Nutrakey Tone Complex Review

The NutraKey Tone Complex facilitates the loss of weight by burning fat and boosting metabolism. 

We’ve had our look at NutraKey products before. Those had been single-ingredient products for the most part. However, even the multi-ingredient supplements that not faired well under our review. To be honest, they had all been pretty shitty and sinful in all the wrong ways.

Our NutraKey Tone Complex review looks closer at the effectiveness of the product, its price, side effects and its ingredients. We examine if NutraKey has committed a sin when marketing this fat burner.  

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How does the Nutrakey Tone Complex work?

It’s mainly a proprietary blend. This is a product whose individual dosages have been hidden by a supplement manufacturer. All ingredients are grouped together under one large value and the consumer will not know the percentage of each ingredient and its effectiveness as well.

In addition, side effects may be caused by some of the ingredients. So altogether? Our first look is quite troubling. I’m about ready to throw in the towel and just chuck this into a hell pit. However, we’ll push on and have a look at the actual ingredients. 

Nutrakey Tone Complex Ingredients

Nutrakey Tone Complex Review Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia

In several supplements, the nutrient is used with the aim of reducing hunger cravings. Studies have however shown that it does not work as required when used in a supplement. 

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean is used as a thermogenic in many natural supplements. This makes it a good choice for Nutrakey Tone Complex. This ingredient should enable you to burn unwanted fat without additional effort on your part.

Green Tea

It is a natural thermogenic, one of the best on the market and another best option in Nutrakey Tone Complex. It has a number of antioxidants, mainly catechins, which can help to trigger fat loss. 

Grape Seed Extract

Whilst this is not a fat burner, its presence in Nutrakey Tone Complex helps to promote the flow of blood. Efficient blood circulation in your body makes the absorption of this fat burner easier and activation faster. Since it does not burn fat directly, grape seed extract in this product is not the best choice.

Citrus Aurantium

Bitter Orange Extract is the other name for Citrus aurantium, which comes packed with Synephrine. While the manufacturer claims that it promotes fat loss and energy levels, no studies have supported these claims.


Although this nutrient can help in other ways, it does not burn fat. 

Raspberry Ketones

It is not a very effective nutrient in Nutrakey Tone Complex. For several times in the supplements industry, Raspberry Ketones has been claimed to promote the loss of fat. However, no studies have fully confirmed if it works. 

Alpha Lipoic Acid

As a nutrient in Nutrakey Tone Complex, it has some benefits but there is a need for more research. Some studies show that ALA reduces the level of glucose in the blood.


While this is a great amino acid on the market, the effectiveness of its dosage in Nutrakey Tone Complex needs to be known. A number of studies have linked Carnitine to enhancing both metabolism and energy. It is not clear whether it will work for you because the amount used is unknown.

Cayenne Pepper

This is a hot chili known in the market to be one of the most effective thermogenic and good for fat loss. Chilis contain capsicum which makes them hot. The overall core temperature of the body increases after it absorbs capsicum.

The body manages the increased heat by initiating a cool down process. The process of regulating the heat ensures that stored fat and additional calories are burned with no required extra effort from you. To Nutrakey Tone Complex, this ingredient is a plus.

Nutrakey Tone Complex Side Effects

Synephrine also called Citrus aurantium is your main concern here. Claims that it improves energy levels and helps in burning fat in human beings have never been proven by any studies. The following are the side effects, which many users have claimed to be caused by the product.

  • Raised Blood Pressure
  • Raised Heart Rate
  • Light-Headedness
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches

Buy Nutrakey Tone Complex

Price $34.99 USD

You can buy this product for the price of $34.99, which is not that expensive. You may get NutraKey Tone Complex at a lower price if you order it from its official website. A 20% discount is offered to individuals who subscribe to the brand’s newsletter.

Nutrakey Tone Complex Review Results and Expected Effects

Of all the fat burners that we have seen on the market, this is definitely not the best- or even all that good. The Nutrakey Tone Complex is a proprietary blend. It is hard to know the overall effectiveness or the percentage of each ingredient in the product. 

The product is not effectively balanced because it has only a single serving per day. This implies that the effects will only last for a short period of time and fat burning will not take place throughout the day. 

If you’re looking for an effective fat burner. Look elsewhere, because this is not our holy grail. Check out our Top 5 Fat Burners Review in order to find one that works for you.

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Nutrakey Tone Complex Review

The Nutrakey Tone Complex does contain a couple of good ingredients. However, as all of those ingredients are in a proprietary blend, we cannot back up its level of effectiveness.

  • Nutrakey Tone Complex Review

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