Best Male Fitness Model Supplements

The key to the best male fitness model supplement is testosterone. Of course, there are other ingredients that are important when it comes to determining how much of your body you are able to build up, but if you find yourself on the low-end of the testosterone spectrum then you can expect yourself to have a few difficulties.

Other ingredients and supplements that make the best male fitness model supplements include products that help you boost up the amount of energy you have for your workout or make it unnecessary for you to have to constantly eat highly saturated fats by adding protein supplements into your diet.

This articles will walk you through the best male fitness model supplements available in the market, detailing what they are and the ways in which they work.

1. TestoFuel

best male fitness model supplements

When it comes to the best male fitness model supplements, there is no way we’d go without mentioning TestoFuel. TestoFuel is a popular testosterone booster that uses only the best of the best ingredients, all perfectly dosed to maximize effectiveness.

Guys are turning to natural test boosters as an alternative to the risky and illegal forms of steroids.

Natural test boosters offer a number of proven benefits. Without the horrible side effects of steroids.

  • Build muscle faster and recovery quicker
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Boost metabolism 
  • Improve sleep quality

All of its ingredients have been scientifically proven to be effective and are all-natural. There are no proprietary blends inside of this formula, which ensures a certain level of safety as you know exactly what you will be putting into your body and how much of it is in every pill that you take.

The supplement, unlike others in this list includes a set of ingredients that have been known to work particularly well together. They provide benefits such as prolonging the time of your workiouts by giving you more energy and helping you recover when you.

How does it work?

One of the main ingredients just so happen to be D-Aspartic acid, an ingredient that we will be talking in more details about later on. Other notable ingredients are Vitamin D and Oyster Extract. These ingredients work together to promote the benefits mentioned earlier- offering your body a testosterone boost that will heighten the quality of all your workouts.

Where to Buy?

At this moment in time, TestoFuel can only be purchased from Testofuel’s official website.

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2. Whey Protein

A good protein shake is essential if you are looking to build new muscle. By upping your protein intake you are going to help your muscles repair and recover quicker.

Protein will also keep you feeling full, so if you are cutting weight, you’ll be less prone to hunger pangs and snacking.

Just keep an eye on the sugar content!

3. Pre Workouts

You know what these do. And they can seriously accelerate your progress.

Try and buy ones that use natural ingredients to avoid those unwanted side effects and energy crashes.

Different pre workouts suit different goals, but our current number #1 pre workout 4 Gauge ticks all the boxes when it comes to increasing gym performance and minimzing side effects.

It also comes in a wicked ass shotgun shell.

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4. D-Aspartic Acid

The next item, in our list of the best male fitness model supplements, is D-Aspartic Acid. This ingredient was mentioned previously- as it is one of the core ingredients used in the making of TestoFuel. D-Aspartic Acid is known as a natural amino acid, and has been known to effectively boost testosterone in people that are deficient in it.

How does it work?

It is said to be able to do this by stimulating a hormone inside of the body that is connected to the production of testosterone. Supplementing D-Aspartic Acid has been shown to boost the capabilities of these hormones within a couple of weeks. Longer studies have also shown that D-Aspartic Acid could even promote the production of sperm- for the people who find themselves lacking.

As for the weight-lifting scene, men who had taken D-Aspartic Acid consecutively for a whole month had shown increased performance- increasing both their level strength and the rate at which muscle was gained.

D-Aspartic Acid is recommended to be taken at around 2-3 grams- for people who find themselves deficient.

5. Vitamin D

The next ingredient on our list is Vitamin D. No surprise- this ingredient can also be found in the TestoFuel formula. However, for people who find themselves deficient in Vitamin D, it is highly recommended for them to supplement it. Which is why it makes it into our best male fitness model supplements list.

How does it work?

You’re probably familiar with Vitamin D yourself- it is the vitamin that can be derived from the sun. It’s not that hard to refuel, however, certain circumstances could limit the amount of time someone spends in the sun. In this case, the best and easiest way to get the vitamin inside of your body is to supplement it.

