Best Supplements for a Hardcore Halloween Stack

With Halloween a couple of days away, it seems right that we cover some of the best and scariest blends available.

Depending on the goal they help you achieve and their audience, some supplement companies have an awesome approach to creating an adult and near x rated brand.

They look cool as f*ck. And what better time of year to appreciate them then on the run up to the time of year known for its gore, scares and shi**y pants.

The supplements in this list don’t just look great. If you cut them open and spilled their innards you’d find their insides are filled with potent and effective formulas. Helping you push to achieve some freaky gains.

So if you’re looking to spook up your supplement stack in time for this period then look no further, here’s the top 3 options when it comes to limited and excited Halloween themed supplements.

#1 MyoBlox Werewolf Blood Loco and Evil Genius

myoblox halloween editions


We love MyoBlox, they are a company with a clear vision of creating clean, effective and no bullsh*t supplements. So when they announced they were throwing out Halloween versions of some of it’s best products.

We’re not just talking different flavours and a bit of new packaging though, MyoBlox have gone as crazy as Michael Myers and actually changed up the formulas, allowing for a slightly different experience over the next few weeks.

Pre workout, Werewolf Blood Loco is going to feature 6g of betaine anhydrous, 6g of taurine, and 6g of pure citrulline for pumps. 666. Our favourite number at Supplement Devil.

Focus lead formula Skywalk, will be upgraded with MCTs and l-dopa as well as other bonus ingredients to add to it’s already pretty impressive formula, making it a the limited Evil Genius.

If you’re looking to add these limited edition supplements to your stack then keep an eye out and buy over at

#2 Alpha Lion Freddy Juice

Freddy Juice

Shreddy Kruger

Want a pre workout that’ll shred you to pieces in your dreams? Look no further than limited edition pre workout Freddy Juice.

Coming from Alpha Lion and using the formula of their popular Super Human, Freddy Juice comes in a special Krueger Kiwiberry flavour and is limited to just 500 tubs.

The formula contains a powerful mix of pump enhancing ingredients coupled with natural energy and focus too.

You can bag yours if you are quick on the 26th of October at

#3 Warrior Rage Zombie Blood

Warrior Rage Zombie Edition


Uk based Warrior Supplements have announced a Zombie Blood flavour and branded version of their pre workout rage.

The supplement uses a solid formula and is widely regarded as a top pre workout.  The new Halloween flavour is going to be a ‘unique mix of delicious bubblegum and a super strong energy drink’.

Which sounds pretty interesting…

Either way, if you’re wanting to get your hands on Warriors Zombie Blood pre workout you’ll be fighting alongside 999 others, as only 1000 tubs are available.

Got any other recommendations?

If you’ve seen something that’s worth of this list then tell us below! We are looking for the best in Halloween specials and flavours. Comment or die.

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