Rari Nutrition Lean Genes Review

Are you struggling to reach your fat loss goals? If so, you’re most definitely not alone. But, you can rest assured that there’s an answer to your prayers. This comes in the form of a fat burner supplement!

However, the vast amount of fat burners out there on the market means you’ll need to filter out the bulls**t if you’re hoping to avoid buying useless junk.

Rari Nutrition Lean Genes is just one of the fat burner supplements that you can use to accelerate your fat loss potential. The following post will give a detailed review of the product.

We thought Rari’s Test Booster was an ok supplement. But it didn’t make it into our top 5 sadly…

But, the first thing that you need to take into account is that it needs to be consumed in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet while you’re in a consistent calorie deficit. It also helps to exercise regularly too – both cardio and weight training.

Read on, and you’ll find out all of the information you need to know in our full Rari Nutrition Lean Genes review.

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Rari Nutrition Lean Genes First Impressions

First impressions of Rari Nutrition Lean Genes are very good. This is because the black and gold color scheme of the packaging is eye-catching due to its clean and professional look.

But, that’s not all. When browsing their website, we found that it is laid out appropriately and features plenty of information. This includes full product info, customer reviews, and a video which explains the benefits of Lean Genes and how to use it.

What Will Rari Nutrition Lean Genes Do?

Described as a ‘fat incinerator’, Rari Nutrition Lean Genes features ingredients which can aid the fat burning process. Especially if you’ve reached a plateau on your weight loss journey, Lean Genes can help you go a step further.

You can’t expect results to happen overnight, though. Everyone is different and loses fat at different rates. In spite of this, Rari Nutrition claims that optimal results can be achieved by many within 3-4 weeks.

In terms of when to take Rari Nutrition Lean Genes, the manufacturer suggests that you take the product first thing in the morning before your first meal. However, depending on your circumstances, you can also choose to take Lean Genes whenever it is convenient for you.

But, just bear in mind that the product contains caffeine. For that reason, it’s probably not the best idea to consume it before bedtime. This will probably f**k up your sleeping pattern!

Rari Nutrition Lean Genes Ingredients

Rari Lean Genes Supplement Facts

Caffeine Anhydrous

200mg of caffeine is included within Lean Genes. This is an effective dosage of this particular ingredient as it falls just within our optimal dosage of between 150mg – 200mg per serving. A dosage of this size gives you a boost of energy at the same time as suppressing your appetite. If you happen to consume too much caffeine each day, you might just encounter jitters or energy crashes – something you definitely do not want!

Citrus Aurantium

Also known as bitter orange, this is an ingredient which should be avoided for sure. This is because when consumed, it can cause unwanted side effects such as high blood pressure, fainting, or even a heart attack in the worst case scenario.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This is an extensively researched amino acid which boosts your energy at the same time as reducing damage to your muscles. Due to the fact it helps to reduce fatigue, you’ll feel ready and raring to go for the day’s events. Plus, you’ll feel more energized for your workouts too.


Some research suggests that Garcinia helps to improve exercise performance as well as aiding in the weight loss process. However, other studies suggest the opposite. A more effective ingredient to use is green tea extract – proven to help you burn fat more efficiently.

Hydroxycitric Acid

Just like Garcinia, this particular ingredient is unproven for its weight loss benefits. It is also known to cause side effects such as nausea and headaches too.

Acetyl L-Tyrosine

Another amino acid, L-Tyrosine is said to improve your alertness after a lack of sleep, improve your mental performance, and more. Research has shown that this particular ingredient is possibly effective for these reasons.


GABA is an ingredient which has been proven in some studies to reduce high blood pressure and reduce motion sickness. However, in the fat loss department, it is unproven.


Vinpocetine is said to have a small effect on the decline of thinking skills. But, in terms of weight loss, it is yet to be proven as an effective ingredient.


Used as a stimulant, Theobromine can be used to help keep the brain and heart active. It also allows for reduced mental fatigue too. For that reason, it most definitely helps to have this within a fat burner. In spite of this, it can cause nausea, headaches, and loss of appetite in some people, although this is pretty rare.

Mucuna Puriens Extract

Mucuna Puriens, also known as Cowhage, is said to be helpful for bone and joint conditions, muscle pain, and more. However, little studies have been conducted on it. It would have been better to use the proven ingredient that is glucomannan instead.

Buy Rari Nutrition Lean Genes

You can buy Rari Nutrition Lean Genes here.  This is directly from the Rari  Nutrition website. So, at least you’ll know for sure that the product will be genuine.

At the time of writing, you even get a bottle of their creatine product Creation for free as part of your order. This comes with every purchase. Can’t argue with a freebie – everyone loves one of those!

Rari Nutrition Lean Genes Review Conclusion

Overall, it is safe to say that Rari Nutrition’s extensive list of ingredients features some effective options. This includes the likes of caffeine anhydrous which is known to suppress your appetite and keep you feeling energized despite being in a calorie deficit.

However, many of the ingredients contained within Rari Nutrition Lean Genes are unproven in the small number of studies which have been conducted on them. What’s more, the fact bitter orange is included means that you’re definitely better off looking elsewhere.

If you’re looking to discover the best fat burner supplements available on the market right now, you can head on over to our fat burner reviews page by visiting the following link.

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