SkinnyFit Complaints and Reviews

We recently reviewed SkinnyFit Greens, finding it as a very expensive and over glorified product. Whilst its a good greens powder, the eye watering price and lacking other ‘diet’ or ‘fat burning’ ingredients is a little bit tragic.

This article is just a way for people to look at SkinnyFit complaints and SkinnyFit reviews to see if you should buy from this brand or not.

Who Are SkinnyFit?

SkinnyFit is a company that has developed weight loss supplements to help people lose weight faster.

SkinnyFit provides supplements that are designed to be an alternative to dieting and exercise for people who want to lose weight. The company offers three different supplement types, each designed for different goals: losing more than twenty pounds, losing ten pounds, or maintaining the current weight.

SkinnyFit’s primary goal is to provide high-quality products that will help customers achieve their goals of losing weight quickly and efficiently.

Reviews of SkinnyFit

Generally SkinnyFit have a lot of good reviews, but also a lot of bad. Sadly lots of fake reviews exist online too. So buyer beware when trying to decide whether or not SkinnyFit is for you!

SkinnyFit Complaints

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