1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Review

Pro Ripped Max is the ugraded version of leading fat burner Pro Ripped by supplements company 1UP Nutrition. When it comes to shredding down, Pro Ripped was a reasonable fat burner. But our 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max review will see if the upgrades take this natural fat burner from alright,to amazing!

We love 1UP nutrition, their brand and ethos are amazing. Plus they have a decent team of athletes. Their test booster wasn’t the best on the market, but other products are dependable.

Pro Ripped Max is a product we’re hoping will shred us down in as little as 30 days. We have a holiday coming up, so let’s find out if this thing works or not.

1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max First Impressions

This is a good looking product. The bottle is well put together and the effects clearly labelled. The supplement facts sitting on the back are an absolute monster list of fat burning herbs and minerals.

1UP Nutrtion have a good site, easy to use and also offer quick delivery.

As well as the product turning up fast, we are happy with the packaging and everything else that came with it.

But, this isn’t going to have us burning fat is it. Let’s check out how this fat burner should work.


How does 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Work?

2 capsules per day of 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max spaced evenly will increase energy levels primarily. Then help the body to target stored fat.

Ingredients in here will also help to increase your metabolism and also improve concentration and focus whilst you are in a calorie defect.

Appetite suppression will also happy slightly, but a lack of any big fibres mean’s this is the primary focus of 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max.

We’re not completely sold on everything in this blend having a positive effect on the amount of body fat stored through. And there appears to be some minor dosage issues.

1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Ingredients

The ingredients list in 1UP Nutrition’s fat burner is massive. In fact, this Pro Ripped Max’s fat burner review is going to be focusing on the worst and best. Leaving out the shit that just won’t really work and you won’t feel.

They’ll say that everything in this blend serves a purpose, but it’s just a little overboard. Why have low does of two ingredients that might do a bit, when you can have a huge dose of something that’s proven to work?

It’s normally pre workouts that end up going way OTT with blends. Let’s see if there is enough good in Pro Ripped Max to make it worth it though…


Caffeine Complex

Caffeine is good at enhancing endurance levels and neuromuscular performance. It works also to increase your metabolism and overall daily calorie burn, whilst in part also aiding some appetite suppression. The blend used in Pro Ripped Max also contains Di-caffeine malate, which can help soften the stimulant side effects.

Eria Jarensis Extract

Another fairly new stimulant that’s largely used in pre workouts. This is a fairly hardcore stimulant that may have some increases on metabolism, and will certainly keep you awake through the day.

White Willow Bark Extract

Studies found that when combined with banned substance ephedrene, white willow bark may have some potential weight loss properties. However because ephedrene is banned, we will never know for ourselves.

Actual confirmed uses help with lower back pain, with not much else to go on scientifically.


Theobromine is in chocolate and acts as a calming stimulant. It can promote the release of feel good chemicals which can also slightly aid appetite suppression.


A compound that is mostly found in tea, L-Theanine serves as a mild stimulant, yet also has a calming effect. When you combine l-theanine and caffeine you get something called ‘smart caffeine’, which is used in some pre workouts.


Involved in the production of noradrenaline and dopamine, l-tyrosine can aid in stress reduction, especially useful if you are going to be training hard. This is an ingredient that’s commonly found in high doses within pre workouts.


Potentially a stimulant. Why potentially? Well, on paper it has involved with tyramine and noradrenaline levels. Which can impact metabolic rate. But, there has been little to no research conducted on it. This could mean it causes unwanted side effects or simply does nothing.


L-carnitine is responsible for making energy metabolism as efficient as possible. It’s a key amino acid and is best supplemented at high doses. 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max’s dose might be a little on the small size.


Similar to fat burning compound yohimbine, Rauwolscine may cause the same side effects too. Which can include nausea and anxiety in some people.

1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Side Effects

Generally most ingredients in Pro Ripped Max are pretty safe when it comes to avoiding side effects. Those that do carry some risks are found in this supplement in a lower dose too, which means you can supplement it with your mind at ease. Here’s the absolute worst case scenario with 1UP Nutrtion’s fat burner though.

Potential 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Side Effects:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches

1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Dose

You get 2 capsules per day with Pro Ripped Max. This is a fairly standard serving size for fat burners, however, you might find you experience some energy crashes due to the product wearing off.

Currently the best fat burners we’ve tried have their serving size spread over 4 capsules per day.

Ensuring you are kept fueled with energy and your metabolism increased. This maximizes potential results and minimizes niggling side effects.

Buy 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max

Best and quickest place to buy 1UP Nutritions fat burner from is their website. Normal retail price is $54.99, however they occasionally run deals.

This is a fairly expensive product given the hit and miss blend. The serving size is a bit of a saving grace ensuring you have enough of the main working ingredients supplemented for the day though.

1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Review Results

1UP Nurtition Pro Ripped Max looks great, but buying this fat burner may see you slightly disappointed with the blend of ingredients.

You’ll experience a good increase in energy and maybe some slight reduction in your appetite, but after 30 days probably won’t see much difference. Supplementing for longer may work, as long as you have your diet and exercise program completely locked down.

Overall, we were left disappointed with 1UP Nutrition’s fat burner when compared with our other tried and tested fat burners.

Is there Anything Better Than 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max?

We thought initially this would be 30 day fat burner that would rock our world. But whilst there were no major side effects, it couldn’t compare to our top products

When buying a fat burner you need to be sure that the ingredients list is backed by scientific studies and can be supplemented for extended periods. With this in mind, our current number #1 fat burner beats Pro Ripped Max by some distance.


1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Review

Some good effects, but let down by small doses and under studied ingredients

  • 1UP Nutrition Pro Ripped Max Review

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