Britt Olsen Diet

Britt Olsen offers a different perspective when it comes to the ideal body type. Everyone has a different ideal. Just because your idol has a certain body type, doesn’t mean you necessarily want that exact same one on yourself. However, the kind of body Britt has, is certainly something that a lot of her followers aim for.

With a lean stomach, short waist, and plump buttocks – Britt Olsen achieved her ideals. Some people insist that her body is so wonderfully sculpted that it must be fake. However, she promises that she was able to achieve all of this with just hard work.

She offers her audience workout plans that they can follow to achieve the kind of body that she has. There’s a focus on her wonderful glutes, which were shaped with a lot of toning and exercises that targeted that muscle group specifically, which certainly appeals to many of her followers.

Britt Olsen Workout

Working out is something runs in her family. Her mom was a trainer, and Britt Olsen naturally followed her footsteps. Even as a young adult, she was already helping people achieve their body goals by teaching the principles of training.

Now, she works as an official fitness trainer and as an inspirational icon on social media. She not only posts inspirational pictures that show off her aesthetic body, she also posts videos that helps her audience work through the exercise she is doing.

She’s a firm believer in intense workouts that allows her to achieve results quickly. For example, with her glutes, this is something that she claims to only work on for three days. This is made possible by the high-intensity workouts that she prefers.

Here is an example daily workout, taken from here:

Britt Olsen – Workout of the Day

  • Squat maintaining strength
    • 3x2x80 kg paused squat for 5 sec
    • 4 min rest between each set.
  • Bulgarian Split Squat in Smith Machine
    • 12×60 kg
    • 8×65 kg
    • 6×70 kg
    • 4×75 kg
    • 6×70 kg
    • 8×65 kg
    • 12×60 kg
    • No rest between sets.
  • Romanian Deadlift in Smith Machine
    • 3x16x70 kg
    • 2 min rest between sets.
  • Cable Kickbacks
    • 4×16
    • No rest between sets.
  • Leg Curls
    • 3x14x35 kg
    • 1 min rest between sets.
  • Calf Raises in Leg Press Machine
    • 14×120 kg
    • 12×130 kg
    • 10×140 kg
    • 1 min rest between sets.

Britt Olsen Diet

britt olsen

Diet is important, and this is something that Britt Olsen makes sure that her followers know. Because of the high-intensity workout routine that she follows, the regular three meals a day doesn’t work for her. In order to make sure her body is ready for the kind of work she does, she needs to eat more meals per day.

She spaces her meals around 2-3 hours apart and consumes fewer calories per meal. This assures that the food she’s eating is actually being used up rather than saved or stored as fat, which allows her to keep her toned body.

She also keeps her body pretty clean, avoiding things that she knows aren’t good for her. She does understand that cravings are something that people can’t help but have, and she herself allows a cheat meal once per week. Most of the time this is pizza, and rather than seeing it as a bad thing, she just works a little harder the next day and thinks of the added carbs as energy that she can use for her training.

Here is an example daily food intake plan:

Meal #1

  • Quest Bar

Meal #2

  • Protein Shake
  • Banana

Meal #3

  • Chicken
  • Brown Rice
  • Bok Choy

Meal #4

  • Rice Cakes w/ peanut butter
  • Protein Shake w/ amino acids

Meal #5

  • Chicken
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Bok Choy

Meal #6

  • Protein Bar or Protein Shake
  • Greek Yogurt

Britt Olsen Social Media Channels

If you would like to follow along with one of her fitness plans, you can try out two for free or pay for her long-term workout plan on her website. However, if you would just like to get to know her a little better, or even discover a little more about the fitness community, you can follow her on her social media accounts or blog. She not only aims to inspire her audience, she also teaches them whatever she can about the world of fitness.

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