Femme Felis Diet

Femme Felis is a fitness icon and social media celebrity hailing from Turkey. She has become widely known for her incredible physique, most notably her legs and glutes. Not only that, she has also obtained a huge fan base particularly on Instagram, where she currently has 692k followers at the time of writing.

Femme turned to fitness after she began to suffer from health issues that were having a negative impact on her daily life. Thanks to the fitness lifestyle, Femme was able to overcome her health issues to live her life in a more positive way.

Nowadays, she regularly updates her fans on her progress via social media, sharing photos and videos online to provide updates on her physique. This motivates Femme to constantly improve her physique so that she can be a role model for her followers. Outside of fitness, Femme works as a mechanical engineer. Despite her busy lifestyle, Femme always ensures that fitness remains a priority. As a result, she is able to maintain her incredible body throughout the year.

Femme Felis Quick Stats

  • Height: 5’5″
  • Average Weight: 60kg
  • Date of Birth: N/A
  • Nationality: Turkish

Femme Felis Workout


Femme enjoys working on her lower body in particular, which isn’t hard to see considering her impressive glutes and leg muscles. Her favourite exercises are squats and deadlifts, as these compound exercises allow her to remain in top shape all year round, complemented by her healthy, well-balanced diet. Some other exercises with Femme likes to perform includes the following:

  • Single Leg Dumbbell Deadlift
  • Machine Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Pull Ups

In terms of training frequency, Femme likes to train regularly, often up to 5-6 times per week for at least one hour after she finishes work. Her training uses a mixture of both resistance training and a minimal amount of cardio in order to obtain the best results possible. In turn, this means that she can reach her fitness goals effectively. When taking part in her workouts, Femme ensures that she performs each repetition with a full range of motion in order to obtain full muscle contraction.

Sometimes, Femme doesn’t always have the time to visit the gym. However, she’ll still make time for her workouts by using at home equipment such as resistance bands. This allows her to stay on track with her workouts, even when she doesn’t pay a visit to the gym. Take a look at her at home booty workout below:

Femme Felis Diet

Femme follows a strict diet throughout the year which involves restricting her carbohydrate levels on non-training days, allowing her to remain as lean as possible. However, the amount of calories in her diet increases on her training days. In turn, this ensures that her workouts are fueled sufficiently.

One of Femme’s favourite meals is fried eggs for breakfast, with the majority of her other food choices revolving around lean protein and vegetables. She is known to be a huge fan of green tea too, which is well known for its fat burning properties.

Femme Felis Supplements

Femme does just follow a healthy well-rounded diet, she makes use of supplements too. This ensures that she reaches her fitness goals effectively. Her supplements includes the likes of:

  • BCAAs
  • Whey Protein Shakes

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