What are fat burners?

Fat burners, supplements that sound like their going to give your body complete hell. And for good reason. Fat burners are supplements that come in a massive variety of blends. Some containing thermogenic ingredients, others containing stimulants and very commonly they’ll contain ingredients that suppress your appetite.

Fat burners generally come as capsules. With blends that can contain proven ingredients like Green Tea Extract, or with risky ineffective ingredients like Raspberry Ketones.

They’re generally supplemented for periods of 30 days or longer. This allows the effects of the supplement to really take effect. For how to supplement a fat burner you can check this article. 

What do fat burners do?


Fat burners provide your body the tools it needs to boost up your metabolism. This increases the amount of calories or energy, you’ll burn through the day.

Another common effect will be to suppress your appetite, you are eating less through the day. With this drop in calories you will start to see fat loss.

Some more advanced products can have an impact on insulin levels also, which helps prevent the amount of fat your body stores.

Ultimately, a good fat burner can see you getting some amazing results in as little as 30 days. But’s important for you to try and eat as clean as possible to maximize the effects it will have.

What results can you expect from fat burners?

Generally if you have a fat burner that contains Green Tea, an appetite suppressant, a natural stimulant you could be seeing the results in as little as two weeks.

But this is fairly subjective. If the blend or dose is weaker, then the amount of results you get might be slightly more drawn out.

It’s hard to say where you will see fat loss first. Although lots of people will report feeling tighter skinned around their middle and face. But this may be completely different too.

If you have the money or can supplement a fat burner for longer than a single month, it’s worth it.

The longer you can supplement the longer your metabolic rate will be increased for. You’ll also be consuming less calories for this time too.

3 months took us from a bit flabby to feeling healthy and toned.

What should I look for when buying a fat burner?

This is something that is fairly straightforward. One major rule of thumb when looking for a fat burner that works in that you buy something natural.

Naturally occurring ingredients have much less risk of giving you unwanted side effects and are generally utilized better by your body. They also mean you can supplement a fat burner for much longer.

Next on the list is choosing something that is backed by scientific studies. Websites like WebMD or Examine.com offer you the opportunity to research which ingredients you should be looking for. Based on effectiveness from scientific studies.

Keep the blend of a potential fat burner simple too. Because if you start looking for something with hundreds of ingredients in it, you’re going to end up with lots of ingredients in smaller amounts. Which will give you less results and could potentially increase the chance of unwanted side effects.

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