Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Review

Coming fresh from Kris Gethin’s massive Kaged Muscle Supplements brand is latest capsule based amino booster, Amino Synergy. Our Amino Synergy Review will review the latest product from Kaged Muscle and see what this promising amino booster can bring to the gains party.

The idea behind Amino Synergy is to “promote healthy muscle” and “support muscle protein synthesis”.

It’s blend contains Ajipure branded MP9 essential amino acids and what is a full amino acid blend. Which incorporates all essential BCAA’s.

An good amino acid supplement can really help support anyone committed to a month (or ideally more) of mass building and even body recomposition training.

Kaged Muscle have a good history of decent supplements, we reviewed Clean Burn and found it a reasonable, safe product. But it was bettered by others in the market.

Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy First Impressions

Amino Synergy fits the bill of all Kris Gethin’s Kaged Muscle Supplements,  with red branding, clearly stating it’s approved by Informed Sports. Which is essential for any competitive athletes or military staff who get tested.

On the back of the bottle of 120 vegetarian capsules you’ll find the supplement facts and ingredients in Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy clearly labelled.

Ordering Amino Synergy is pretty quick and easy and is best done directly from the Kaged Muscle online store.

What Does Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Do?

Amino Synergy is a product that’s been developed from cutting-edge fermentation methods which will alter and improve conventional amino acids.

Because of this, it’s likely that this supplement will help deliver good improvements to strength and performance, especially when you have loaded after a couple of weeks.

Instant effect will hopefully include focus and mental energy and some reduction in muscle fatigue.

Will this ‘brand new’ and ‘game changing’ amino supplement really hit the mark with all it’s claims though?

There’s only one way to find out.

Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Dose

Dose wise you get a massive 4 capsules a day with Amino Synergy. Which is pretty impressive, but when you think about the amount of scoops you have to have with some amino formula’s you kind of get why.

Making the serving 4 capsules means Kaged Muscle can get all the Amino Synergy ingredients into their product, and keep the effects decent and also means you are, in a way, getting more for your money.

Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Side Effects

Side effects from Creatine can be quite uncomfortable for some people. Particularly as you pass through the loading the phase of the amino acid.

It can often cause an uncomfortable bloating and feelings of nausea, which will pass and on the other side is where you will see increases in ATP, which will load your muscles with energy and make you stronger.

Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Results

After 30 day’s, with a high calorie diet and 4-5 training sessions a week, we’ve got to say that this product impressed.

We seemed to push up weights easier after the 2 week mark, seeing some increases in PR. But most importantly, after 30 days began to see some good, fairly visible, increases in muscle mass.

You’ll have to stick to a nailed on diet and workout program to get the absolute best results from Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy, but it’s well worth it.

Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Review Conclusion

We got some good results and found supplementation pretty painless. Amino Synergy get’s a thumbs up from us for those looking for a more advanced and effective amino acid formula.

We were supplementing natural fat burner Instant Knockout alongside Amino Synergy and with the boost and fat burning effects from that, had an amazing month in the gym.

We kept off a fair amount of fat despite the fairly high calorie diet too.

We’re not 100% just how advanced this amino formula is. But for us it worked a fair bit better than the more basic BCAA blends you get out there.

Pro’s of Amino Synergy:

  • Worked amazingly with Instant Knockout
  • Intuitive blend containing full amino profile
  • High serving size
  • It’s Kaged Muscle

Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Review

We made good progress when we supplemented Amino Synergy. Kaged Muscles claims about how good this product is are nearly all true.

  • Kaged Muscle Amino Synergy Review

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