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Hunter Burn Review

From suppressing your appetite to providing a burst of energy when you need it the most, there are many reasons why a fat burner can help to take your fitness journey to a whole new level. But, of course, you'll need to get your diet

Modern Man PM Review

Modern Man PM is arguably one of the most popular PM fat burners available right now. But, they have recently updated the formula which includes a whole new batch of ingredients. This is an approach that many manufacturers take in an

ClearPharm The Catalyst Review

With an ever-increasing number of fat burners hitting the market month after month, it's safe to say that you're most definitely spoilt for choice. Some might say that's a good thing. But, we're here to assure you that this isn't

ShredCBD Review

ShredCBD is the definitive CBD / performance supplement looking for anyone wanting to lean down and experience the massive benefits of CDB. Not only did we hit some weight loss goals, we also saw some pretty big improvements to our

Otech Labs RX-8 Review

It's 2019, and Supplement Devil is back! So, to get the new year started in the right way, we've put together an in-depth review of one of the latest fat burner supplements to the market - Otech Labs RX-8. We recently provided an

Ryse Fat Burner: Time Released Review

When it comes to losing fat, the best place to start is to exercise regularly, follow a healthy, balanced diet, and ensure that you're in a calorie deficit. However, if you're looking to go a step further and kick your fat burning potential…

Alpha Nutrition A5 Review

Our Alpha Nutrition A5 Review will be introducing a fat burner that’s been around in the market for quite some time now. Is it an oldie but a goodie? Or something that should be left behind in the past? In order to answer that, we’re…

Sculpt Nation Burn PM Review

We here at Supplement Devil have tried plenty of PM fat burners in the past, but we're yet to find one that actually works as well as our current favourite, ShredCBD. Each of the PM fat burners we've tried claims to help improve your fat…

Sculpt Nation Turmeric Review

Sculpt Nation have a few supplements on the market. Our Sculpt Nation Turmeric Review will take a closer look at this supposedly innovative turmeric based fat burner. We were pretty intrigued by the science of Turmeric and its…

EFX Sports Lyzme 5 Review

Fat burners are definitely the way forward when it comes to increasing your fat burning potential. With sensible dosages of effective ingredients, you'll be able to burn fat quicker and get the lean, shredded physique that you desire. In…