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Preparing for any fitness or bodybuilding competition is something that requires a serious amount of dedication. It’s hard. It’s tiring. It leaves you feeling hungry. Using the right supplements can make things a whole lot easier though. The best fat burner for contest prep will ensure you feel far less lethargic and even moody. Keeping you feeling fuller, more energized and ready to WIN.

After 3 years of competitions with UK competitions, trying these supplements became a bit of an obsession. For the first 2 years I’d be trying different fat burners for a few weeks at a time. Not sold on the way some of them were making me feel.

I placed each year, but never really got the hang of preparations. Until the last product which I’ve stuck with.

You’re going to find people suggesting all sorts of ingredients to help you with contest prep. Some might not even be legal. Avoid anything unnatural. That’s a big rule if you want to be successful and not ill.

Good practices when looking for a best fat burner for bodybuilding competitions:

When you are looking for a contest prep fat burner you should be following a fairly simple set of rules to get one that works:

  • Natural ingredients are essential to avoid side effects and ensure a longer duration of supplementation
  • Doses need to be spread through the day, 4 capsules or higher
  • Each ingredient needs to have a study supporting it’s use
  • Cut the fat burner dose down a few days out of competition

These features are harder to find that you thing. So many fat burners contain Synephrine, Guarana or other ingredients that can cause a rough ride on your contest prep.

With these rules in mind, I tested various fat burners that supposedly had a number of positive effects. But regularly I was left disappointed. Here’s what you should expect from a fitness model fat burner.

Effects of a good fat burner for bodybuilding competitions

So, you’re absolutely starving 3/4 weeks out from your competition. Cutting gradually and beginning to feel slightly exhausted. This is where it gets hard.

But, with the right combination of natural ingredients packed into a supplement you can lessen the negative effects and have more time to focus on any imperfections in your physique.

A good and proven fat burner can provide some incredibly good effects.

  1. Suppress appetite 

This is a god send. If you’re limiting calories, then you need something that’s going to make you feel satisfied for longer. Ensuring a more comfortable cut. The best ingredient for this that we found was Glucomannan. A dietary fibre that’s been heavily researched and proven to work.

2. Increase Energy

Those early morning cardio sessions or afternoon/evening workouts are hard. Feeling weaker and weaker is a big and common problem for anyone heading into a fitness competition. By taking advantage of natural ingredients like caffeine, that provide you with clean energy, you’ll perform better and get in best possible shape. You will also be less moody and perform better outside the gym too.

3. Promote fat burning

So, the main point of a fat burner. Increasing metabolism is essential. But if you are already in a calorie deficit then this isn’t as important as the points above. However, some ingredients like Green Coffee and Chromium not only support metabolism, but help prevent your body storing more fat too. Making them another essential component in the run up to a competition.


The following ingredients are absolutely essential to be in a fat burner for contest preparations. Next to them are links to studies, to back them up and show they are proven to work.

  • Green tea –
  • Caffeine –
  • B Vitamins –
  • Glucomannan –
  • Cayenne –

Best Fat Burner for Contest Prep – Editors Recommendation

Alexia Clark

Choosing the right fat burner to help you through contest prep is a hugely important decision. Based on research and testing, the current market leader is Instant Knockout.

Not only is Instant Knockout a completely natural fat burner supplement, it has a 4 capsule per day dose. Which is perfect for anyone training and maintaining a calorie defecit.

As all the ingredients are natural, unwanted side effects are limited. It also means if you are tested before the competition you won’t be flagged for anything. Instant Knockout has even been endorsed by UFC fighters, coaches and fitness models.

After long periods of trying various fat burners Instant Knockout was a clean and clear 3 month supplementation. During this I experienced:

  • More energy and focus for pre contest workouts
  • Less cheating and snacking
  • My skin felt tighter and I achieved a new level of BF %
  • I placed 3rd 🙂

What was good about Instant Knockout is that they offer a refund if you try for 90 days and don’t get the results you want. I didn’t take them up on this offer but it’s impressive nonetheless.

Instant Knockout hits all the marks for a fat burner as is an essential supplement for a pre contest fat burner.

Instant Knockout Ingredients are as follows:

Green Tea: Promotes energy levels, antioxidants and also breaks down fatty acids. Preventing extra fat storage.

Glucomannan: Kept me feeling full. Especially in the morning when I’m most prone to hunger pangs.

Green Coffee: Helps with insulin levels. Stopping excess fat storage

Cafffiene: Scientifitically dosed and provides clean and clear energy right through the day

B Vitamins: All covered. All essential.

Cayenne: Unsure if this truly works, it’s supposed to cause a full body burn through thermogenesis. I’m on the fence, but the other ingredients make up for it.

Chromium: A big player when it comes to helping speed up metabolism. Lots in broccoli too!

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Best Fat Burner for Contest Prep Conclusion

Instant Knockout

In a market of fakers, rip offs and risky supplements you need to be sure what you are buying to burn fat is safe. Not only that it needs to actually work. Instant Knockout isn’t magic, it’s science. Well researched and based around the facts, it ensures a nice simple cut. Without feeling completely terrible.

But, this product may not be for everyone. If you try and it doesn’t work, then try another fat burner for your prep. It took me research and testing to come to this conclusion!

For now though, Instant Knockout will always be a key supplement in my contest prep! 

-Visit Instant Knockout-

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