How to use a fat burner

A fat burner can be the ultimate shortcut to getting slim and burning away unwanted body fat. They boost metabolism, provide a stable source of energy and also help reduce appetite. They can also influence key hormones in the body, helping prevent more fat being stored. But lots of people ask how to use a fat burner?

There’s a few different types of fat burner available. Rarely they come as a liquid in a bottle, but these aren’t worth your time. Most either come in a powder form, with the best coming as capsules.

We probably don’t need to tell you how to use a pre workout that comes in a small liquid bottle, as you just drink it and follow the instructions…

But the devil can be in the detail with some of the capsule/liquid based fat burners.

How to use a capsule fat burner


Generally most fat burners carry instructions either on the box, or on the bottle. But sometimes these instructions can seem a little crazy. 4 capsules twice per day. Whilst this might get you a hit of nutrients, we prefer to spread the dose of any fat burner we buy.

This isn’t just because we’re fucking rebels either, but because of the way your body works to process the ingredients in the supplement you’ve bought.

If you were to consume 1000mg of vitamin b12, as an example, your body would pretty much waste most of it. You’d be literally pissing away your cash. Now, dial up this example to a fat burner and you are giving your body too much to process at once. Which can minimse the effects you get.

So if you have a capsule based fat burner and it has a dose of over 2 capsules you might want to try and evenly spread that dose to when you have an empty stomach. This means you are going to get an extended metabolism boost and also a more comfortable fat burning process.

This obviously does slightly depend on the number of capsules and if your fat burner is designed as something that boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite or just gives you a pre workout level of energy.

If it’s very high in stimulants you might want to stick to taking it before you workout. Or buying a more rounded and effective fat burner.

How to use a powdered fat burner


The results we’ve had from powered fat burners have never been that great. Why? Because these are supplements that you mix yourself into water and generally are taken in a single dose.

Most come in the form of either an intra or pre workout too. Which means you need to take them at an exact time and the fat burning benefits play second fiddle.

But, if you want to try and get the absolute best results and spread the dose of your powdered fat burner you could try halving scoops and supplementing one first thing and one earlier on in the morning. This way you are maximizing the effects it’ll have on your metabolism and energy levels.

It’s worth remembering that this sort of depends on the ingredients. If you have a product packed with over 10, then it’ll probably require a bigger single serving to avoid it being too weak.

How to use a fat burner: conclusion

We’re big on cutting away fat with a good fat burner. You want it to promote thermogenesis by increasing metabolic rate and also provide a level of stimulatory effects.

By far though,we’d recommend that you always choose a capsule fat burner where you can. This makes spreading the dose easier and means you are far more likely to get good results from the product.

Remember to always try and take the supplement on an empty stomach, as this allows any appetite suppressants to work.

Recommended times for you to take a fat burner supplement would be:

  • Pre Breakfast
  • Before lunch 11am
  • After lunch 1pm
  • Before evening meal 3pm

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