Sommer Ray Diet and Supplements

Sommer Ray. Now there’s a star in the making. With her stunning good looks and charming personality, she’s caught the eyes, and the hearts, of many people online. She’s an angel, and she continues to make a name for herself even now.

Despite the fact that she is still very much in her early stages of adulthood, she’s already accomplished so much, and continues to do so still.

Sommer Ray Diet and Workout

Sommer Ray had grown up in a family that understood the need to live healthily. The reason for her naturally lean form stemmed from early teachings from her own mother. Of course as she grew older she learned other things as well.

Her career in fitness had started out with bikini modelling. To be able to keep such a job, one need not only commitment but control. She had to limit herself, keep her diet clean so that she could be as lean as possible.

Of course, as she grew older, she changed. She got into weight lifting and saw the need to change her diet to match. This is something a lot of people do. Her diet became less restrictive because she needed more food to build more muscle.

Sommer Ray is the first to stress the difficulties that come with this kind of lifestyle. It really isn’t for everyone. Especially not for people who don’t enjoy it, not for people who don’t do it for themselves.

Now, one of the things that Sommer became known for, is her curves. She’s practically a living sin with those glutes of hers. Unfortunately, her amazingly sculpted body doesn’t just come naturally.

She focuses a lot of her time on building up her glutes, doing exercises that keep them as sculpted as she possibly can. Despite her pretty looks, she’s not a wuss either. Her reps are kept high, and she loads up on as many squats she can.

Of course, if you want to see a little bit more of Sommer Ray, you can follow her on Instagram. She’s also started up a Youtube channel, with some fun and educational content.

Sommer Ray Supplements

Sommer Ray is a fitness icon, there’s no doubt about that. However, her whole life doesn’t necessarily revolve just around fitness. She’s young, and she has a lot ahead of her. One thing we can be certain of, is the fact that she takes care of her body.

Her genetic makeup requires that she eat a lot. She had started working out young, and was gifted by the gods with a metabolism to die for. Of course, that’s something that a lot of people would probably want for themselves, but for someone who wants to build up muscle and curves, that could get a little troublesome.

We don’t know exactly what kind of supplements that Sommer Ray takes. However, she has posted a couple of pictures of her drinking some thick shakes. Ones that she mixed up herself. Again, this is all speculation, but the shakes could be a supplement of some kind.

With a body like hers, we’d imagine it would be something like Protein shakes, specifically Whey Protein. Which is something a lot of fitness models take before working out. Whey Protein is a good way of getting the protein that you need to build up muscles. 

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