Hourglass Fat Burner Review

Looking for that devilishly acclaimed ‘hourglass’ figure that everyone else is raving about? Well, you might not have to look too far! This Hourglass Fat Burner Review will be analyzing the hell out of one of the most popular supplements on the market.

Well, I say that, but it’s actually one of the newest too. The Hourglass fat burner was released in 2018, by a company that goes by the name Propura. If you didn’t already know, this is the company that released the PrimeMale® testosterone booster.

Not familiar with the PrimeMale testosterone booster? Well, then you might want to look it up. It’s one of the leading t-boosters in the market. Up to par with the devil’s favorite — Testofuel. So, yeah, no one can say that Propura isn’t a good company. Obviously, they’ve had already been met with success — which is a lot more than can be said by most supplement companies.

Still, we’re not here to talk about their t-booster. Let’s look back to their newest fat burner product, the Hourglass fat burner. Is it any good? It definitely has the hype, but what is it that makes it special or better than any other fat burner?

Well, that’s what we’re going to be answering in our Hourglass Fat Burner Review. Time to get to it then, let’s open up these hell gates and move forward with our devilish analysis. If you’re not up to reading the whole thing, check out our PROs and CONs down below or scroll all the way down to see our Conclusion!

Hourglass Fat Burner Review

Pros of Hourglass Fat Burner

  • Proven-to-work fat burner ingredients are used in this formula. These include ingredients like green tea — which is known for its metabolism boosting benefits and cayenne pepper (Capsimax ®) — which is known for its thermogenic benefits.
  • We also get a proven-to-work appetite suppressant in the form of the ingredient Glucomannan. This ingredient has been said to decrease your appetite and keep you full longer by dissolving slowly in your stomach.
  • Along with these amazing ingredients, you’ll also be getting the reassurance of a tried and tested supplement company brand. One that is well-respected in the community and highly-acclaimed for their products and service.
  • Propura were very careful when it came to choosing their ingredients. This is made obvious by the fact that all of the ingredients they choose were 100% natural and side-effect free. Which makes taking this supplement completely safe.
  • The Hourglass Fat Burner uses a couple of proven-to-work mood boosters. These are important, as they keep you motivated and focused on your workouts. It will also help ease the effects of stress and anxiety that harsh training could do to your body.

Cons of Hourglass Fat Burner

  • A slight downside from their formula is the use of ingredients like Chromium. Which has been proven-to-work, but only in special circumstances. That means it won’t be of much use to a group of people outside of the ones that it works for.
  • Because the product uses clinically dosed ingredients, it’s been Premium-priced. That puts it at around $50 a bottle, so it’s the furthest thing from cheap. Still, con or not, the price can be justified based on their choice of ingredients.
  • The only other downside is the fact that the product is officially targeted only for women. I never understood the need to separate dietary supplements from one gender to the other.

About the Brand

Let’s start off the actual review with a quick branding analysis. We already talked about the company that produced it, but we haven’t really talked about who it’s for yet. At least, not in detail. So, who are they marketing the Hourglass fat burner at?

Propura announced that this is a ‘women only fat burner’ which isn’t that unusual. However, if you look at their formula, there really isn’t anything in it that makes it, especially for women. If a man chose to, he could take this supplement without a problem. Either way, their target audience still makes their product fairly unique. A good marketing choice on their part.

As for the product itself, they held off on making it one of the many women-only supplements that are sold in those annoyingly pink containers. We see those often enough for dietary supplements that are targeted at women. They even added a twist (not literally) to their product container by giving it that hourglass shape.

The design is simple and classy, but eye-catching enough that people would be more likely to pick it up from the shelves than the others. So, branding-wise? They did pretty well. Crafty enough that even the devil himself would be proud.

How does Hourglass Fat Burner work?

Next, let’s look at how the Hourglass fat burner is meant to work. What kind of things are they promising and how are they promising it? This section will serve as our validation center, as we’re going to be breaking down each of the ingredients in more detail later on. We’ll start with the promised benefits and explain how Propura had meant to accomplish them.

Appetite Suppression

Appetite suppression benefits are promised in the Hourglass fat burner through the use of an ingredient called Glucomannan. This is an ingredient that has been proven to keep you full longer, thus, keeping you craving less and eating less. Which is perfect for losing weight.

Thermogenic Formula

Get the sought after hellfire thermogenic fat burn through their inclusion of the ingredient Capsimax® — a patented version of regular Cayenne Pepper Extract. This is an ingredient that has been proven to actively burn fat and has also been suspected of keeping cravings away by slowing the breakdown of sugars.

Boosts Metabolism

The Hourglass fat burner also offers a great metabolism booster ingredient through their use of Green Tea Extract. That’s an ingredient that is very popular in the industry for its proven metabolism boosting effects. Which basically means, that you’ll be burning fat at a more constant rate throughout the day.

