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Hannah Bronfman is a health and wellness enthusiast and entrepreneur. Over the years, she has established herself as a popular figure within the fitness industry. She set up her own website to spread her fitness and nutrition expertise so that she wasn’t just able to reach her own fitness goals, but help others to reach theirs too. Via her site, Hannah sells superfood products which includes the likes of superfood smoothies in addition to fibrous snack mixes such as almonds, walnuts, and plant-based protein.

Hannah is a strong believer in ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, so she ensures that she follows a healthy diet throughout the year. In doing so, she is able to maintain her excellent figure. But, it’s not only the diet that has earned her a sensational physique, it’s her hard work training in the gym which plays a part in her physique development – building lean muscle by utilising both strength training and cardio.

Hannah Bronfman Quick Stats

  • Height: 5′ 6″
  • Average Weight: 67kg
  • Date of Birth: October 26, 1987
  • Nationality: American

Hannah Bronfman Workout

Hannah’s lifestyle revolves around fitness. So, it’s important to her that she maintains her phenomenal physique not only through a healthy diet, but through regular workouts too. Whilst she usually maintains a hectic schedule, fitness always remains a priority in her routine.

Sometimes, she doesn’t always get the chance to visit the gym. When this happens, she’ll perform simple workouts which makes use of bodyweight moves. This allows her to continually build lean muscle and remain toned. This also supplements her nutrition plan nicely.

The majority of her training is based around cardio and bodyweight exercises, training every day with the exception of Sunday which is usually her rest day. Below is a video of her training:

Here’s what her weekly training routine looks like:

  • Monday – Pilates
  • Tuesday – Cardio
  • Wednesday – Personal Training (Strength Training through bodyweight moves)
  • Thursday – Hot Yoga
  • Friday – Dance
  • Saturday – Track Sprints
  • Sunday – Rest

Hannah Bronfman Diet

Hannah leads a very busy lifestyle. But, that doesn’t mean that fails to pay attention to her diet. She has a passion for ‘superfoods’ and the benefits they bring to the body. She is a strong advocate of superfoods, and not only incorporates them into her own diet, but also recommends that her fans eat them too.

In terms of her overall diet plan, Hannah prefers to follow a ‘Keto’ diet, which involves eating minimal carbohydrates. Instead, she places focus on eating more healthy fats and lean proteins instead. By following this particular method of nutrition, Hannah has found that it has really helped her to achieve a toned physique.

For breakfast, Hannah starts off her day with a superfood blend which uses matcha, coconut oil, MCT, and some hot water. She supplements this with scrambled eggs and avocado which leaves her feeling energised and feeling full throughout the rest of the morning.

For lunch, Hannah likes to have a salad, usually containing microgreens, seaweed, seeds, nuts, vegetables and a form of protein. Shortly after, Hannah will have a small snack as she admits it’s a habit of hers. However, she’ll make sure it’s a healthy option such as vegetables with a dip.

Finally, to finish off her day, Hannah loves nothing more than to cook after a busy day. Usually, she’ll cook something light, either soup or fish. This is followed by one of Hannah’s favourite treats – dark chocolate.

Hannah Bronfman Supplements

Hannah likes to incorporate supplements into her diet to give her overall health a boost. She takes the following supplements regularly as part of her diet:

  • Super II
  • Fenugreek and Thyme
  • Zen
  • Bloat Away
  • Calcium D-Glucarate
  • Super Lytes
  • Adult Probiotics
  • Enzyme Blend
  • Magnesium Malate
  • Intestine-Oil

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