce chicken breast, 1 ½ cup cooked rice, 4 T reduced calorie salad dressing, 1 small garden salad.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Social Media Channels

If you would like to follow along with one of Jennifer Nicole Lee’s fitness plans, you can do so by subscribing to one in her website. However, if you just want to be inspired by the changes that she has been able to make for herself, you can get the latest news about her on her social media accounts.

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