Axe and Sledge Double Time Review

Deciding on a fat burner can be tough when the market is so full of half baked products that only burn your cash. But the right supplement can get your metabolism jacked up and your body incinerating fat as energy. Leaving you slim and shredded. Our Axe and Sledge Double Time Review will see if this supplement is going to leave you beach ready, with ripped abs. Or if it deserves banishing, with other rubbish ‘diet pills’ into supplement hell.

Axe and Sledge supplements are a relatively new company when it comes to the supplements market. However, their owner is IFBB competitor Seth Feroce, who recently parted ways with Primeval Labs.

Instantly this gives us a bit of hope for this fat burners formulation, as long as Seth has developed this formula and not relied on some shitty supplement company anyway.

The products do look pretty fucking cool too. Which always helps some people part ways with their cash. We are only really interested in the blend though, and seeing what results you can expect from Axe and Sledge Double Time.

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How Does Axe and Sledge Double Time Work?

The main focus of Axe and Sledge’s fat burner is to give you a boost in energy whilst also raising your metabolism.

It contains a good amount of ingredients to get this done in it’s blend, however there could be a risk of unwanted  side effects also.

You’ll no doubt get the effects of a high amount of stimulants when you supplement Double Time fat burner, which could get a bit overbearing for some people.

These stimulants will serve as the boost in metabolism though, which will aid in the fat burning. Double time should also help reduce feelings of fatigue and potentially improve workout performance also.

Axe and Sledge Double Time Ingredients

The ingredients in Seth Feroce’s fat burner are all natural. The blend is fairly stimulant heavy and features a fairly high amount of caffeine without taking into account any of the other ingredients that could get your heart racing.

It’s good to see a product all natural though, as this helps to reduce the risk of side effects slightly. But there are some ingredients in this blend which may cause some issues.

As blends go, it’s not the worst the Devil has seen. But it doesn’t quite fall into the best category either. There is no major appetite suppressant in the product and Axe and Sledge have missed out on a couple of proven ingredients to help torch fat and preserve muscle mass.

Axe and Sledge Fat Burner Ingredients


An amino acid that is involved in the production of noradrenaline and dopamine. L-Tyrosine can help improve energy levels whilst also at the right dose. L-tyrosine does work best at higher doses however. So Double Time could fall a little short.


When it comes to clean reliable energy you don’t get better than caffeine. Double Time contains a reasonable 250mg dose which is fairly good for a fat burner.

Tumeric Root

Tumeric is supposed to help with muscle fatigue. However there isn’t currently enough evidence to back up it’s use for this. It’s also used in fat burners as an anti inflamatory and to reduce cholesterol. Again though, more research is needed.

Green Tea

It’s good to see Double Time includes this solid thermogenic ingredient. It just falls short of the 300mg dose that other top tier fat burners use. Green tea can boost metabolism and help your body breakdown fat as stored energy.

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee bean can help with insulin levels and prevent the body from storing excess fat. It also contains some caffeine which makes it a great addition to any fat burner.

Dandelion Extract

Early reports suggest dandelion extract could have an impact on lowering cholesterol levels. But more research is needed before this can be completely proven.

White Willow

Has links to asprin and could benefit in terms of reducing inflamtion. This might be particularly useful for people working out regularly. It might


Influences metabolism and is a key part of a healthy diet. Choline is a good addition to a fat burner if you’re not quite getting enough from food.


Cayenne can heat things up inside your stomach. It contains capsicum, which when it hits your insides, triggers a cooling action. This burns extra calories.

Bitter Orange Extract

A very risky stimulant. Whilst it will raise metabolism and may suppress appetite, it’s been linked to a number of unwanted side effects. Particularly when supplemented alongside other stimulants.

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Axe and Sledge Double Time Dose

How to take axe and sledge double time

You get 2 capsules per day in a serving of Double Time fat burner. They suggest taking both capsules before your first meal, and then another one later in the day if you need it.


The problem with not spreading your dose, means you are going to wind up crashing without that 3rd capsule. Leaving this product with only 20 days of servings in a bottle.

Our current top fat burner keeps the 4 capsule dose even through the day. Ensuring your metabolism is kepted boosted, your body energized and your appetite suppressed.

Axe and Sledge Double Time Side Effects

Here’s the kicker with this supplement. Because of the high quantity of caffeine, green coffee and the addition of Bitter orange you do leave yourself fairly open to some unwanted side effects.

Side effects associated with Axe and Sledge Double Time fat burner may include:

  • Headaches
  • Jitters
  • Energy Crashes
  • Nausea

It is a fairly high risk blend, especially when it comes down to the risk of energy crashes and jitters. You might want to check your tolerance with a single capsule of Double Time before you commit to a full serving.

Buy Axe and Sledge Double Time

You can buy Axe and Sledge Double Time directly from the Axe and Sledge website. Double time fat burner hasn’t cropped up on Amazon or yet, although we expect that it might at some point.

It costs $39.99 for 60 capsules, which is fairly expensive when compared with the rest of the fat burning market and the blend in the product.

For a little more you could get your hands on one of our top 5 fat burners which comes with double the amount of capsules and less risk of unwanted side effects and offensive gym gurns.

Axe and Sledge Double Time Results and Overall Effects

Double Time will certainly get your metabolism boosted up for a period of time after taking the two capsule serving size.

Green coffee and caffeine are proven stimulants when it comes to naturally burning fat. Bitter orange is a risky addition that could leave you with some unwanted and negative side effects though.

Overall the blend is quite good, just a bit off balance. After a month of supplementation you might have seen a good drop in bodyfat, but that’s only if you can keep up with the fairly intense blend and if you’ve not been relying on a third capsule to get away from energy crashes.

There are better products on the market, that provide a cleaner ingredients profile and a better serving structure. Without any unnecessary ingredients either.

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Axe and Sledge Double Time Fat Burner Review

Some proven ingredients mean this will boost metabolism. But there are better value and safer products available!

  • Axe and Sledge Double Time Review

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