Finaflex PX Heat Review

Tired of washed out supplements that do nothing for your body? Our Finaflex PX Heat Review will be checking out a product that has been said to incinerate all that stubborn bit of excess fat.

Is that claim legit? Well, that’s what we’re hoping to find out for you today. We set out on a mission to find every possible sin that Finaflex supplement company could have possibly committed whilst making the PX Heat.

It seems to be doing pretty good in the market. It’s being marketed in several of the larger online retail stores, but that isn’t very surprising. Of course, we checked out their official website as well.

Their site is looking a bit bare right now, to be honest. It could have done with some more information on the company and the product as well, but it doesn’t look shifty enough to get our eyes burning.

Nevertheless, you better believe that we’re going to put this supplement through the wringer. By the end of this review, we hope to know everything that makes this supplement good. As well as everything that makes it bad.

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How does the Finaflex PX Heat work?

The company claims that the product has the power to burn fat. Not that surprising of a claim. It’s something that every proper fat burner supplement should be able to do.So what sets the Finaflex apart from the others?

Nothing much actually. They didn’t try to market some other miracle ability that it would never be able to support, so it’s looking pretty come thus far.

However, and this really set it back for us, the supplement uses a proprietary blend. Yeah, that means that all of its ingredients are inside of a blend that keeps us from knowing whether they’re any good or not. Sucks, but it’s the reality of a lot of the supplements these days.

Let’s see if the ingredients can get them out of this setback.

Finaflex PX Heat Ingredients

Finaflex PX Heat Review Ingredients

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)

The first ingredient that we’re going to be looking into is CLA. It’s actually not a bad product, might even help you out a bit with your blood pressure, but it needs a bit more research for us to be fully sold on its effectiveness (1).

Green Tea

It was a smart choice to add Green Tea to the Finaflex PX Heat solution. It’s proven to work, but we just can’t be sure if there’s enough of it inside this supplement to do what it needs to do (2).


This is most definitely the ingredient that makes them so confident in its ability to incinerate fat. Again, it’s actually a good choice, which makes it sucky that they stuck it inside of a blend (3).

Huperzine A

This is better known as a nootropic, which makes me wonder why they stuffed it in here. Not only that, but it’s been connected to some nasty side-effects (4).

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Buy Finaflex PX Heat

If you’re looking to actually buy this supplement, then you’re going to have to prepare some serious cash. It costs 59.95 US Dollars per container.

That kind of price suggests that it’s a premium product, but to be honest, there’s nothing that I see here that would suggest that. We don’t even know how it’ll work, considering that they blended up all the ingredients.

Each container comes with 90 capsules – 3 daily doses per day to last for a month.

Side Effects of Finaflex PX Heat

Although we didn’t talk in detail about all of them, there are a couple of ingredients in the Finaflex PX Heat that can cause some nasty side-effects. For example:

  • The Huperzine A has been said to cause vomiting, diarrhea, and blurred vision. This is after prolonged use (1-3 months.)
  • Not only that, but CLA has also been expected to cause nausea and diarrhea. As well as stomach upset and cramps.

Finaflex PX Heat Review Results and Expected Effects

At the price they’re selling it for, you’d expect a premium product that will be able to turn your body into something the devil would be jealous of.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing really here that can prove that. Sure, they have a couple of good ingredients listed on the label, but we don’t know if there’s enough of it to work! It’s okay at best.

Now, if you’re still looking for a proper fat burner that will actually be able to burn fat. Then I suggest you have a look at our Top 5 Fat Burners List. The supplements on that list are certain to provide the results you’re looking for.

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Finaflex PX Heat Review

The Finaflex PX Heat is not a bad supplement. However, because all of its ingredients are inside of a blend, we can't be certain of its effectiveness.

  • Finaflex PX Heat Review

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