Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction Review

It’s safe to say that the number of CBD supplements entering the market is on the rise. It appears to be one of the biggest hypes in the supplement industry, and this doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon!

With that in mind, you might just be looking for a CBD supplement to take advantage of the many benefits this particular compound provides. If that’s you, then you can count on us here at Supplement Devil to keep you in the loop with our range of supplement reviews.

One of the latest CBD products to enter the market is Irwin Naturals’ CBD +Fat Reduction supplement. So, if you’re looking to find out more about this particular product and how it stacks up against the competition, you’ve most definitely come to the right place.

To find out everything that you need to know including price, ingredients, and more, simply continue reading as Supplement Devil gives you the low down in our complete Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction review.

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What does Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction Do?

Making use of a blend of ingredients which we will delve deeper into later in the review, this particular supplement can be used as a weight loss aid – using compounds such as Garcinia Cambogia which is an ingredient which dates back for centuries.

Of course, you will need to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet if you are looking to obtain optimal results. After all, not staying in a consistent calorie deficit will mean that you won’t be losing weight at all, or will at the very least make little progress.

So, bear this in mind before taking a supplement such as this. Otherwise, you will be pouring money down the drain and might as not even bother taking it at all!

Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction Ingredients


Flaxseed Oil

Potentially improving your cholesterol and lowering blood pressure, there are many reported benefits to consuming this particular ingredient on a regular basis.

With 1800mg contained within 3 liquid softgels, you’ll find that you get a decent dose which should be more than adequate to obtain each of the aforementioned benefits and more.

However, while it is safe for most people, there are a whole host of unwanted side effects that many people will experience when consuming this particular ingredient. This comprises mainly of gastrointestinal (GI) side effects which includes bloating, gas, constipation, stomach ache, and nausea.

So, it is most definitely worth bearing this in mind before purchasing this product. After all, we’re pretty sure that you’ll want to avoid such unpleasant side effects!


Used for many centuries in traditional Asian diets, Garcinia is renowned for its digestive health benefits. This suggests that it can be used as a weight loss aid. Research suggests that this particular ingredient is one which is proven for its many health benefits. So, it’s easy to see why this particular ingredient has been included.


CBD is an ingredient that is all the rage at the moment. For good reason too, it’s proven in the weight loss department and has many other benefits such as alleviating pain in the body.

However, just bear in mind that you don’t get much CBD in this particular product. So, if you’re looking to get better results, you will be far better off choosing an alternative product which contains a more optimal dosage.

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BioPerine Complex

Comprising of a black pepper extract and ginger extract, this particular complex allows you to make the most out of the ingredients within this supplement. This is because piperine is known to heighten the effects of other ingredients, despite not being so effective on its own.

In regards to ginger extract, you’ll find that it has many proven health benefits including its anti-inflammatory properties, reduction of nausea, and much more. In terms of weight loss, this has yet to be proven.

Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction Dosage

When it comes to the dosage of this particular supplement, you’ll find that you will need to take three capsules twice a day. They are designed to be taken 30 minutes before mealtime with a full glass (8oz) of water.

In each container of Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction, you’ll find that there are a total of 28 servings. Each serving consists of three soft-gels which each contain the ingredients we have listed earlier in our review.

If you do end up purchasing a container of this particular supplement, always stay within the recommended dosage each day. Otherwise, you might end up doing more harm than good.

Buy Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction

If you are looking to purchase Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction, you’ll find that you are able to do so with ease. After all, it is possible to purchase directly from the official website. So, if you do decide to hit the buy button, at least you know that you’ll be getting the real deal.

One container of this particular supplement will set you back $29.99. You’ll find that each container will come complete with a total of 84 capsules, which equates to 28 servings as we mentioned earlier.

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Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction Review Conclusion

Overall, it has to be said that there is much room for improvement when it comes to Irwin Naturals CBD +Fat Reduction. After all, as a CBD supplement, you really don’t get much per serving. This means that far better value for money could be obtained elsewhere.

The side effects that are often brought on by flaxseed also means that many people might just find themselves suffering from bloating, constipation, and other unwanted side effects.

If you’re in search of an effective CBD supplement that offers a greater amount per serving, you are far better off looking elsewhere. Thankfully, Supplement Devil has reviewed many alternative products, and will continue to do so as soon as more hit the market.

So, to stay in the loop with all the latest and greatest in the world of supplements, simply keep your eye out on our main website for updates.

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