Sculpt Nation Burn PM Review

We here at Supplement Devil have tried plenty of PM fat burners in the past, but we’re yet to find one that actually works as well as our current favourite, ShredCBD.

Each of the PM fat burners we’ve tried claims to help improve your fat loss potential throughout the night. But, so far in our experience, we’ve found these claims to be unfounded, or in other words – bull***t!

In our Sculpt Nation Burn PM review, we’ll look into its effectiveness after we tried the product for two weeks, as well as providing an in-depth look at its ingredients. 

As you might be able to guess from the product’s name, Sculpt Nation’s Burn PM is designed to be taken before bed in the evening.

It’s said to promote nighttime weight loss by utilizing your fat stores and improving your sleep and recovery. But does it really live up to its claims? Find out everything you need to know in our review of Sculpt Nation Burn PM.

We’ve taken a look at Sculpt Nation Tumeric and also Sculpt Nation’s other fat burner here.

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Sculpt Nation Burn PM First Impressions

Upon first look at Sculpt Nation Burn PM, we found that the website was easy enough to navigate, with a clean and modern design. There’s plenty of information about the product listed on the site too, which is a nice added touch.

The same can also be said about the product’s packaging. It’s modern and well designed with an eye-catching blue and black color scheme.

We liked the fact that it really sells its features on the website too. But, that really counts for nothing if the ingredients aren’t effective. Read on and we’ll look at exactly what’s included.

What Does Sculpt Nation Burn PM Do?

Sculpt Nation Burn PM is said to help you burn fat 24/7. It claims to improve your sleep, recovery, and boost your energy levels, as well as helping you to utilize fat stores for energy.

These are some big claims, and sadly not supported. In terms of alternatives to help improve sleep and lose weight through the night, we’d recommend ShredCBD. 

Sculpt Nation Burn PM Ingredients

Sculpt Nation Burn PM Ingredients

Vitamin D

Recent studies and media coverage of Vitamin D isn’t looking good for people who are supplementing high doses long term. Whilst there is some relationship between vitamin D deficiency and healthy hormones etc, it’s worth remembering that there could also be some negative effects.

Raspberry Ketones

When it comes to ingredients within fat burners, we’d recommend steering clear of any fat burners which contain this ingredient.

It’s effectively an unproven compound and has been reported to cause unwanted side effects such as jitters, rapid heartbeat, and increased blood pressure – all things you definitely don’t want when taking a fat burning supplement.

It’s definitely not something which you want to be taking before bed either. You’ll obviously be wanting to wind down before you hit the hay, and the reported side effects might just make that a difficult task.

White Kidney Bean

Only short-term studies have been conducted on this particular compound, and therefore it is unproven in the weight loss department. It would have been better to use a more effective ingredient such as cayenne pepper seeds.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is one ingredient which is definitely beneficial when it comes to weight loss. It contains a compound called chlorogenic acid which helps to slow down the rate at which you absorb fat from food.

Dandelion Root

Used as a digestive aid for many centuries, but is also known to cause unwanted side effects such as an upset stomach, nausea, and more.


Used as a sleep aid, this is an ingredient which can help you fall asleep naturally. However, unwanted side effects can occur in certain individuals. This includes muscle weakness, heartburn, and others.


Loaded with antioxidants, but taking large amounts can actually be bad for the body – causing allergic reactions, dizziness, and headaches in certain individuals.


Melatonin certainly helps you to have a restful night’s sleep, but it is unproven in the weight loss department. A more effective and proven ingredient could have been used, such as glucomannan.

Lemon Balm

A powerful and natural sleep aid, Lemon Balm contains antioxidants and improves your digestion. But, it can also slow down heart rate for certain individuals.

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Sculpt Nation Burn PM Dose

Sculpt Nation Burn PM has a dosage of 2 capsules. However, a full container definitely won’t last you long as there’s only 30 contained within the package. There’s definitely more cost-effective options out there.

Sculpt Nation Burn PM Side Effects

When we tried Sculpt Nation Burn PM for ourselves, we found that we suffered from side effects as a result of the ingredients contained within the product. This included the following:

  • Upset Stomach – Likely to be caused by Dandelion extract which has been known to cause this.
  • Headache and Dizziness – This is a reported side effect of melatonin, so this was likely the cause
  • Muscle Weakness – meant that we weren’t able to go as hard in the gym – probably caused by L-Trytophan.

Buy Sculpt Nation Burn PM

You can purchase Sculpt Nation Burn PM directly from the Sculpt Nation website.  While it’s good that you know the product is coming directly from the manufacturer, it’s pretty steep at $49.99.

For a few dollars more, you can get a far better night time fat loss supplement though, which, contains miricle ingredient CBD. Amazing at both improving sleep, weight loss and daily focus and wellbeing.

ShredCBD offers a true alternative to Burn PM. Read our review here. 

Sculpt Nation Burn PM Results and Review Conclusion

After trying Sculpt Nation Burn PM for a total of two weeks. However, we stopped taking it as we found that it just simply isn’t worth the money. This was due to the poor effectiveness of the product.

We have found a much better alternative to burning fat through the night and also reducing stress levels, inflammation and improving focus: ShredCBD.

This was likely to be down to the fact that unproven ingredients were used within the product. This really isn’t great when you’re looking for a fat burner which can help you on your fat loss journey.

That said, there are some decent ingredients used in Sculpt Nation Burn PM. This includes Green Coffee Bean Extract – which thanks to its chlorogenic acid content is ideal for helping you boost your fat loss potential.

As we said though, Burn PM doesn’t hit all of the desired effects you want from a PM fat loss supplement. And CBD offers a much better alternative, especially highly rated ShredCBD.

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