Probulus Sport Fat Burner Review

Feeling like you need to drop a few pounds and reveal your hidden abs? Or just get eye poppingly shredded? Probulus’ supplement’s fat burner could be the way to do it. Our Probulus Sport Fat Burner Review will tear this supplement to pieces and see if it’s going to boost up your metabolism and start incinerating unwanted fat.

Fat burners are supplements that rely on a proven blend of ingredients to normally have the following effects:

  • Reduction in appetite
  • Increased metabolism
  • Target stored fat for energy

These three key effects result in a large amount of fat loss in a short space of time. They should generally be used alongside a good diet and exercise program.

Will Sport Fat Burner stack up and compare against out top 5 proven fat burners? Or is this just another overpriced and underdosed product to go in the pile in fat burner hell?

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How does Probulus Sport Fat Burner Work?

Probulus Fat Burner Effects
Probulus Fat Burner Claimed Effects

Probulus Sport Fat Burner works to boost metabolism as it’s primary function. The blend is largely made up of stimulants.

As this is the case, this supplement will give you more than enough energy to get through the day with. In fact, it could be a little overbearing and potent.

The stimulants are supported by one ingredient which can promote a healthy metabolism promote improvements when it comes to calories from food being used.

But, this is a stimulant heavy product. So it’s only going to work in a very limited sense when compared with other top fat burners.

Probulus Sport Fat Burner Ingredients

The ingredients list of Probulus fat burner is focused on stimulants. And some very strong stimulants at that.

In fact, this supplement is one step away from a natural fat burner, and one step closer to an organic party pill. This isn’t a good thing either.

Whilst the ingredients are natural yes, they are also heavily linked to unwanted side effects. Which we will cover later.


Citrus Aurantium (Citrus Bioflavonoids) 250 mg

Here’s a problem. Citrus aurantium is an ingredient that’s very closely linked to banned substance ephedrene. It’s been associated with high heart rate, anxiety and energy crashes. Whilst it does raise metabolic rate, it does it in a way that’s pretty unhealthy and risky.

Green Tea Extract (15:1) 25 mg

A proven fat burner that contains a small amount of caffeine. Green tea mainly works by helping your body target stored fat for energy though. It’s also a great source of antioxidants. Studies have proven green tea to work extremely well when it comes to natural fat burning. The dose in Probulus Sport is very low however.

Caffeine 100 mg

A great and dependable metabolism booster and appetite suppressant. But very dangerous when combined with Citrus Aurantium. Caffeine is normally a base ingredient of all natural fat burners. Just remember to not take it too close to bed.

Acetyl L Carnitine 50 mg

Helps optimize the bodies metabolism, ensuring a more efficient use of calories. L-Carnitine generally works best at much higher doses than this though. Even 200% higher than this in some supplements. So effects of this will be minimal.

Guarana Extract 22% Natural Caffeine 50mg

Guarana is another source of caffeine, which can also interact with bitter orange extract. It’s not really needed to have this ingredient in this product, as it could present more risks than benefits. It can help with the regulation of insulin slightly.

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Probulus Sport Fat Burner Dose

You might notice the way Probulus refer to this project as ‘injections’ on their directions below. This was lifted from their website.

We presume this was intentional and it’s due to the fact that each capsule is enough to send your heart rate crazy and have you feeling wired. But what goes up must come down.

This is a fairly risky supplement to be taking twice a day due to the heavy ingredients profile.

Take Probulus Sport Fat Burner Thermogenic 2 times a day, one capsule at a time, spacing the two injections for at least 6 hours.

Probulus Sport Fat Burner Side Effects

Sadly there is a huge chance of some pretty awful side effects from supplementing Probulus Sport Fat Burner. These are generally due to the sheer amount of caffeine and mixed stimulants in each single capsule you take.

When you get a fat burner like this, it can do more harm than good for your fat loss. As when you crash, you’ll immediately feel like consuming calories or giving up altogether. Our top fat burners have very limited side effects, allowing you to focus on losing fat.

Potential Side Effects from Probulus Sport Fat Burner:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Energy Crashes
  • Sickness

Buy Probulus Sport Fat Burner

You can order Probulus Sport Fat Burner from Amazon or directly from the Probulus website. It’ll set you back around £40 for a single bottle.

This could be considered expensive given the restricted ingredients and very limited effects they will have. Along side the lack of long term results you will get.

Our top 5 are like a more fine tuned and balanced version of this supplement and represent far better value.

Probulus Sport Fat Burner Results and Expected Effects

In terms of long term effects of supplementing Probulus Sport Fat Burner, there isn’t going to be many. When we started this Probulus sport fat burner review, we thought this supplement might be fairly good like their testosterone booster.

Frustratingly though, this should not be called a fat burner and more a pre workout supplement. Even then, the blend of ingredients makes this product highly likely to cause unwanted side effects which could have negative effects on your physique.

Added to the risk of the blend, is the price. For what you are getting this is an expensive product when compared with other market leading fat burner supplements.

Wake up Probulus and release a good, reliable fat burner that gets long term results!

Could Probulus Sport Fat Burner Be Better?

This is quite an easy question to answer because sadly this product has a lot of problems with it that’ll keep it away from joining the ranks of our proven top 5 fat burners.

Here’s how we’d make Probulus a better fat burner:

  • More Green Tea
  • Cut the risky ingredients
  • Increase the serving size
  • Cut the price to reflect the ingredients
  • Cut more risky ingredients
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Probulus Sport Fat Burner Review

A very risky fat burner that has an extremely high chance of side effects and low chance of sustainable fat loss.

  • Probulus Sport Fat Burner

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