Outside of the obvious health benefits, Vitamin D is known to be able to help improve the level of testosterone inside of a person’s body.

6. Tribulus Terrestris

best male fitness model supplements

Although this particular ingredient is still fairly knew, it has already created a large buzz around itself. Tribulus is an herb that had been used constantly in the past as medicine, and nowadays it is being tested on its ability to help boost testosterone in men.

Most animal studies have proven that the ingredient is fairly effective in increasing the level of testosterone inside of the body. However, human research has remained somewhat inconclusive.

How does it work?

At this moment in time, all we know, is that Tribulus is surprisingly effective when it comes to people who find themselves deficient in testosterone. Not much improvement has been shown on people who are healthy- and have a healthy amount of testosterone.

7. Fenugreek

The next item in our best male fitness model supplements list- is another herb, this time by name of Fenugreek. Fenugreek is a fairly popular testosterone booster, and in fact, can be found mixed in with a lot of other supplements.

How does it work?

Fenugreek doesn’t work like the others. The way it helps with boosting testosterone is by keeping the body from converting testosterone into estrogen. The only thing it stimulates is the blocking of this specific activity.

There has been other studies broaching upon this subject, with many researchers trying to figure out how exactly it works. For the most part, the studies have shown good results. There was a grave difference between the control and experimental group.

The subjects who took Fenugreek experienced an increase in strength and general level of fitness. Whilst the subjects who went without- showed signs of a decline. Other research has thus been conducted, and a consensus was reached. Fenugreek, at least 500mg of it per day, is effective in boosting testosterone levels in men.

8. Ginger

The next ingredient is something that you are probably familiar with. Ginger is a spice that is prevalent in a lot of exotic dishes, and it has been like this for quite a while. You might have also heard of people taking Ginger supplements or drinking Ginger tea- in order to promote fat loss.

There does seem to be some basis to this. Although studies have yet to provide conclusive proof, Ginger has been known to promote a certain level of Testosterone Boost.

How does it work?

A lot of today’s current studies had been done on rodents. These studies showed fairly good results- with the rats having experienced varying levels of testosterone boost. A lot more studies have been done with equally good results. However, we are still on hold with the human studies. Until then, we can say that ginger is effective in boosting testosterone minimally. Enough to be noticeable.

9. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

best male fitness model supplements

Another material that is very popular- is DHEA. Unlike others on this best male fitness model supplements list, DHEA is a substance that is present in our body. This is a product that has been researched and studied very closely- by people looking to figure out how it interacts with the testosterone and estrogen hormones inside of the human body.

These studies have proven very positive- resulting in a boost in testosterone that should help with increasing the quality of your workouts.

How does it work?

DHEA is connected to the way in which the body processes hormone levels. Research has shown, that people who take around 50-100 milligrams of DHEA per day, experience a level of testosterone boost that averages at around 20%. This fact makes it very popular as a supplement, however, there seems to be mixed results- as other studies were not able to replicate these exact same results.

Nevertheless, DHEA is a safe supplement that one can take. It’s effects on you might not be as much as it is on someone else. It all has to do with genetics- and at this moment in time, the answer as to why that is the case- is unknown.

10. Zinc

Zinc is something that we need in our daily lives. It is a mineral that is essential to the way our body functions. For the most part, Zinc can be obtained from a healthy diet. However, a lot of fitness models, and regular people in general, find themselves deficient in Zinc.

How does it work?

Because Zinc is such a big part in our daily lives- and because it affects so many other things inside of the body- it is a well-research subject material. There have been many studies done involving Zinc and its effects on the body in general- as well as its effects on testosterone specifically.

Some studies required the subjects to take on diets that limited their Zinc intake. These studies resulted in the subjects experiencing a decrease in testosterone levels. Other studies focused on the addition of Zinc into the diet- which showed a positive increase in the amount of testosterone in a person’s body.

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