Performance Lab Fat Burner Review

Today, we’re going to have ourselves a tiny taste of hell with our Performance Lab Fat Burner Review! When it comes to promising up-and-comers, this one definitely takes the cake! Performance Lab, the company that manufactures and markets this product, doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality.

So, what can you expect with this fat burner?

As you can imagine, we’re getting a lot of the same fat burner promises here. The Performance Lab Fat Burner was created to be a fat burner that can help you burn off more fat than you ever have before. These benefits can be expected to intensify with the addition of a proper workout and exercise routine.

It’s a very honest product. In fact, just one look at their website will tell you that the company put a lot of stock when it came to making sure that the customer knows what they needed to know. It’s all very informative.

But, is it any good? For now, it’s looking like it could definitely turn some heads.

I’m impressed enough to give it a closer look. So, enough with the chatter! Let’s proceed with our hellish analysis!

How does the Performance Lab Fat Burner work?

First up, let’s feed our palate a little with some facts.

In the introduction, I mentioned that the Performance Lab Fat Burner is promising a lot of the usual things. What are those things, and how does the Performance Lab mean to accomplish them?

Well, to start, let’s look at the fat burner aspect. There are three key things that fat burners focus on, those are: fat breakdown, thermogenesis, and a boost in metabolic performance. The Performance Lab promises all of this! With an added little boost for athletic performance and some workout recovery.

In short, all of the ingredients in here are meant to help you reach your weight loss goals and maintain the body of your dream!

That might seem like a lot to promise, and for the most part? Well, for the most part, supplements these days are shitty enough to make that promise look difficult. It really isn’t though, and this supplement proves this in the next part of our Performance Lab Fat Burner Review!

Performance Lab Fat Burner Ingredients

HMB (ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate)

This is a bit of an unconventional ingredient, one that we do not see all that often. It’s an enzyme that’s packed with an amino acid called leucine. This enzyme has been proven to provide a way of dampening the negative effects of fasting. Which, as you might already know, is one of the most effective ways of losing weight while you exercise.

To be specific, HMB is used to give you a little bit of an extra kick. It’ll burn up your body in all the right ways, providing you with the nutrients that you need to build lean muscle mass and offering a state of being that can help stave off the harsh effects of training on the body.

There is also evidence to suggest, that HMB offers a way of restricting the consumption of calories. That’s important when it comes to breaking down the fats inside of the body. It’ll gnaw at all your fat reserves first and leave the available calories – only used when absolutely necessary!

Coleus Forskohlii (Forslean®) (standardized for min. 10% forskolin)

Here we have yet another unconventional choice. Again, it’s not something that you see in most fat burning supplements. However, we do see the active ingredient — Forskolin, every now and then. Forskolin is an enzyme (much like the first ingredient.)

However, it offers something else. Rather than help you work out longer, this is meant to promote fat burn by promoting fat breakdown, thermogenic reactions, and the anabolic growth of muscles!

It should also be said, that this particular ingredient is patented. That’s a fancy term for personally trademarked. So, not only are you getting an ingredient that you don’t see anywhere else, you’re also unlikely to see it anywhere else from now on!

Cayenne Pepper Extract (as Capsimax®)

Here, we have yet another patented ingredient. However, this one is a lot more common than the previous. No question, this has to be one of the Devil’s most favored ingredients. It’s something that has been proven time and time again, to provide fat burning benefits that rival that of the heats of hell!

With this, you can expect a burn that’s strong enough to melt the fat off your body. It doesn’t hurt that Performance Lab used a variation of the ingredient that not only has the proven-to-work dosage, but is also the safest method of taking Cayenne.

If you’re looking for a simplification. Peppers (specifically Cayenne Pepper), has been said to literally heat up the body. This extra heat is completely safe and will prompt a slow burn of fat!

Black Pepper Extract (as BioPerine®)

Undoubtedly, this is another one of those long-term staples. It’s particularly good for ensuring that the rest of the ingredients are functioning properly. Basically, Black Pepper Extract is most popularly used for increasing the absorption rates of ingredients.

Meaning, you can expect the promised benefits to be a lot more quick-to-work and just generally more effective here than you would in a supplement that does not use Black Pepper Extract!

Now, much like most of the other ingredients in this formula, Performance Lab uses a patented version of this ingredient. This patented version is something that we see in a lot of other fat burning supplements. That is because, it’s been proven to work universally!

Buy Performance Lab Fat Burner

For a premium product like the Performance Lab Fat Burner (which uses a ton of patented ingredients), I would expect to spend a bunch of money. However, I was pleasantly surprised. If you check out their website, you can see that they offer a ton of different discounts and packages that can knock the price down.

For example, for their biggest package (comes with 3 months’ worth of capsules), you only need to spend around 108 British Pounds. That’s not bad, especially when you consider the price that other supplements go for.

Their smallest package is 40 British Pounds, for 1 months’ worth of formula.

Side Effects of Performance Lab Fat Burner

Because all of the ingredients used are 100% natural, you can expect to experience no side-effects when taking this formula.

Nevertheless, as is advised for most supplement. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use this supplement, and neither should children under the age of 18.

Performance Lab Fat Burner Review Results and Expected Effects

So! That ends our Performance Lab Fat Burner Review!

In this, we were introduced to an exciting new product that definitely deserves some looking into. I highly commend them for using ingredients like Cayenne Pepper, which has been known to actually burn fat. That’s just not something that we usually get anywhere else!

For the most part, it seems like supplement companies just throw in whatever they think will work. BUT, that’s not the case for Performance Labs. Based on their website alone, you can tell that they did major research.

I appreciate that they were 100% honest about their formula too! They didn’t try to hide their ingredients inside of a proprietary blend (which is what every other supplement does.)

Ultimately, I can see this becoming a part of our Devil Acclaimed Top 5 Fat Burner’s List. Check it out and see what number it ends up falling under!


Performance Lab Fat Burner Review

The Performance Lab Fat Burner offers an innovative formula, that is very up with the times. There's no denying the allure of this fat burner!

  • Performance Lab Fat Burner Review

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