Hydroxycut Slay Review

Everyday, there seems to be a new Hyrdroxycut fat burner to try and review. Hyrdroxycut Slay, is the new ‘mini pill’ fat burner to join the line up. Our Hydroxycut Slay fat burner review will take apart this fat burners ingredients, and find out if it Hydroxycut Slay results will see your fat right down.

Fat burners are supplements that are designed to boost up your metabolism, reduce your appetite and increase energy levels.

Will Hydroxycut Slay’s mini pill wonder have these effects though? Slay’s dose is 3 capsules per day, which is a standard dose for a fat burner, but because the capsules are smaller, might be easier for some to swallow.

It promises the increased energy and focus whilst also helping boost up your metabolic rate.

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Hydroxycut Slay First Impressions

Hydroxycut Slay is actually a bit of a departure from the normal Hydroxycut SX series and other iterations of their fat burners.

It’s blend seems more concise, which could be a good thing as other Hydroxycut supplements we’ve reviewed have been a muddled blend of hit and miss fat burning ingredients.

Looks wise it’s another departure, it’s all black and pink bottle makes it stand out from other fat burners on the same brand. The supplement facts is clearly labelled on the back, with each ingredient and dose in Slay, for complete transparency.

What Does Hydroxycut Slay Do?

Slay primarily uses caffeine as a way to boost up metabolism and slightly suppress appetite. Whilst giving you a slight boost of energy.

It’s not a revolutionary product by any means, and some of the ingredients aren’t fully backed with science. But this is common with most fat burners.

The doesn’t stop Slay fat burner trying something new though, the blend reads more of a list of ingredients or flowers you’re likely to find in a garden as opposed to a product that’ll get your body burning through stored body fat as it’s primary source of fuel.

But, other than that, there are some potentially useful ingredients to help you focus and others which may work as a slight appetite suppressant. Helping you keep calories low.

Hydroxycut Slay Ingredients

The key ingredients in Hydroxycut Slay Fat burner are all versions of caffeine, with anhydrous a full natural form and green coffee bean making up the major components of Slay’s 3 micro capsule serving.

Other ingredients may help the targetting of stored fat, but their effectiveness is really up for debate. Which makes the overall ingredients list of Hydroxycut Slay, a little disappointing on first inspection.

Let’s take a closer look at each individual ingredient and it’s potential effects anyway.

Hydroxycut Slay Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is an essential ingredient for any fat burner. It’s proven to work as a good thermogenic, whilst giving you a good boost of energy.

As a stimulant, it will impact neurotransmitters and can also affect appetite. Generally you want an even spread of caffeine supplementation through the day. Even more than 220mg can work very well.

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean can help improve the amount of fat your body stores by helping to regulate insulin levels. As well as this Green Coffee Bean contains caffeine.

As with the caffeine above this can contribute to energy levels, appetite reduction and boost your metabolism.

Grains of Paradise

Also known as Aframomum melegueta, Grains of Paradise is a herb that is very similar to ginger.

It’s used in fat burners as there is some indication that it can increase metabolism and target brown fat.

The frustrating thing is though, that this scientific study was conducted in cold temperatures also, which may be the reasoning for the seemingly good result.

Flowering Quince

Very early studies on mice have taken a look at Flowering Quince, which is generally more of a garden plant, for it’s effects on cognition.

These studies are in the very early stages are there are no real conclusive results, and the fact they have only been done on mice makes them quite negligible.

Wakame Extract

This is an extract of a form of seaweed that’s quite well known for a number of properties, including a source of vitamins and antioxidants.

It’s though that the key ingredient in this extract is Fucoxanthin, which has been heralded as an ingredient that can target abdominal fat.

Studies have shown it can potentially increase metabolic rate, however studies were conducted on premenopausal and menopausal women. So more evidence is needed to make things conclusive.

Satsuma Orange Concentrate (Citrus unshiu)

Rich in beta-cyclodextrin, it’s though that this species of Japanese citrus fruit extract may hold promising results when it comes to reducing levels of viceral fat.

The issue is though, that as a fat burner ingredient, it remains to be proven and has again, only been tested on mice. Your physiology is completely different.


While it may need to be cycled to get the full benefit, huperzine-A is a cognitive enhancer that can improve focus and prevent the breakdown of a learning neurotransmitter.

As it does need to be cycled though, it’s worth noting that initial doses may have little effect. So it could even potentially be on your second bottle of hydroxycut slay where you get the full cognitive benefits.

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Hydroxycut Slay Dose

Slay is a fat burner that’s sold on it’s ‘micro capsules’, which are essential 3 smaller than normal capsules for each serving of this fat burner.

If you have issues swallowing, or can’t fit a normal sized fat burner tub in your cupboard, then this fat burner might be for you.

But even with the micro capsules and each serving, lots of the ingredients are popular because of studies conducted on mice and not people.

This means that the effects of the fat burner will be limited.

In all honesty, our current top fat burner uses 4 normal capsules spread through the day and has bigger doses of proven ingredients, including the only ones that work in this product.

Hydroxycut Slay Side Effects

Because of the ingredients in Hydroxycut Slay being quite new and relatively unstudied, this also makes this fat burner more open to some potential and unwanted side effects which could be a problem.

The only guaranteed Hydroxycut Slay side effects will come as a result of the caffeine and green coffee though.

As these ingredients are natural this makes the chance of side effects slightly less. But for people who are sensitive to fat burners and supplements here’s what you could expect.

Potential Hydroxycut Slay Side Effects:

  • Jitters
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Energy Crashes

Buy Hydroxycut Slay

Hydroxycut Slay Price: $—-

Currently Hydroxycut Slay is only available on Amazon. In no time at all though it’s likely we will see Hydroxycut’s newest product on Bodybuilding.com. Along side the massive amount of other Hydroxycut products.

The price of Slay could be an issue for some, as you are getting micro capsules, but these micro capsules contain less ingredients overall which will make this fat burner less effective for the price you pay.

Our top fat burners have been proven to work and contain a far more extensive list of fat burning, giving you guaranteed results and less risk.

Hydroxycut Slay Review Results

As far as Hydroxycut Slay Results go, this product is better than anticipated, but still is off the mark slightly when compared with other products.

It’s missing key fat burners like Green Tea extract and cayenne, or even any major form of appetite suppressant.

Overall it worked well for energy levels and helping to improve focus and workout performance.

But the metabolism booster and other parts you’d want from a fat burner were just not there.

However, this is a good looking product and if for any reason you need something with microcapsules. There are worse blends on the market than Hydroxycut Slay.

Is There Anything Better Than Hydroxycut Slay?

For us, Hydroxycut Slay has one major benefit, it’s small capsules. It’s blend and results are disappointing and it misses out on key fat burning ingredients.

Our top fat burner would be our recommendation over Hydroxycut Slay. It delivers quick results, with a high dose of only proven and scientifically backed natural ingredients.

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Hydroxycut Slay Review

Hydroxycut Slay is a fairly disappointing new fat burner. It has some good ingredients and uses micro capsules, but is far behind other products on the market.

  • Hydroxycut Slay Review

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