CBD Weight Loss Spray Reviews

To lose weight and get leaner is many people’s goal these days. Some do it in order to improve their health; others simply want to look great and feel better in their skin.

There are many ways you can lose weight, but the most effective ones without question are diet and exercise. But given a chance, you’d probably be happy to drop pounds quicker, and with less effort.

Some products, such as CBD weight loss sprays, claim to offer you just that. But do these oral sprays really work? Or are they just a new fad in the overcrowded weight loss industry? We look through CBD weight loss spray reviews online and share our thoughts.

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What is a CBD Weight Loss Spray?

It’s exactly what the name implies. A CBD weight loss spray is a mouth spray containing Cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive and legal ingredient derived from cannabis or hemp. CBD has been a rising trend in the supplement industry due to its wealth of benefits on the body – including weight loss.

Squirting this spray into the mouth will apparently ensure quick absorption in your body. The theory is that since sprays skip the acidic environment of your stomach, they will be more effective at delivering the fat burning ingredients into the system. Helping you shed unwanted pounds faster.

How Does it Work?

If you’ve read some reviews before, you’ve seen they claim various things about these products. But how do they work really?

Weight loss sprays are supposed to deliver active fat-burning ingredients directly to your system. They bypass your metabolism and end up in your bloodstream.

Besides the obvious CBD, other ingredients found in weight loss sprays might include caffeine, Garcinia Cambogia, or other known appetite suppressants.

But here’s where it gets tricky. These ingredients are typically delivered in a capsule form, as this has generally shown to be more effective for fat loss.

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Unlike the best CBD weight pills, weight loss sprays don’t have much evidence to confirm that they really work. Not only that, we don’t know the consequences or long-term risks of using them, since they bypass our natural metabolism. In the words of Behaviour Change Psychologist Dr. Aria:

“When it comes to sprays, specifically, there is an absence of substantiated evidence to support whether they really work. Nor have studies been done to determine the long-term risks involved with using weight loss sprays.”

Is CBD an Effective Weight Loss Ingredient?

CBD itself is an effective and safe ingredient that can give your fat loss a real boost.

As we said, it’s found in the Cannabis plant, the same one that contains THC.

THC causes the high that people link to smoking cannabis, and can lead to a whole host of side effects.

CBD though tends to offset the negative effects of THC, and is shown to promote fat browning (the breakdown of fatty tissue), focus, recovery, and mental well-being. (1, 2) What’s more, CBD is non-psychoactive and fully legal. (3) Athletes, doctors, high performers, even students around the world are taking advantage of CBD’s benefits.

Types of CBD For Weight Loss

There’s a full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. If you’re looking to burn fat effectively and fast, we typically recommend CBD isolate, which is a purified version of CBD.

However, this breakthrough compound works best when you take it in capsules, not CBD sprays. Below we explain why.

CBD Weight Loss Spray vs Capsules – Which One is Better For Fat Loss?

These weight loss sprays are delivered through tiny mucous glands under your tongue. This means that they bypass your liver and the metabolism, and end up directly in your bloodstream.

The ingredients found in CBD weight loss sprays, including caffeine and others, should help you with energy and promote a faster metabolism.

However, you should be wary when dosing these ingredients with a spray. For one, it’s hard to dose it as evenly as with capsule weight loss products and can lead to energy crashes, insomnia and other side effects.

Most effective fat burners spread your daily dose into 3 capsules. Each capsule contains a precise dosage of CBD and other fat-burning compounds which is what will ensure fastest, safest and most effective results. This would be difficult with CBD weight loss sprays.

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Long-Term Safety

Here’s another thing to keep in mind with CBD weight loss sprays:

As their ingredients bypass the metabolism, experts aren’t certain if this brings any long-term effects.

It’s smart to be cautious with weight loss sprays because they bypass your intestine. In your intestine, there are special receptor proteins that carry nutrients around the body to exactly where they need to be.

Another issue with sprays is that they often come in flavored options. In many cases, these include artificial sweeteners which are known to impair gut health.

Why are CBD Weight Loss Capsules Preferred Option?

CBD capsules are generally considered the better option for a number of reasons, including:

Taste: CBD oil has a specific taste that doesn’t sit well with some people. You don’t have to worry about this with capsules. They are tasteless and can be taken with a glass of water, making them a quick and easy alternative.

Dosage control: Each capsule has the exact amount of milligrams of CBD, providing a great way to control your dosage. With CBD sprays, it might be more difficult to measure how much CBD you absorbed.

With capsules, you can simply track the effects based on quantity and increase the dose until it fits your needs – making them extremely safe and effective for weight loss.

Convenience: If you’re on the go or might just want to be discreet, you’ll recognize the value of using CBD weight loss capsules. Wherever you are, they’re very convenient to use and can be taken along with other supplements in your stack.

With sprays it’s more difficult, and you have to keep it under your tongue for a certain amount of time.

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How to Find the Best Weight Loss Product?

CBD industry is like a minefield, you never know what’s in front of you. Not only do many products contain high levels of THC, but they also include potentially dangerous ingredients.

We’ve reviewed loads of CBD products in the past, and currently rate ShredCBD as the best supplement in its category. Featuring a premium hemp CBD isolate extract, it’s a clean supplement with the very focused goal of helping you burn unwanted fat.

Added to ShredCBD’s formula are two proven fat burning ingredients Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea Extract. Both have the ability to suppress appetite and boost your metabolic rate. (4, 5)

What’s more, these two ingredients work in synergy with CBD to promote fat ‘browning,’ aka telling your body it’s time to tap into fat stores for energy.

What impressed us the most about ShredCBD is how pure this product is. It’s guaranteed to have under 0.2% THC, which is way below the legal limit.

While ShredCBD only sells through its official website, you know you’re getting the latest batch of the product directly from the manufacturer. It’s available in the USA only and shipping is fast!

Conclusion on CBD Weight Loss Spray Reviews

Most supplements offer outdated formulas loaded with ineffective ‘wonder’ ingredients. These are often nothing more than a mass of stimulants and ineffective herbs with strong marketing behind them – not science.

However, CBD is one of those rare ingredients that have growing evidence backing their benefits – including for weight loss.

The latest research suggests that CBD works as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster; enhancing your body’s ability to turn fat into energy.

However, in order to get the most out of CBD, you need to dose it correctly. While CBD sprays can be useful for certain purposes, they aren’t the ideal option for weight loss. That’s why some CBD weight loss spray reviews are disappointing.

By far the best method for reaping CBD’s weight loss benefits at the moment is taking high-quality CBD capsules. These include a number of natural fat burners alongside CBD, all dosed precisely to ensure real results, fast.

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