Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Review

Granite Supplements brand new fat burner Thermo Burn. Granite’s previous fat burner was Lipocalypse. This review of Thermo Burn won’t differ much, as the fat burner formula is basically the same. With that said, let’s see what results you’ll get and if Granite Supplements rebrand is worth it with our Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Review.

Granite Supplements are a pretty well established brand and this fat burner looks to offer a fairly good blend of ingredients.

A solid fat burner should allow for decent increases in metabolism, appetite suppression and the targeting of stored body fat as fuel. This allows fast and sustainable cutting phases and can also help increase performance.

Will Thermo Burn tick all the boxes and make it into our top 5 fat burners though?

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Granite Supplements Thermo Burn First Impressions

Thermo Burn looks good. In terms of it’s clean branding and bottle anyway. It looks far appealing than Lipocalypse, which is a good thing.

In terms of it’s blend, we are pretty exciting to give it a go. It’s all natural which is a major positive and something that massively reduces the risk of side effects.

Granite Supplements website is also easy to use and should you order, delivery options look to be fairly quick to the US mainland. Not a bad first impression at all from this new fat burner.


How Does Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Work?

There’s a slight edge of stimulants to the formula of Thermo Burn, but with a big focus on appetite suppression and trying to get your body to achieve lipolysis and fat oxidation.

What Thermo Burn does well, is avoid any nasty ingredients like Bitter Orange. Opting instead for a softer and slower blend.

That said, the amount of stimulants present should just about offer some slight performance benefits allowing you to keep exercising as you cut down.

Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Ingredients

Blend wise there’s barely any difference with Lipocolypse here. Generally each ingredient in Granit Supplements Thermo Burn are natural herbs.

Doses are on the lower side when you set this against our top 5 fat burners and there are a couple of ingredients in here that could be swapped out for other proven natural fat burners.

Granite Supplement Thermo Burn Ingredients


Theobromine will serve as a natural and softer stimulant, and also aid in the suppression of your appetite. It’s found in dark chocolate ironically also. It’s use as a fat burner is widely disputed however, with studies not showing much conclusive evidence.


Aids with focus and another source of cleaner energy. Whilst it’s not as an effective stimulant as caffeine, it can work with it to sort of take the edge off and have some slight performance benefits.


Similar to b-vitamins Choline has been known to help with liver function and brain function. You can normally get a good amount from a healthy diet.


Caffeine is a proven and essential fat burner. It can boost up metabolism and get you focused. If you are in a calorie deficit it can help suppress your appetite and have you losing weight.

Rhodiola Rosea

Has adaptogenic properties which can help reduce fatigue and exhaustion particularly if you are working out. It’s also used in pre workouts to help with clarity and mental focus.


Proven to boost your metabolic rate. As the capsicum hits your stomach it heats things up and your body has to cool down. This reaction requires energy to be used. The higher the energy expenditure the more fat you are going to find yourself burning.

Dicaffeine Malate

Offers one slight advantage over caffeine. Dicaffeine malate is a version of caffeine that is the ionic bonded combination of caffeine and malic acid. It offers the same benefit but can help reduce some of the stressers normally associated with caffeine.

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Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Dose

You get two capsules per day with Granite Supplements Thermo Burn. This means you can take 2 capsules through the day at different points to ensure the effects of this fat burner last for as long as possible.

One issue though is that the dose might be a little low for some. Our current top fat burner uses 4 capsules spread through the day to ensure the absolute best results possible.

Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Side Effects

Side effects from Granite Supplements Thermo Burn will be limited.

Whilst there are some ingredients in here that could cause an upset stomach or some jitters and slight anxiety, generally the addition of theacrine will help this.

Overall, we’d say that Granite Supplements Thermoburn is just a little bit weak when you compare it with the best fat burners out there at the minute.

Buy Granite Supplements Thermo Burn

We’ve not seen Thermo Burn for sale on Amazon or Ebay yet. But we’re sure it’ll get there. The best place to Buy Granite Supplements Thermo Burn will be direct from the Granite Supplements website.

This ensures you’re getting the latest stock and the quickest delivery. We will expect to see Thermo Burn available on in the near future also though.

Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Results and Review Conclusion

This is a fairly solid fat burner. There’s very limited chance of side effects and you should get some clean energy and focus from it.

Granite Supplements have missed out on some key fat burning herbs and ingredients though, which is a little frustrating.

The serving size is also a little on the small side, with the doses of the key ingredients low too. If you’re looking to cutting fat down, you’ll probably see results after a couple of months supplementation of Thermo Burn.

This might not be quick enough for those wanting a slightly stronger product that could get the fat melting off in as little as 14-30 days.

Is There Anything Better Than Granite Supplements Thermo Burn?

Whilst Granite supplements do have a one of a kind Blend with Thermo Burn, it just doesn’t compare to our current top fat burners.

Improvements could be made by including proven fat burners like Green Tea, Green Coffee and Glucomannan. Also doses could be taken up by a little bit to get you quicker results.

The science is there with some of the ingredients though, but they just could be stronger.

Our number #1 Instant Knockout uses a proven blend of 10 natural fat burners and has 4 capsules per day. Whic is why you mind find it works far quicker. The caffeine content is higher though so be slightly cautious.

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Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Review

An average fat burner. Good ingredients at low doses with a small serving size.

  • Granite Supplements Thermo Burn Review

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