Dymatize Amplifire Review

Dymatize are bringing out a new fat burner with their Amplifire supplement. The company, who are known for creating a protein supplement with amazing reviews, have made this fat burner a product focused on a few key ingredients. But how will it stack up against other leading products? Our Dymatize Amplifire Review will find out.

When investing in a fat burner it needs to be a product that offers increases in metabolism, appetite suppression, energy and also help your body target stored fat.

This ensures you start to cut away fat whilst holding on to as much muscle as possible.

Does Amplifire meet these key criteria for a fat burner supplement, or have Dynamize made a bit of an error in the under dosing of their latest product.

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Dymatize Amplifire First Impressions

Amplifire is a slick looking fat burner in what feels like a premium bottle. Feels wells worth the money you pay. The Dymatize website is slick, with loads of options on places you can buy Dymatize Amplifire from.

But, the outside isn’t what we are interested in here. It’s the fat burning potential we are covering in this Amplifire Review.

Amplifire claims to help promote vitality and focus, with some support for themogenesis (the body burning calories/fat as fuel), but what do the ingredients say?

When flicking the bottle round for a first glace at the supplement facts, you’re met with a very small blend of fat burning ingredients and a few vitamins. Slightly disappointing we must say.


What Does Dymatize Amplifire Do?

Dymatize Amplifire claims that it will help to boost metabolism and increase thermogenesis, with a clear focused mind.

There’s a lot of support in terms of overall metabolic health, with the use of some of ‘energy vitamins’, (b vitamins). But, you might be sort of wondering why the bulk of this supplement is vitamins?

After the first capsule, you’ll start to feel a bit good of energy from amplifire and this will be coupled with a raised metabolism. It shouldn’t be overbearing either, as Dymatize have added a component to prevent this.

One thing that may follow is a slight bit of stomach discomfort as your body temperature starts to rise.

But, due to the sheer volume of Peppers in this supplement this effect could prove risky.

Dymatize Amplifire Ingredients

Dymatize have made Amplifire around it being a basic blend that can boost up your metabolism and energy levels. Whilst the ingredients they’ve used are backed by scientific studies and proven to do this, the doses are a little wild.

Sadly Amplifire could cause stomach upsets even to people with the hardiest stomachs, purely due to the high volume of the Pepper.

We’ve never really seen a supplement so packed with this, it’s quite literally hotter than hell itself. And we live in hell.

Dymaztize Amplifire Ingredients

Vitamin Blend

We won’t get too tied up in the blend of vitamins you get in Amplifire, as these are generally vitamins you can get from a good diet or a daily multi vitamin. Which you should be having if you are cutting back fat.

These vitamins will help contribute to a healthy metabolism and also improve your overall lifestyle and feelings of health and vigour. But these are a cheap component of what is a fairly expensive supplement and don’t really constitute as a major part of any fat burner.


Caffeine is an essential ingredient in many fat burners. Simply because, it works. Caffeine can raise your metabolism, enhance focus and performance and also help to suppress your appetite. It’s probably the most studied ingredient in the world.

Amplifire offers a fairly good dose of caffeine, which if spread through the day can help make your fat cut far more comfortable. Just remember not to take your capsule too close to bed.


Theacrine offers a balance to the effects of caffeine. It’s best described as a softer stimulant. It’ll provide a nice clean source of energy, whilst cutting out lots of jitters and anxiety.

Theacrine is found in certain teas, which is why you associate tea with calming effects.


Peppers contains capsicum, which is the compound that makes them spicy. There’s 1600mg of this ingredient in Amplifire. Which is very very high and could potentially cause some pretty brutal side effects.

It will increase calorie burn though. As your stomach get’s filled with this spicy extract, your bodies reaction is to cool it down. To do this it needs to use energy, contributing to the days calorie deficit.

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Dymatize Amplifire Dose

Dymatize say that one capsule of Amplifire per day is enough. And we’d strongly agree. In fact we’d say that one capsule of Amplifire could even be too much for some people, as the high dose of Pepper Extract could lead to rather uncomfortable side effects.

One serving of Caffeine at 200mg may also lead to energy crashes when it wears off, which is why we always prefer a fat burner that uses a spread serving. Eg, 1 capsule every 2 hours until 5pm. This allows the effects to be much more even and the results far better.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 serving (1 capsule) per day with water. It can also be taken with food. Do not exceed the recommended amount per day. For best results, use in combination with diet and training.

Dymatize Amplifire Side Effects

Dymatize have made a burning beast with Amplifire. This product is as hot as hell, and sadly, hell is a place that could be full of misery and pain for some people. Because of the ingredients doses, it’s highly likely that Dymatize Amplifire could cause side effects.

Potential Dymatize Amplifire Side Effects:

  • Nausea
  • Sickness
  • Energy Crashes
  • Headaches

Buy Dymatize Amplifire

You can buy Dymatize Amplifire from approved retailers all over the world. Their website is here, which gives you information on the product and also lists approved retailers like Bodybuilding.com.

In terms of cost, this may vary. But the price of the product and the blend just don’t really add up for us.

There are far better fat burners out there, that give you everything Dymatize Amplifire has and more. Check our current top 5 for the best.

Dymatize Amplifire Results and Expected Effects

After the first capsule hits your stomach you’ll start to feel a burning sensation which may prove a little much for some people.

Energy won’t take long to hit after, which will be clean. But remember, to supplement around midday. Eating may help offset some side effects, but you may still get the energy crash from the caffeine which could be difficult for some people.

One word springs to mind about the effects of Dymatize fat burner, sustainability. This product could cause harm if it’s supplemented for longer than even two weeks.

Is There Anything Better than Dymatize Amplifire?

This so called fat burner is a misstep for Dymatize, who otherwise make great supplements. It’s potent spicy capsules will leave people without the results they hope for.

If you want a sustainable fat burner, with an evenly spread dose, a bigger blend of proven ingredients and correct doses then we’d say check out our top 5.

You won’t get absolutely awful side effects either.

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Dymatize Amplifire Review

Amplifire is FIRE, but not in a good way.

  • Dymatize Amplifire

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