Phil Heath Labs Infernocore Review

It’s certainly not uncommon to reach a plateau when you have set your sights on building a lean and defined physique. But fairly often, a fat burner can be the perfect solution to reaching your goals.

Phil Heath Labs’ offering in the fat burner department was released upon the launch of the brand, along with two other supplements including Dream Killer and Intraguard. Infernocore is their fat burner supplement, which the following article will be a review of.

Covering such things as the ingredients list, price, and everything in between, you’ll discover all the essential information that will let you know whether or not to invest in the product. So, without any further ado, here’s our complete Phil Heath Labs Infernocore review!

Why take Phil Heath Labs Infernocore?

Infernocore was introduced to the market in mid-2019, and so it most definitely has a lot of competition to contend with. In spite of this, here are the key reasons why the manufacturer thinks that you should make this your preferred fat burner:

  • Improve your fat loss potential and increase your metabolism
  • Elevate your mood

While it’s all well and good stating the above, you’re left wondering – does Infernocore live up to its claims? In the next section, you will find out the answer to that very question. Continue reading for an analysis of the ingredients.

Phil Heath Labs Infernocore Ingredients

Now, it’s time for the important part – the ingredients! As you can see above, the ingredients are split into three different sections. All the ingredients are transparently dosed too, which is always great as it means you’ll be fully aware of what is going into your body. Here’s everything you need to know regarding the ingredients list:

Energy & Metabolism Blend

First up, there’s L-Carnitine Tatarate. This is an amino acid that is often utilized in supplements due to its reported fat loss benefits. However, studies are yet to confirm that it actually works for that particular purpose (1). Green Tea Leaf Extract, on the other hand, is proven to stimulate thermogenesis. This essentially means that you can burn more calories with an increased metabolism – made possible thanks to ‘catechins’.

Innoslim (Panax Notoginseng Root & Astralagus Membranaceous Root Powder), has little evidence to suggest that it helps in any way with fat loss. It would have been far better to utilize a proven ingredient such as Glucomannan instead. Astralagus does help to alleviate inflammation, but in terms of fat loss, again it is unproven.

Finally, there’s Caffeine – optimally dosed at 150mg per serving. This is undoubtedly one of the best fat burner ingredients out there. After all, it is proven to help with focus, energy, and metabolism. Just be sure to limit your overall caffeine intake in order to avoid jitters and energy crashes.

Heat & Shred Complex

The first ingredient in the Heat & Shred Complex – dandelion root powder is currently unproven in terms of fat loss. Although, it does help you to lose water weight. Just be sure to consume plenty of water to avoid getting dehydrated, which can be caused when using dandelion.

Grains of Paradise and Cayenne Red Pepper are both great inclusions from the manufacturer. This is because they both induce thermogenesis in the body. In other words, this means that your body’s core temperature will be increased, leading to higher overall calorie burn. Theobromine is another thermogenic ingredient included in the complex. But, solid scientific evidence is needed in order to prove this.

Finally, there is Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethy Ester Chloride (GBBgo). We’re not entirely convinced by the inclusion of this chemical, despite the fact it is supposedly beneficial in terms of fat loss. However, until studies can confirm this, it would have been better for Phil Heath Labs to use a proven ingredient such as green coffee bean.

Focus & Mood Blend

The first ingredient in this blend – Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, is an ingredient which is proven for its effectiveness when it comes to fighting fatigue and stress. However, it has little to no effect on fat loss. The second ingredient – Teacrine, is often touted for having similar benefits to caffeine. But, its ability to help with fat loss is yet to be confirmed.

What is the recommended serving size?

With each serving of Infernocore, you will need to consume a total of 3 capsules. Exceeding this amount isn’t recommended, as you could potentially end up doing more harm than good. But, as long as you stick to the dosage listed on the supplement facts label, you should be fine.

There are a total of 30 servings within each container of Infernocore, and so it will last around 1-month if you consume it once daily. Continue reading as we look into the cost of Infernocore.

Phil Heath Labs Infernocore Price

At the time of writing, a container of Infernocore comes in at $49.99 – placing it at the premium end of the market. This means that it might be a little too costly for some. In spite of this, the product does include a whole host of proven ingredients, and you can purchase it directly from the manufacturer. So, it’s certainly worth considering if it’s within your price range.

Phil Heath Labs Infernocore Review Conclusion

That concludes our Phil Heath Labs Infernocore review! As you’ll now be aware, many of the included ingredients will go a long way in helping you lose fat – as long as you remain in a consistent calorie deficit and exercise regularly!

Overall, it can be said that you do get a decent product for the price that you pay. However, the issue is that some of our favorite fat burning ingredients aren’t utilized. This includes glucomannan and chromium – both of which are proven in terms of fat loss.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that a better bang for your buck can be obtained elsewhere. But, if this particular product is one which sounds like it might be suitable for your needs, you can find out more about Phil Heath Labs and their range of supplements by visiting their official website.

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