National Bodybuilding Co. Bodybuilder’s Multivitamin Review

We know what you’re thinking, there are hundreds, if not thousands of multivitamin supplements on the market. Why do we need another one? 

Well first things first, this isn’t any old multivitamin. National Bodybuilding Co. have designed a multivitamin specifically for bodybuilders. This means the ingredients have been tailored to suit the goals of a bodybuilder and athlete.

With this in mind, ingredients such as zinc, magnesium and chromium have been included. They aid muscle recovery, improve muscle synthesis and burn fat when you’re going through a cut phase. The Bodybuilder’s multivitamin has been designed with the needs of an athlete in mind.

Who is this multivitamin for?

Although multivitamins can be suitable for most people, this one has been tailored to suit bodybuilders and athletes. Especially those that want to go the extra mile in their training. The blend of ingredients has been designed to: 

  • Strengthen immunity 
  • Support recovery 
  • Provide key micronutrients for the body 

These are all essential for athletes as it is necessary to stay at your peak regardless of how intense the training gets. Therefore, ensuring you are providing your body with enough micronutrients means that you are less likely to fatigue.


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is known to many of us as the sunshine vitamin. This is because our main source of the vitamin comes from the sun. One of it’s crucial roles in the body is ensuring that calcium from our food is transported to the bones. This in turn promotes strong and healthy bones.

Additionally, vitamin D enhances testosterone production and is therefore useful for bodybuilders. A study has shown that people with higher lean muscle mass also had actively higher levels of vitamin D. This could suggest that vitamin D can help the growth of muscle mass.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins compromise of 8 vitamins that are essential for the regular, healthy function of the body. Each of the 8 vitamins have varied tasks, however, the one most commonly known is vitamin B12. 

Vitamin B12 is essential for cellular energy production which is why it is so important to have a sufficient amount. This will help to keep our energy levels up. As well as this, the B vitamins impact brain function, muscle tone and can help regulate good digestion. 

When training at a certain intensity, bodybuilders need to ensure that their energy levels remain as high as possible. Hence the need for B vitamins in this multivitamin.


Magnesium is commonly taken as a supplement at night to help relieve stress and anxiety for a better night’s sleep. For athlete’s that need to maintain optimal recovery, having enough sleep, and good quality sleep is a necessity. 

A study has found there is a possible positive correlation between levels of magnesium and testosterone in the body. When athletes were given a magnesium supplement and took part in training sessions, their testosterone levels increased. This is compared to those taking a placebo. 


Our body needs small amounts of zinc to regulate common functions, especially when it comes to the immune system. During tough training or a calorie deficit, it isn’t uncommon that your immune system might be left more vulnerable. This is why it is necessary to consume enough zinc so that the immune system is strengthened.


This is an essential nutrient for the body, meaning our body cannot create it. Therefore, we have to consume chromium through food and supplementation. It is possible that chromium can help insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. Regular blood sugar levels can reduce the chances of metabolic syndromes such as diabetes. 

Early research has also shown that chromium supplements may increase muscle mass whilst also increasing weight loss. This is vital for a bodybuilder going through body recomposition.


If you’re a bodybuilder, the main pro for you is that this is a multivitamin designed specifically for your training. Unlike most vitamins on the shelf, targeted at the average person, this contains the vital nutrients for optimal recovery and training. And the best part, it’s all been bundled into one supplement. 

On top of this, the supplement has been created using natural ingredients. This is something you have to be aware of if you are a natural athlete. It is also important as it means you know everything that is going into your body.


The only potential downside we can see is the cost. This holds quite a high price tag compared to most multivitamins on the market. Although it can be argued that this is because it has been tailored made to suit certain athletes and not the general population.


You could go and take any old multivitamin supplement, but it wouldn’t have the key ingredients to directly aid bodybuilding. Although it may come at a slightly higher cost than most multivitamins, we definitely think it’s worth it. 

National Bodybuilding Co. have put together an extremely well combined list of micronutrients. These ingredients are essential for any bodybuilder that wants to be at the top of their game.

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