Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner Review

Losing weight and cutting down excess fat is a journey that requires commitment, time and the right fat burner to ensure you get the results you desire. In our Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner Review will be analyzing the fuck out of a fat burner supplement that promises to do just that.

Our Top 5 Fat Burners, might contain stimulants, but offer these effects:

  • Boosted Metabolism
  • Minimal Side Effects
  • Appetite Suppression

We will be taking a look at Nutratherm in these same categories.

Yes, it is possible to trim fat by relying on targeted exercises and a proper diet, but adding a good fat burner to your regimen can really help speed up the process. With that in mind, you need a quality product to get the best results and choosing one in this  flooded market is quite difficult.

But that’s what we’re here for, we’ll bring you the reviews on as many fat burners as we can, to help you make a choice that is right for you.

Melaleuca is a brand that is not specifically aimed at the fitness market but rather general nutrition and beauty markets. They have been around for 3 decades and focus largely on manufacturing products made from organic ingredients.

Their fat burners are effective and usually contain the powerful ingredients like green tea to enhance the fat burning process. If you prefer products that have a more organic make-up over products that include chemicals and other ingredients that may not be good for your health, then Melaleuca is probably one of the best places to start.

The only thing though, is the promise of health comes with a price, just like anything else in this God-Forsaken world. However, at least with Melaleuca we can rest safe-assured that most- if not all- their products have been able to stay the hell away from any controversies regarding their products.

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How does Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner work?

Now, this particular review is of the Melaleuca Nutratherm fat burner, a product designed to provide natural, stimulant-free performance that is guaranteed to increase the number of calories you burn per day.

Of course, that remains unconfirmed until we can finished up are analysis of the product and put it in into test.

Melaleuca makes a point of stressing that their ingredients have been clinically tested and certified by researchers to be safe for use and effective for users looking to boost their energy levels, reduce the speed at which their bodies absorb sugar, increase the amount of calories they burn per day and of course, trim excess fat at a faster rate.

Unfortunately, this particular product is a proprietary blend and we cannot tell you the exact dosage of each ingredient. It is always disappointing when manufacturers do that because it makes it harder for us to be certain of the product’s safety and efficiency.

However, we’ll make do with what we have, and give you as honest a review- on the how the product may or may not work.

Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner Ingredients

Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner

Green Coffee Bean Extract

We do enjoy the addition of green coffee bean, a natural, effective and healthy fat burning ingredient that does not add harmful toxins to your body but actually improve your overall health while simultaneously burning the fat off.

The Green Coffee Bean for one, is an ingredient carries a compound called chlorogenic acid- which people have suspected to help boost metabolism and increase the rate in which fat is burned. However, studies have yet to reach a conclusive result on that matter. Making this particular ingredient so-so.

Green Tea 5:1 Extract

Green Tea is great, and can be found in a lot of fat burner supplements in the market. So it’s appearance here is not surprising. It’s also all-natural and free of toxins, like the previous ingredient- so it’s definitely not something to scoff at. However, unlike the previous ingredient this has actually been proven to work.

You’d think that’s a good thing and it certainly is, however, studies have suggested that it’s best taken at doses around 400-500mg, and we cannot be certain whether or not there is enough of it in the Melaleuca Nutratherm fat burner for it to actually be effective.


Another ingredient which has been proven to potentially work, at the very least, studies have proven that it is able to provide minimal fat burning effects by reducing the rate in which your body absorbs sugar.

Buy Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner

Price: ??? – It’s hidden, which is a concern

Despite doing thorough research, we had trouble finding the exact price of one bottle of this fat burner. We do know, however, that melaleuca is a reputable brand that has built the reputation of being on the pricier side.

Some of their other products cost as much as $60 to $80 per bottle which is quite steep but given the effort they put into ensuring that their ingredients are healthy and organic, it’s understandable that they would cost that much.

You can always shop around for places to buy the product at a cheaper price but we suggest you rethink your purchase if you find someone who is selling it at a price that seems way too cheap to believe.

If you want a low stim alternative to Melaleuca, then we’d recommend ShredCBD. Which is a highly focused CBD based natural fat burner.

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Side Effects of Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner

While green coffee bean and green tea are highly unlikely to cause harmful side effects, ingredients such as capsaicin might cause a few of the following:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Dehydration
  • Faintness
  • Nausea

In general, a lot of these side effects are common in many fat burners and the severity of each one will depend on the consumer’s body and how well it reacts to the supplement. If you do experience any serious side effects then we suggest you stop using the product altogether and you seek medical advice. If you do not understand how fat burners work and are not confident of which brand to use, then we recommend talking to someone who is experienced and who can help you pick out the safest products to use.

Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner Review Results and Expected Effects

This is not a bad product. It has good ingredients that efficiently burn fat and carry out other functions to improve your overall health. We applaud the commitment to making their fat burners more organic and while we cannot confirm just how pure or natural their ingredients are, we do know that many experts have given the brand their stamp of approval.

However, as an added foot-note, just because a lot of all-natural products are fucking expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean they should be. Remember that this product literally only has 3 main fat burner ingredients that are inside proprietary blends, which means we can’t say for sure if they are even going to be as effective as the company promises they will be.

As such, we cannot consciously recommend this for everyone.

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Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner Review

The Melaleuca Nutratherm is a decent fat burner that uses all-natural ingredients that should be able to provide moderate-to-mild fat burn. However, because all the ingredients are inside of a proprietary blend- we cannot be certain as to how effective it will actually be.

  • Melaleuca Nutratherm Fat Burner Review

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