Jeremy Potvin Diet

Jeremy Potvin may have one of the most shredded abs in the game, but he wasn’t always interested in bodybuilding. His first contact with weights came while he served as a U.S. Army soldier in Iraq. He loved the way exercise made him feel – it was a relief from all the stress that Jeremy experienced while serving in a war-torn country.

After returning home from the Army, Jeremy began to live and breathe bodybuilding. He’s worked hard on sculpting his trademark physique and has gone on to become a world-renowned IFBB Pro.

Jeremy’s Quick Stats

  • Height: 5’6” (168cm)
  • Weight: 153-175lbs (69-79kg)
  • Date of Birth: July 21, 1989
  • Nationality: American

Jeremy Potvin Diet Overview

Jeremy eats six meals per day. He makes sure to get enough protein, carbs, and good fats with each of his meals. His staple foods include chicken, fish, eggs, rice, and vegetables.

Although he eats healthy for most of the time, Jeremy will allow himself a cheat meal once in a while to recharge himself mentally. His favorite cheat food is pizza with extra cheese.

Jeremy is a big fan of heavy training, he often pushes himself to lift more than his body can handle. This quickly burns off calories and gives Jeremy some leeway with his diet. That said, he does have a cutting phase where he’ll eat more strictly to get in shape for a contest.

What’s on Jeremy’s Plate?

Jeremy is the type of person that likes to mix things up, not just in the gym but also in the kitchen. For this reason, his diet isn’t always the same.

Here’s one of Jeremy’s favorite meal plans:

1st Meal: 3 Whole Eggs, 1 cup Egg Whites, and 5 oz Chicken
2nd Meal: (Pre-Workout): 1 cup White Rice, 6 oz Chicken, and 1 cup Broccoli
3rd Meal: (Post-Workout): 1 scoop Protein Powder
4th Meal: (1 Hour Post-Workout): 1 cup White Rice and 6 oz Chicken
5th Meal: 1 cup White Rice, 6 oz Chicken, and 1 cup Broccoli
6th Meal: 1 scoop Casein Protein and 1 oz Almonds

Protein & Fats

Foods like eggs provide Jeremy with a highly bioavailable form of protein that his muscles can quickly utilize. Additionally, eggs contain healthful fats that support Jeremy’s hormones such as testosterone. Lean chicken is also one of his go-to protein foods. It’s low in calories but high in protein, making it ideal for cutting.

Carbs, Fiber & Micronutrients

As for carbs, Jeremy relies on the good old rice and vegetables. White rice is his favorite, especially before his workouts because it’s quickly absorbed into his muscles.

He might also eat sweet potatoes and oats as these are a good source of fiber which is critical for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.

Speaking of fiber, Jeremy also loves to add plenty of colorful vegetables to his plate. This way, he ensures he gets all his trace minerals and other micronutrients that are easily lost through his heavy training.

Cutting Diet

When preparing for a bodybuilding contest, Jeremy’s diet will naturally get more strict. He’ll reduce his overall caloric intake to below maintenance. This process forces his body to get fuel from elsewhere, in this case, his fat deposits.

To ensure he doesn’t catabolize muscle on a cutting diet, Jeremy will bump up his protein intake. This will make his body use fat and glucose for fuel instead of his muscle.

Off-Season Diet

In terms of his off-season diet, Jeremy will more or less eat the same foods, with eggs, chicken, rice, nuts, and vegetables being his staples. The difference from his cutting phase is that he’ll eat more calories and have more room for cheat meals.

“I stick with basic, healthy foods: chicken, fish, lean beef steaks for protein, and rice and potatoes for carbohydrates. For snacks and healthy fats, I’ll have oatmeal, some Cream of Wheat, and peanut butter.”

Jeremy Potvin

He’ll still keep his overall calories in mind, making sure not to go overboard with fats and carbs. Even though he’s bulking at this stage, he still doesn’t want to pack too much fat along the way, as this would make cutting for a contest much harder.

Jeremy Potvin Supplements

Jeremy Potvin has a couple of rules when it comes to supplements. The first one is that they’re never a replacement for good and clean food. Secondly, he doesn’t like to take too many different supplements at once, as that could potentially take a toll on his body over time.

With that said, some of the basic supplements that Jeremy Potvin takes include:

  • Pre-Workout
  • Whey Protein
  • CLA
  • Casein

If he had to choose, Jeremy says his two most important supplements would be a pre-workout and whey protein.

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