Energy Booster

Pump up for the gym by taking the clinical stimulant dose of guarana. This has been said to have more caffeine than most coffee beans and will help boost your energy through the roof! This can also be helpful in making sure that you’re more active when you’re training — allowing you to lose even more weight.

Promotes Health

The first thing that might catch your attention when look at their formula, is their excellent choices in essential vitamins. They did a solid job choosing the kind of vitamins to add to their product. See, the thing is, sometimes it seems like supplement companies just stuff whatever vitamin in their product (as if praying it will work will make it so.) But, no, it seems like Propura actually put their scientist caps and chose a good batch.

Hourglass Fat Burner Ingredients

Now, let’s get to the most important part of the analysis — the ingredients! What kind of ingredients did they use for the Hourglass fat burn and how did they ensure its effectiveness? Let’s look at the big picture first!

One of the things to celebrate about the Hourglass fat burner is the lack of proprietary blends, and yes that’s a good thing! Proprietary blends are just a fancy word for ‘hiding how much of each ingredient’ is inside of the formula. So, the fact that they stayed true to their formula by telling us how much of each is in there?

That’s not something that most supplements can ever hope to do. If only because there’s nothing to be proud of when it comes to their ingredients. Obviously, Propura isn’t experiencing the same struggle. They shouldn’t need to, not with the ingredients they’re using.

As a quick overview, a lot of the ingredients used in this fat burner is seen in supplements like the Instant Knockout (which is currently our Number 1 favorite fat burner.) That in itself should tell you how good the hourglass fat burner is.

Green Tea Extract

Boosts your metabolism and burn both fat and calories!

Green tea is a very popular ingredient, and it’s easy to understand why! There’s enough research to suggest that it can produce significant fat burning effects on humans. This kind of effect is seen in a variety of ways.

Like the fact that it’s packed with a substance that we call catechins. These are good for burning up fatty acids in your muscles and liver — giving you that well-toned look. Another way that it helps burn fat is through antioxidants like EGCG and catechin polyphenols, which is the main metabolism-boosting ingredient.

The amount that green tea has been found effective is 400-500mg. That puts the 500mg inside of the Hourglass fat burner at the clinical dose — making it the most effective.

Vitamin B6

Boost your metabolism by packing your diet with this essential vitamin.

For a fat burner, Vitamin B6 is definitely the best choice. After all, out of all the Vitamins, this is the one that is the most related to our metabolic rates. There has been researching done that proved that people who don’t get enough of this in their diet are more likely to have trouble losing weight.

It’s a naturally occurring vitamin in our foods, and if you’re following a healthy diet, then you shouldn’t have to be too worried. However, for the people who are vitamin b6 deficient, they can definitely benefit from supplementing their intake with this.

Vitamin B12

An essential vitamin that serves as a natural cognitive booster.

Vitamin B12 isn’t as closely related to our metabolism as Vitamin B6. However, it has still been suspected of promoting the burn of fatty acids in our liver. Despite the fact that its effects as a fat burner are minimal, but it’s been said that people who exercise are more likely to find themselves lacking in this vitamin.

That isn’t good, as it supports certain bodily functions that are related to the recovery of muscle tissue. As an added bonus, Vitamin B12 is better known for its nootropic benefits. These are benefits to do with the mind. It will allow you to focus on your training and will help boost your mood.

Vitamin D3

An essential vitamin for helping you retain less fat and for keeping your mood happy!

Our last vitamin is not a fat burner, but it helps you lose fat nonetheless. Low levels of vitamin D3 has been connected with systems that make our body retain fat. That makes it vital that you have just enough.

It’s also been connected to systems in our brain that help boosts our mood. Although that might not sound like much, a lot of our motivation is reliant on our mood. The fact that it helps ease any sadness or anxiety will help a lot more than you think!


Normalize your blood glucose levels.

This is the only ingredient in this formula that I’m leery of, but even then, I can’t say that it’s a bad ingredient. It boosts one’s metabolism effectively, but it does have one catch — it’s only effective for people who naturally have high blood sugar levels.

This can be applied successfully to people who are diabetic, as it can help normalize the amount of glucose that’s present in their body. However, it won’t really do anything if your blood glucose levels are at the normal or close to average level.

Guarana Extract

Boost your energy levels!

Guarana contains caffeine, at an amount that has been said to rival that of coffee beans. There’s also more than enough of it in the Hourglass fat burner to power you throughout the day — without causing any nasty side-effects.

That’s a big plus, as most supplement companies stuff stimulants in their formula. Which can be both good or bad (depending on how much there is), but here, they made sure that even beginners will be able to use it without having to risk any potentially dangerous side-effect.


Suppress your cravings and eat less!

