ShredCBD Review

ShredCBD is the definitive CBD / performance supplement looking for anyone wanting to lean down and experience the massive benefits of CDB. Not only did we hit some weight loss goals, we also saw some pretty big improvements to our exercise performance and day to day life.

The products branding and company website is clean, simple and smooth and offers a heavy amount of scientific backing behind what this product should do. But the big question is, is will a CBD fat burner product actually work?

For those not wanting to trawl through the full account, we found ShredCBD to be innovate and effective. A supplement that’s ahead of the rest of the supplement industry at the moment.

It’s not a caffeine filled, nausea inducing energy pill, but a lifestyle supporting diet aid. And well worth a go if you’re looking to lose some pounds and feel a reinvigorated self.

ShredCBD the Good:

  • Natural ingredients
  • 1200mg of CBD per bottle
  • Based on cutting edge research
  • 60 capsules
  • Can be stacked alongside other supplements safely (including other fat burners)

ShredCBD the Bad:

  • Expensive as it’s CBD isolate
  • Can only be ordered directly from
  • Only ships to the USA


What is ShredCBD supposed to do?

Shred CBD Home Page

ShredCBD is supposed to utilize both green tea and CBD to break down and oxidise more fat, promote a reduction in the stress hormone (and testosterone killer) cortisol and also allow people to perform more exercises for longer, with a quicker and better recovery.

“[1] Stimulate the breakdown and oxidation of fat “

“[2] Increase total energy expenditure (calorie burn) by activating more mitochondria “

“[3] Help prevent the body storing more fat, preventing visible weight gain. “

“[4] Reduce feelings of hunger and reduce calorie intake by making dieting comfortable”

[5] Improve quality of sleep and reduce inflammation helping you control your energy, diet and improve exercise performance”

You’d be forgiven for thinking a product with a limited amount of ingredients like ShredCBD probably won’t work as well as fat burners with double figures of natural ingredients, but, you’ll also be surprised.

If you take the time to read some of the studies about CBD and its effects on weight, recovery and cortisol you’ll find that there’s an overwhelmingly positive amount of outcomes. So that leads us onto the question, have ShredCBD hit the nail on the head when they say “ShredCBD is the future of fat loss supplements”?

We think they might just have.

Our Experience with ShredCBD

ShredCBD Effects Summary after 30 Days:

  • Amazingly Better Sleep and Recovery
  • 5lbs fat lost with little effort
  • Appetite Suppression – We easily resisted snacks, weird given you associate weed with MUNCHIES!
  • Better mood and overall energy
  • Increased focus during exercise and day to day
  • Higher sex drive (We pinned this down to cortisol reduction)
  • Exercise performance improvements and motivation

The effects of ShredCBD weren’t instant, like you might get with other caffeine filled fat burners on the market. We didn’t feel sick, we didn’t feel jitters, in fact for the first couple of days we didn’t feel much.

But, this slower effect was completely worth it. As supplementation continued, we began to notice our sleep had improved. As ShredCBD mention on their website, bad sleep is a massive promoter of weight gain. So this was a good start. Next, we actually began to see some good appetite control and suppression at the 7 day mark. We knew this wasn’t placebo as through the day we could comfortably drop calories and keep working as normal. Another essential part of weight loss.

Our training (3 days a week) during the review of ShredCBD did also improve over the month. We felt more comfortable and less battered after cardio and weight workouts, which could have been due to the better sleep and the CBD content of the supplement itself.

There was also a good amount of general energy and wellness after the first 3-5 days. We could wake up easily, we felt more charged through the day and didn’t drop dead in the afternoons like we normally would. We have pinned this to the Green Tea used in Shred CBD helping promote increased energy and also pack our blood with antioxidants. Never a bad thing.

BONUS EFFECT: We also got a bit of boost in our libido, which is no bad thing. We pinned this down to a reduction in cortisol and a spike in testosterone.

At the end of the month trial, we had lost a very comfortable 5 pounds. Now, this isn’t ‘extreme’, but this was very simple to achieve, with basic exercise and plenty of greens alongside ShredCBD


ShredCBD Ingredients

Here’s where you might be confused with ShredCBD. Most fat burners are rammed with herbs and a long list of ingredients, but each capsule of ShredCBD only has 3.

This is purely down to each capsule being filled with an exact dose of CBD, which is what works the best for fat loss.

ShredCBD has also put in proven natural fat burners Garcina Cambogia and Green Tea, two proven and natural fat burning ingredients.

The doses of these ingredients aren’t huge, but a controlled daily amount that will help kick your weight loss up gear when taken alongside the CBD.

Both Green Tea and Garcina support CBD by allowing for more fat oxidation and have the added benefit of containing antioxidants which is never a bad thing.

ShredCBD Review Conclusion

We didn’t expect this to work as well as it did. But offering up CBD as a solution to losing weight is fantastic. Not only did we see some good amounts of weight loss but we slept better, recovered better from the gym and felt more at ease through the day.

This isn’t a product for everyone, but as a new legal alternative to weight loss ShredCBD is an excellent choice.

We’re just a little put off by the price at this stage, but when you take a look at other products that offer 1200mg of CBD, it’s not actually that bad!

You can order ShredCBD from:

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