Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Review

We’re cooking up some hellfire today! Word is spreading about a fat burner supplement that’s supposedly able to crank up the heat in one’s body and raise metabolism. Will this be the answer to our problems? Well, that’s what our Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Review will be about!

So, did Beast Sports Nutrition actually succeed in making us a miracle pill with the Super Sauna? It certainly sounds like its meant for sweating. To be honest though? There doesn’t seem to be much to learn about either the product or the company.

That’s something that could definitely afford some fixing, and hopefully, our Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Review can help with that! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get on with the analysis!

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How does the Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black work?

We start off our hellish analysis with a quick look at what the Super Sauna Black is promising. I’m expecting quite a lot, especially with a name like that, but we’re going to be focusing on the claims of the company themselves.

So, first look, not so sharp. Maybe it’ll work out in the end, but as of right now? I’m not seeing anything that will provide the thermogenic benefits that it promises. The main reason I think this, is because almost all of its ingredients are inside of a proprietary blend.

That means, we have no way of knowing whether any of those ingredients will be safe or effective. A shame, but that won’t stop us from taking this supplement underground.

Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Ingredients

Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Review Ingredients


This seems to be our main fat burning ingredient, and I’ve got to say. I’m not terribly impressed. Now, don’t get me wrong, Carnitine is great! In theory at least. Some research has even proven that people who are deficient in carnitine might experience some benefits. However, it’s not as good as the science promises. It absorbs too poorly to work in actual supplements.

Grains of Paradise

Our next ingredient is a part of the proprietary blend, so we don’t know how much of it is in the formula. However, that doesn’t really matter. Much like L-Carnitine, Grains of Paradise Extract has proven ineffective when supplemented. It’s supposed fat burning benefits have also not been confirmed by human research.

Vitamin C

Again, not terribly impressed with this one. It’s been proven as an effective Pre Workout ingredient. However, its effects as a fat burner are unproven and cannot be confirmed. It needs to be studied a lot more before I can confidently place my stake in it.


This is also called Black Pepper Extract. An ingredient that has proven to positively enhance the absorption rates of other ingredients. Perhaps they wanted to make an effort to improve the effectiveness of L-Carnitine by including this, that’s certainly a good attempt. However, until I can see studies proving that this will work, I can’t say that it will.

Buy Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black

The Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black doesn’t actually cost all that much. I mean, it’s still more expensive than most supplements, but it’s a reasonable price. It goes for around $34.99 on their official website.

Again, reasonable. Although, I’m not really buying the whole 1 daily serving thing. The Super Sauna Black comes in powder form, and you’re only meant to take it once per day. That’s pretty strange for a Fat Burner supplement.

We usually recommend fat burners that offer 3-4 daily servings, as that keeps you burning fat throughout the day. So, the Super Sauna Black is definitely lacking in that regard.

Side Effects of Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black

One of the main things that Beast Sports Nutrition focuses on, is the fact that it’s free from stimulants and other potentially harmful ingredients. It seems to have stayed true to that claim because there’s nothing in their formula that’s even close to being potentially dangerous.

Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Review Results and Expected Effects

That about wraps up our Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Review! So, what did we learn? I’ll be blunt here, even if I want to say that it’s okay I can’t consciously do so. There are too many unproven ingredients.

I like how they tried to be a clean and safe supplement. However, they played a little too safe. There’s absolutely nothing here that’s strong enough to get you anywhere close to the sauna that they were promising.

Basically, I was expecting hellfire, and all I got was a flicker of a match that burned up way too quickly. Yeah, that sounds pretty blunt of me, but it’s the truth. Hey, but if you’re still looking for a fat burner to get you burning up? Then I advise that you have a look at our Top 5 Fat Burners List!

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Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Review

Although there's nothing potentially harmful in the Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black, there's also nothing powerful enough to provide long-lasting effects.

  • Beast Sports Nutrition Super Sauna Black Review

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