Glucomannan is about the closest thing to a miracle worker that you can get. Seriously, it’s a crafty little thing. It might not seem like much, and many supplement companies seem to think so from the way that they avoid putting it in their formulas. However, this ingredient has actually been proven to effectively decrease one’s appetite.

It does this naturally because it is made out of a fibrous material that expands in the stomach and dissolves slowly. That, in itself, keeps you full for much longer. BUT that’s not the only benefit here. It’s also been said to stop cravings before they happen by stalling the absorption of sugar in your body — keeping the cravings away from a while.

This ingredient is likely the reason why the company recommends that 1 capsule be taken before every meal. That’s to make sure that you’re making the most out of this ingredient’s ability to decrease your appetite and help you eat less and crave less!


Heat up your body and burn fat throughout the day!

Capsimax is a patented form of Cayenne Pepper. It’s packaged in a way that keeps it from being harmful. This is so that you’ll be able to get only the great benefits that come with it. So, what are these benefits? Well, Cayenne is probably one of the best (if not the best) thermogenic ingredients out there.

Thermogenic refers to ingredients that are able to actively burn fat. It does this by heating up your body and slowing down the rate in which it absorbs sugar — helping you retain less fat.


Increase the efficiency of other ingredients by making them easier to absorb!

This is just another way of referring to black pepper extract, which is a staple for good supplements. Now, as a short disclaimer, this doesn’t actually burn fat. It’s not thermogenic (like the previous ingredient.) In fact, rather than help you absorb less of something, this helps you absorb more.

Basically, supplement companies use this in their supplements so that the efficiency of other ingredients could be increased. How does it do that? Well, it helps said ingredients become easier to absorb, allowing your body to use them easier and sooner.

Buy Hourglass Fat Burner

Price: $50

This supplement is “premium-priced.” That means, that it’s a lot more expensive than most supplements. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not worth the price. A lot of supplements that offer proven-to-work ingredients at the clinical dose ask their consumers to pay around this much.

Of course, if you’re looking to save some money, then you can definitely buy more than one at a time. They have a discount on their site where you can choose to either get:

  •     1 bottle for $50 (not including shipping)
  •     Their Perfect Deal promo for $150 — 4 bottles + FREE shipping

Propura also offers a 60-day guarantee when you order their perfect deal package, one that you can make use of if you end up disliking it. If you ask me, that only makes it that much better to buy. Especially when you consider the FREE shipping, and the fact that you’ll have enough to last you for at least 120-days (4 months.)

How to take the Hourglass Fat Burner

Let’s preempt this instruction with some information. Okay, so when it comes to fat burners, we usually prefer a daily 3-4 capsules be taken throughout the day. That ensures that you’re getting the most bang for your buck, by making sure that you have access to the supplement’s fat burning benefits 24/7.

Propura follows this ideal with their newest supplement. To be specific, each container of the Hourglass fat burner contains 90 capsules. Those are meant to be used within a 30-day period. Here is how they instructed their users to take their supplements.

  •     3 capsules should be taken per day, one at a time.
  •     These capsules should be taken prior to meals — at least 20-30 minutes beforehand.

Side Effects of Hourglass Fat Burner

This is an important subject, one that we can’t ignore — no matter the supplement. However, you’ll be relieved to know that the Hourglass Fat Burner is clear of any harmful toxins or chemicals. The ingredients they used for there supplement were 100% natural and side-effect free.

Of course, normal instructions do apply. For example, dietary supplements like this are not recommended for pregnant women or people under the age of 18. Also, if you have any allergies, refer to the list of ingredients and mention it to your doctor before making any attempt to take it.

Hourglass Fat Burner Review Results and Expected Effects

Alright! That brings our Hourglass Fat Burner Review to its conclusion! What do you think? Well, if you managed to go through our entire analysis, you’ll know that we’re definitely intrigued. No one can doubt that this is a good supplement. Especially when you consider the fact that almost all of its ingredients are identical with the current Number 1 fat burner (the Instant Knockout.)

That, in itself, says everything there is to know about the formula. It’s a hit. No one can deny that. They released this supplement only a couple months ago, but it’s already received hype and endorsements from a bunch of fitness professionals.

Ultimately, the merits provided by the Hourglass fat burner is more than worth the amount that they’re asking for. It uses only proven-to-work ingredients and makes sure that all of them are adequately dosed. As such, there is no doubt in my mind, that when this is paired up with a good training and diet routine? You’ll definitely be making leagues of progress.

This is a supplement that even the devil himself would be proud of. The fact that it’s targeted only for women aside, this should work for everyone.


Hourglass Fat Burner Review

This women-only Hourglass fat burner definitely deserves a spot at the top. It uses top-of-the-line fat burning ingredients and at adequate doses too!

  • Hourglass Fat Burner Review

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