EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Review

Fat burners are definitely the way forward when it comes to increasing your fat burning potential. With sensible dosages of effective ingredients, you’ll be able to burn fat quicker and get the lean, shredded physique that you desire.

In our review of EFX Sports Lyzme 5, we’ll go over everything you need to know about a fat burner which is made by a respectable manufacturer and contains some ingredients which have been proven to work.

It’s said to help increase your fat burning potential by helping the body to utilize stored fat as a form of energy, as well as breaking down fat quicker.

But, is it all that it’s hyped up to be? Read on as we look into the ingredients, benefits, and drawbacks of the product in our in-depth EFX Sport Lyzme 5 review.

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EFX Sports Lyzme 5 First Impressions

EFX Sports Lyzme 5 First Impressions

First impressions are pretty good upon our first glance at the product. The modern, stylish packaging is certainly easy on the eye.

But, the packaging isn’t always the be all and end all. Obviously, it’s what’s contained within the product itself that’s the most important thing, right? We’ll look into what the product actually does in the next section, followed by an analysis of the ingredients.

What Will EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Do?

Lyzme 5 uses a patented blend which consists of trimethylammonium-methyl-glycine-methionine with nicotinic acid and folate.

This particular blend helps your body to convert any stored fat into energy. EFX Lyzme 5 also boosts your fat loss potential by helping the body to break down fat quicker.

EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Ingredients


Lyzme 5

A patented formula, Lyzme 5 helps to break down body fat and utilize stored fat for energy. So, this can be beneficial as you look to get those shredded abs.


Commonly found in energy drinks, Taurine isn’t so much found within fat burning supplements. It’s not really effective for fat burning either. So, the inclusion of this ingredient is rather unnecessary.


With 280mg per serving, you should experience a boost in energy with just one serving. However, any more than 200mg per serving, you run the risk of side effects such as jitters. This was often the case when we tried the product for ourselves.


L-Tyrosine improves cognition and there are suggestions it helps to decrease fatigue too. But, this is yet to be proven.


Another stimulant which combined with caffeine might just lead to jitters and energy crashes in some people. You’re best off sticking to a fat burner with just one stimulant to combat this.

Beta-Sistosterol Complex

Good for fighting hair loss and prostate health. But, there’s no evidence to suggest that it can help boost your fat loss potential.

So, it would be best to remove this for a more effective ingredient such as Green Tea which has been proven to work.

Cayenne Pepper Extract

We like the fact EFX Sports decided to include this ingredient. The reason being, it actually works! Cayenne Pepper Extract raises your body temperature, starting a process called thermogenesis.

Ultimately, this particular compound boosts your metabolism and allows you to utilize stored fat as a source of energy.

In spite of this, the dosage is pretty low. So, there are other fat burners out there that contain a more optimal dose of around 100mg per serving.

White Willow Extract

Despite benefiting your overall health thanks to its inflammatory properties, there’s little evidence to suggest that White Willow Extract is beneficial for fat loss.

Hesperidin Complex

Hesperidin Complex is known to boost your brain and improve blood circulation. But, this particular ingredient is unproven in the fat loss department.


Like White Willow Extract, Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. However, when it comes to fat loss, there’s little evidence that ginger is effective.

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EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Dose

3 capsules makes up one serving of EFX Sports Lyzme 5. There’s 30 servings in one container (90 capsules) which is the common package size for a fat burner.

According to the manufacturer, you should take the fat burner in the morning – consuming it along with a glass of water. However, you could also choose to take it 30 minutes before exercising too.

EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Side Effects

When taking a fat burner, there’s sometimes a risk of side effects. This can either be due to taking more than the recommended dose, or even due to the ingredients themselves.

In the case of Lyzme 5, it’s the latter issue. There are two stimulants included within the ingredients. So, as a result, the following side effects were experienced:

  • Jitters
  • Energy Crashes

Buy EFX Sports Lyzme 5

EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Price: $44.99

You can order Lyzme 5 directly from the EFX Sports website. So, at least you know when you order the product, you’ll know it’s genuine.

It’s reasonably priced, but there’s a shipping cost of $5.99. So, that’s one drawback when you order from them directly.

EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Results

Based on our personal experience, we consumed the EFX Sports Lyzme 5 for a total of 30 days. Overall, we were able to obtain mixed results.

The inclusion of cayenne pepper is something that we like as it has proven thermogenic benefits. So, this can really help increase your fat burning potential considerably. But then again, the dosage could have been higher.

However, we found that the use of more than one stimulant let this product down. This meant that unfortunately, we suffered from side effects such as jitters and energy crashes.

This was probably made worse by the fact there’s 280mg of caffeine per serving. Ideally, there should have been around 200mg per serving.

When consumed in a sensible dosage, caffeine provides the energy boost you need while on a cut, at the same time as helping you to avoid the aforementioned side effects.

EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Review Conclusion

Overall, the fact that EFX Sports Lyzme 5 uses some unproven ingredients means that it’s not the best option if you’re looking for the ultimate fat burner. As well as this, the fact that there are two stimulants means that ultimately, side effects are a consequence.

Jitters and energy crashes really aren’t something you want to encounter – particularly when you’re on a cut and might already be feeling a little sluggish while you’re in a calorie deficit.

It’s good that they’ve included caffeine within the product. But, the dosage is just a little too high for our liking. Like we’ve already mentioned, the dosage should ideally be around 200mg per serving.

However, they do use ingredients which are proven to work. This includes cayenne pepper extract, which increases your core body temperature so that you burn more calories as a result.

EFX Sports Lyzme 5 is a decent product, but its drawbacks mean that there are more effective alternatives out there. Ultimately, it fails to earn a spot on our top 5 fat burners list.

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EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Review

Average results from a middle of the market fat burner.

  • EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Review

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