Natasha Aughey Diet and Supplements

Natasha Aughey is a blooming star. She got her start for exercising at a pretty young age. She was into cardio exercises when she had been young, and the cardio steadily moved on to encompass gym work.

Now, she’s not only rocking this devilish figure of hers, but she inspires other devilettes to do the same. She regularly posts on social and media and has become quite an influencer for a girl so young.

Natasha Aughey Diet and Workout

Natasha Aughey is not a stickler for a strict diet regime. There are some people who need to count macronutrients and to limit themselves to certain types of food, but Natasha isn’t one of them.

For her, eating is a natural occurrence. She does make sure to stick to foods that are clean and are packed with nutrients, however she’s not so strict that she has a meal plan that she follows every week.

The fact that she cooks makes this whole experience a lot simpler for her as well. She can make the meals that she wants, knowing what ingredients she can put in to make it healthy but still delicious.

Her favorite meal just so happens to be chicken and rice, which is a good source of not only protein but carbs and fats as well. She partakes in the occasional cheat meal, which is not as much of a sin as most people make it out to be, and is all the more happier about it.

As for the Natasha Aughey workout routine. Well, once again it isn’t as strict as some other people. She had started out doing a lot of cardio. Which is good for losing weight and burning calories, but not so good for the figure.

Doing too much cardio keeps you lean, but it didn’t give Natasha the curves that she so desired. As such, she began to talk to people about how that could be done. With this, her love for weight lifting was born.

Nowadays, she’s rocking this sculpted body that serves as an inspiration to the people that follows her. You can check out her progress on Social Media platforms like Instagram. She also posts on Youtube every now and then with educational info that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Natasha Aughey Supplements

Anyone who wants to have that kind of sculpted body is bound for some hellish workouts. People take supplements in order to buffer some of the damages, and ease the way. They’re not there to magically give you abs and a lean bod, they’re there to supplement your journey.

Natasha Aughey takes quite a few that are meant to help pump up her game in the gym, here are a few of her favorites:

  • She often takes Pre Workouts, which is a good way of getting all that much needed nutrients and vitamins to help you train harder and longer. It powers you up so that you can lose weight and gain muscle faster.
  • Sometimes Natasha takes the ingredients separately. She takes BCAAs for the protein content, Citrulline Malate for better pumps, and Carbs to load up on the energy needed to get through harsh training.

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