Emily Skye Diet

Emily Skye is a fitness model and entrepreneur from the Gold Coast. Emily is known for having an approach to diet and fitness that involves overall wellness and making you body positive. At the age of 24, Skye was under weight and very low.  But, quickly she started to share her workouts and build her followers resulting in the fitness star we have today.

Now Emily boasts a range of fitness plans and even an app, but that is just one way she makes a living. She’s also successfully developed herself into a brand and has her own make up line. Among st other things. In 2017 she became pregnant, and has garnered lots of coverage online due to her willingness to share the realities of keeping fit whilst carrying a child.

Emily Skye Quick Stats

  • Height: 1.7m
  • Average Weight: 60kg
  • Date of Birth: 7th January 1985
  • Nationality: Australian

Emily Skye Workout

emily Skye fitness

Transforming herself from someone who was unhealthily skinny into the toned and sexy fitness model you see today wasn’t easy for Emily Skye. But with dedication she shaped her career around it and her story too.

Coming from being a model, one thing Emily got wrong was her diet. She wasn’t fuelling her body with enough. But quickly as she developed her understanding and passion for fitness she changed that.

Now she is someone who does plenty of strength training. She goes heavy and keeps trim by also running regular HIIT cardio sessions (High Intensity Interval Training).

When you take a look at an example workout of Emily Skye you can see that her strength training also incorparates some of the principles of HIRT training.

  • Warm up exercises including jumping jacks, static high knees, running in place, and hip openers (5 min; rest time reduced between sets)
  • Dumbbell deadlift (sets: 3; reps: 30, 20, 10; rest: 30 sec between sets)
  • Romanian deadlift (one-arm, one-leg, sets: 3; reps: 30, 20, 10; rest: 30 sec between sets)
  • One-arm row (sets: 3; reps: 30, 20, 10; rest: 30 sec between sets)
  • Standing dumbbell twist (sets: 3; reps: 30, 20, 10; rest: 30 sec between sets)
  • Swiss ball crunch (sets: 3; reps: 30, 20, 10; rest: 30 sec between sets)
  • Cooldown (full body stretch)

Emily Skye Diet


Unlike many fitness model diets, Emily doesn’t completely cut out the unhealthy stuff and does actually confess to eating treats and carbs when she want’s them.

She believes that the key to a healthy diet, and better results is to balance them and make sure you enjoy everything in moderation.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Emily said;

When I was modelling, I thought all fats and carbs were the enemy but it’s silly to cut them out because your body needs them. It’s funny when people get surprised when they see me eating a desserts or chips. These are okay as long as you have a balanced diet and it’s all done in moderation.

It’s quite hard to find much on Emily’s diet as she sells it online in her plan. But several reviews say the diet is fairly easy to follow and does focus on taste as well as calories. Whilst keeping MACROS in check and ensuring you are consuming a calorie deficit if you are wanting to lose weight.

For guidance on a similar diet to Emily Skye, we’d recommend checking out our Alexia Clark Diet.

Emily Skye Supplements

Emily Skye doesn’t use too many supplements. Instead she generally opts on whole foods to get a range of MACRO’s and enough protein. This especially true if you are following her workout plan.

Generally, if you want to lose some serious weight, we’d recommend taking a look at natural fat burner supplements that can make the whole process of cutting calories so much easier and more comfortable!

Emily Skye Social Channels

*Pre-baby body* . When I get the clear from my Doc to start exercising again (using my new FIT Programs of course 😉) I’m definitely going to be using myself as my inspo. I know my body will never be the same as before but what’s better than using myself as motivation! If I can get some of the fitness and strength back that I had before then I’ll be very happy. It’s going to take time though and I’ll make sure I don’t push myself too much. 😊 If you want to feel great you’ll love my FIT Programs, they’ll get you fit, healthy and feeling more confident without eating tasteless food and boring workouts.😝 – I have a 1 week free trial in the link in my profile! 👆🏼 . I felt incredible back in this pic – I was so strong and had so much energy.. I know I’ve said goodbye to a lot of that being a mum now and I’m a lot stronger in other ways haha 😂 but I do believe being active and healthy will help me to be the best mum to Mia that I can possibly be and I’m looking forward to starting my new fitness journey to feeling great again. – That’s what my goal for 2018 is! 😃 . At the moment I spend my days in my maternity undies (like the pic I posted last week haha) & I’m attached to my baby 😝 She literally wants a feed every hour or less at night which means no sleep for mama! 🙈😩 I totally respect ALL mums by the way – you’re all superhero’s because being a mum is TOUGH WORK! 🙌🏼 . .

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Emily is always active on social media, offering good advice to her followers as well as some cheeky tips, tricks and lifestyle photos.

If you are interested in buying her guide you can do it from her official website! 

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