Sonia Isaza Diet and Supplements

Sonia Isaza had gotten her start as a fitness model and bodybuilding competitor from Colombia. In her early adulthood, she had decided that she wanted to aspire to be one of the people in the bikini model magazines that she read.

It’s not an unfamiliar story, and perhaps that is what makes it so relatable. After years of transforming her body, she decided to move out of Colombia and into the United States to compete officially.

Thus began  her life, as an official fitness influencer.

Sonia Isaza Diet and Workout

As a fitness model and bodybuilding competitor, one must have control. Sonia Isaza insists upon a clean diet for herself. Whole foods that are perfectly balanced. It makes certain that her figure stays fit, her body ready with the nutrients it needs to last through her grueling workouts.

She does indulge in a little bit of the forbidden apple ever so often, or more specifically curry and kebabs. It is all to do with taste in the end, and strict diets do allow for some wiggle room when it comes to cheat meals.

Sonia Isaza also enjoys her fair share of simple carbohydrates. Which she makes certain to consume only in the morning or after a particularly taxing workout.

Outside of full-body workouts, Sonia likes to work on isolated muscle groups like her glutes. She’s quite fond of machines, and would prefer to use one to guide her exercises. Other parts of her body that she focuses on are her: abs, quads and hamstrings.

Exercising to such extremes is bound to make anyone tired, but she finds time to keep her audience updated through her social media.

If you want to follow her directly, you can check her out on social media platforms like Instagram. You can also find some more details on the Sonia Isaza Diet and Workout Routines through her numerous interviews online.

Sonia Isaza Supplements

Sonia Isaza partakes in her fair share of supplements, which is not surprising. Many athletes and bodybuilders turn to all-natural supplements to make sure that their body is getting all the nutrients it needs to keep up with their hellish everyday life.

Sonia Isaza in particular, is sponsored by a company that produces a product called Nitrofit. Being sponsored by a supplement company is not uncommon but it is still fairly a big deal, an acknowledgement to her strengths.

This particular supplement is a Fat Burner. Fat Burners are quite common, and different types works for different people. The supplement Sonia Isaza favors just so happens to be one that is all-natural.

It also doesn’t contain any stimulants, which a lot of Fat Burners tend to have. Supplements like the ones she takes does not necessarily burn fat, nothing is that straight up. One would need to have a proper diet and workout routine before they are able to see any results.

They are not miracle cures that send you straight to paradise. Nothing like that exists in modern times, at least, nothing that is safe. There’s no shame in a little help, and you can always choose one that works best for you, one that works for you.

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