Niki Zager Diet and Supplements

Niki Zager is an American born star. She’s a fitness model and a bikini competitor that has received quite a lot of attention in recent times.

She’s not the type to keep to herself. She began sharing her wisdom on social media, and she uses her platform to not only inspire others to be healthier but happier as well.

Niki Zager Diet and Workout

Niki Zager is not the type to cut corners, but she’s also not the type to restrict her diet completely. Her nutritional outlook is leaning towards strict, but not so strict that she sticks to a certain meal plan week after week.

In her eyes, the food that she eats is not only only for her body but for herself as well. Many people have claimed to feel much better, more energetic, after changing to a healthier diet. Niki is not different.

She realizes that part of the reason she is able to stay so happy is because she isn’t clogged down by the kind of foods that aren’t good for you. She’s a learned woman, she knows what works for her, and she sticks to it.

Her diet consists of healthy and balanced foods. She eats a lot of lean protein, which is a good way of getting protein without dipping into foods that are highly-saturated in fats and bad cholesterol.

She also sticks to complex carbs, which are high in fiber and keep you full longer. Fatty foods are also a part of her diet, but only healthy fats like avocados and fish.

As for the Niki Zager Workout routine, well she doesn’t count many corners there either. However, she makes sure not to overtrain herself by doing too much. She prefers a slow burn. It’s a long-term goal, rather than a need.

If you want to get to know her a little more, or at the very least see what the Niki Zager Diet and Workout routine is like, you can check her out on social media platforms. She’s quite active on Instagram, you can get a peek at her personal life from there. If not, you can check out the numerous interviews she’s done online.

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Niki Zager Supplements

Although Niki Zager doesn’t seem like the type to shy away from sharing stuff about herself online, we were unable to sniff out any details about whether or not she takes supplements. Still, with the information on hand, we should be able to at least speculate about what she could be using.

  • One supplement that a lot of bikini models probably use, are fat burners. These don’t necessarily just burn fat, they’re not miracle cures. No, fat burners are there to help boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.
  • Niki Zager could also be taking a Pre Workout. Pre Workout supplements are there to help you fill up on the nutrients and vitamins that you need in order to be able to build muscle and lose weight.
  • Another popular supplement type is Protein. For someone with a restrictive diet like hers, she might need to supplement her protein intake, because getting enough protein on a strict diet is a lot more difficult than most people realize.

Again, all of this is merely speculation. We cannot confirm whether she takes these or not, but a lot of fitness models and bodybuilders do.

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