Christmas Abbott Diet

“Food is your foundation, fitness is your accessory.” Christmas Abbott is someone who use to be a ‘Skinny fat’ woman, desperate to alter her body shape. Christmas Abbott’s diet originally wasn’t close to the dialed in and balanced one she has today. Initially she weighed a meager 95lbs and made such poor choices when it came to her lifestyle that people questioned if she was malnourished.

These lifestyle choices weren’t just about food either, Abbott was a someone who would take hard drugs and chain smoke. But, all that behind her she has massively turned her life around.

Christmas works as a NASCAR crew member, but started her journey with fitness and CrossFit way back in 2008. She owns and operates her own business and CrossFit gym. She’s written books and made herself into a brand, capitalizing on her amazing story.

Christmas Abbott Quick Stats

  • Height: 1.6m
  • Average Weight: 56.7kg
  • Date of Birth: 20 December 1981
  • Nationality: American

Christmas Abbott Workout


Coming from such a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle it almost seems fitting that Christmas Abbott would move into the fast paced and hectic CrossFit life. As opposed to the life of the softer fitness models and bikini competitors.

The tattooed fitness model never really had a sporting background until she started CrossFit. But before then, whilst working as a civilian contractor in Iraq, she started to use basic moves. Squats, push ups and lunges. With good technique and intensity, and understanding you need to progress from the fundamentals, you can build up workouts like Christmas.

Christmas recommends 3 movements as good base to strength and movement:

  • Single Leg Squat
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Bench Dips

Christmas follows CrossFit workouts generally, with plenty of big lifts and higher rep ranges to ensure she stays in good form.

She workouts out twice a day usually, and ensures she fuels her body properly through her diet and nutrition.

Christmas Abbott DietChristmas-Abbott-Diet

Christmas’ diet mainly consists of paleo foods. She is extremely strict with portions and measures everything that goes into her body. She does though, allow herself to cheat once a week. Just to keep cravings in check.

Her go too food during her cheat meal is custard filled cupcakes.

Here’s an average day of Christmas Abbotts diet:

7AM – 2 Progenex shake of MM (1 scoop) almond milk, frozen berries, almond butter blended together. I use my bullet for this so I put it in the blender cup and drink out of it.
7:30 AM – PTF
9:00 AM – PIT TRAINING Recovery shake (2 scoops) with coconut water – drink immediately after training
9:30 AM –  2 eggs, 3 slices of bacon, apple, almond butter & water
12:00-1:00PM – 2 baked chicken breast, broccoli/carrot medley, spinach, almond butter & water
3:30 PM – 2 baked chicken breast, broccoli/carrot medley, spinach, almond butter & water
4:45 PM –  PTF
5-6PM – WOD Recovery shake with coconut water – drink immediately after training, sometimes 1 scoop recovery & 1 scoop of MM.
7:30 PM – 3 Turkey meatloaf, sautéed spinach, macadamia nuts & water
10:30 PM – 1 small Progenex shake with almond milk, 1/2 apple, almond butter & water

Christmas Diet book is called The Badass Body Diet, in which she talks about the importance of protein carbs and fats whilst also using her masses of experience in training clients to achieve a booty and body to dream of.

For meal timing, as you can see above Christmas eats a lighter meal before working out. Then a heavier meal after the workout. She splits the day into smaller meals and snacks to avoid any feelings of hunger.

Where she can she will eat at home. This allows her to eat meals made of fresh locally sourced foods. This way you avoid any unwanted additives and your meat, fruit and veggies comes straight from the source.

You’ve got to balance nutrition and life. So home cooked healthy recipes are a crucial component of her diet.

A recipe she shared is for stuffed peppers in an interview with ESPN. 

Stuffed Peppers
Serves four

Vegetable cooking spray
4 large red or green bell peppers
1 pound lean ground beef
½ cup chopped onion
2 teaspoons garlic powder
1 egg, beaten
¼ cup almonds, processed to a fine flour in a blender or food processor
1 cup grated cauliflower
2 teaspoons dried Italian seasoning
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup no-sugar-added marinara sauce, such as Monte Bene Spicy Marinara

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and spray a glass baking dish with vegetable cooking spray. Cut the tops off the bell peppers. Place the peppers in a pot of salted boiling water for about 5 minutes, or until slightly softened. Drain them well.
  • In a large skillet, brown the ground beef. Drain. Mix the cauliflower into the beef, and combine with the remaining ingredients (except the marinara sauce).
  • Fill the peppers with the meat mixture. Place the peppers in the prepared baking dish and spoon marinara over each pepper. Cover the dish with foil. Bake the peppers for 30 to 45 minutes.

Christmas Abbott Supplements

As you can see, Christmas uses plenty of different shakes to support her workouts. These allow her to increase her protein intake and make sure her muscles have the best chance of recovering from the workout.

Supplements she considers essential are BCAA’s, which she uses when she supplements caffeine for energy. She uses this energy combo in the morning. BCAA’s allow her to perform better and recover quicker.

At night time she takes a magnesium chelate. This is due to the body expending so much during her intense workouts. She says not to mix Zinc and Magnesium at the same time as they both work better separately.

She also says it’s a good idea to supplement a fish oil. This improves brain function and can aid with recovery through anti inflammatory properties of the EPA inside it.

Christmas Abbott Social Channels

You can follow Christmas for a good insight into her life on her social channels. She keeps them well updated. If you want to buy any of her books or programs you can find them on her website.

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