Nutratech Atrafen Elite Review

If you are tired of looking bulky despite doing a lot of weightlifting then you might want to consider buying a fat burner to help tone your look. Take a look at our nutratech atrafen elite review and decide for yourself if it makes your list of fat burners to consider.

Fat burners, when paired with a clean diet and exercises that target excess fat, can help you burn more calories and get the look you desire.

But before you rush off to grab any random box, it’s important to remember that choosing the wrong fat burner can put your progress and even your health in jeopardy. Not everyone in this industry has good intentions and some companies are just looking to push their fake, ineffective and dangerous products to unsuspecting consumers who are desperate for quick results.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you pick out the best product and we’ve written up a few reviews of some fat burners we think are worth trying out. Not all of them are spectacular but they offer decent results in a vast pool of products that promise results but fail to deliver.

Will this be their one true messiah? Or their greatest ruin?

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How does Nutratech Atrafen Elite work?

Nutratech is committed to providing consumers with quality supplements and fat burners that promote healthier living without leaving a dent in your pocket. While this is not one of their finest products, the brand in general does offer some decent products worth taking a look at.

It certainly seems liked by some notable fitness experts so perhaps this product was just a small misstep that is not reflective of the entire brand.

First things first, this product is a proprietary blend which many fitness experts know is not a good quality. For those new to fat burners, that means that the manufacturers of the product refused to reveal ingredients’ individual dosages and chose instead to provide one big value.

This begs the question…what the fuck are they hiding? When companies choose this route, they are usually hiding something very significant that could potentially turn consumers off their product. Even if they are not, it is definitely not going to lead to any sort of trust.

To top this off, the ingredients that have been listed are not really impressive.

Nutratech Atrafen Elite Ingredients

Nutratech Atrafen Elite


Glucuronolactone is found in some energy drinks but so far, there is little evidence to suggest that it can do anything substantial to burn fat effectively. Do not let the fancy name fool you, there is really not much to this ingredient.

Phenethylamine, Inositol Niacinate and Nettle Leaf Extract

The same can be said about Phenethylamine, Inositol Niacinate and Nettle Leaf Extract. They seem more decorative than effective which is incredibly disappointing.


Contains Yohimbe which is a natural bark that has been linked to several nasty health problems including hypertension so, consuming that can actually hurt your cause altogether. Honestly quite the shitty ingredient, especially when you consider that it is their key ingredient.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The only notable ingredient it contains is caffeine which has long been established as a top notch fat burner and energy booster. But unfortunately, you cannot depend on caffeine alone to carry the entire product.

Buy Nutratech Atrafen Elite

Price: $45

Nutratech Atrafen Elite is relatively cheaper than most brands which is perhaps one of its only redeeming qualities. A single bottle of 60 capsules can cost up to 45.00 US Dollars which is honestly a lot more reasonable than most of the products we’ve been saying lately.

Of course, that’s easy to say, but when you consider the sub-par ingredients, the price doesn’t seem like anything to celebrate over.

Side Effects of Nutratech Atrafen Elite

As we mentioned before, the most problematic inclusion in this fat burner is the Yohimbe. It is a decent appetite suppressant but can cause the following problems:

  • Hypertension
  • Anxiety
  • Gastrointestinal distress

If you already suffer from any of the above ailments then it is best to avoid this product all together. We can never stress enough just how important it is to consult with a medical or fitness professional before you try out any supplement. Simply picking any random product is a big gamble that might not pay off if you are unlucky.

Nutratech Atrafen Elite Review Results and Expected Effects

We would be lying if we said we like this product and to be honest, we don’t recommend it to any of our readers. It’s not the best fat burner that you can buy and it is missing too many good ingredients like green tea that can really get the job done.

The only ingredient worth mentioning is the caffeine but other than that, this product is really not worth the money. The caffeine needs complimentary products that aid in the fat burning process and also reduce fatigue and boost your metabolism.

Without such ingredients, the whole bottle seems a bit weak and comes up short as an effective fat burner. So there’s really no point in it. Another unfortunate supplement thrown into the pits.

We hope that down the line, the manufacturers can heed this advice and create a product that offers a more enhanced performance but for now, they have left us underwhelmed and craving for something that reflects the positive reputation of the brand.

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Nutratech Atrafen Elite Review

Nutratech Atrafen Elite, for a supposedly Elite product, is anything but. It should be able to offer mild effectiveness, however the main ingredient results in side-effects that would be best avoided and the rest are ineffective.

  • Nutratech Atrafen Elite Review

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