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From a shy immigrant kid who couldn’t speak a word of English to a fitness icon, entrepreneur, self-proclaimed ‘sickcunt,’ and one of the main faces of the aesthetic movement. The story of Chestbrah (Said Shavershian) is truly one of a kind.

To get to where he’s today, Chestbrah had to face some devastating and heartbreaking moments. In 2011, Chestbrah lost his brother Zyzz. This sent him into a downward spiral of depression which he barely got out of. In the name of his brother, Chestbrah got back on his feet, stronger than ever to start a ‘revolution’ amongst his fans. He continued what his brother had started; promoting the aesthetic lifestyle to people around the globe. To Chestbrah’s astonishment, the legacy has since grown more than he’d ever thought.

For anyone curious, the term ‘aesthetic movement’ was pioneered by Zyzz and Chestbrah. It’s a movement that encourages aspiring young men to build a lean and healthy physique and live life to its fullest.

Chestbrah’s Quick Stats

  • Full name: Said Sergeyevich Shavershian
  • Height: 5’11” (180cm)
  • Weight: 185-195lbs (83.9-88.5kg)
  • Year of Birth: 1986
  • Nationality: Australian, Russian

Chestbrah Diet Overview

When it comes to his diet, Chestbrah isn’t your typical fitness model. He doesn’t claim to eat the healthiest foods all the time, nor does he advocate living a restricted lifestyle.

He’ll let loose when he wants to, and will enjoy a burger, pizza, donut, and even a cigarette if he so wishes. He doesn’t necessarily suggest that you should do the same, this is simply his personal philosophy towards life. In Chestbrah’s own words:

“I remember when I was young I used to walk into a room and wondered if everyone liked me, now I wonder if I like them. To hell with going by the book and doing what everyone else is doing. Fitness and gym to me aren’t about longevity, I ain’t here to live until I’m 80 years old, crippled and frail reminiscing of the glory years.

I’m not like other fitness models, I love to party, I love an occasional joint or two, and yes I smoke cigarettes. I ain’t a fake natty like 95% of the industry claim to be. Fitness to me was always about looking good and improving self-confidence. What good is life if you can’t do the things you love? Live your own life and don’t concern yourself too much with what’s right and wrong, follow your own path on your own accord and stay 100% real to the game.”

– Chestbrah Said Shavershian

With all of this being said, Chestbrah knows when it’s time to get serious. Maintaining his physique wouldn’t be possible if he ate burgers and cakes all the time. While he enjoys a balanced lifestyle, he’ll still eat healthy most of the time – including foods that any other bodybuilder would eat. Such as chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, and vegetables.

Chestbrah’s Rules For a Shredded Physique

Chestbrah adheres to a few simple rules to maintain his trademark physique year-round.

  1. No sugars – for the majority of the time, Chestbrah doesn’t consume processed foods or soft drinks. Especially those that are high in sugar.
  2. Staying hydrated – except for an occasional drink here and there, Chestbrah mainly enjoys drinking water and green tea.
  3. High protein – Chestbrah gets 190g+ of protein per day to ensure he stays anabolic and prevents muscle wastage.
  4. Letting loose – As we’ve repeated, Chestbrah will let loose once in a while and he won’t feel guilty for it. After he returns from a festival or party, he’ll simply get back on track with his diet and training. Many people go on a full-blown binge after slipping up, which is something Chestbrah never does – and it’s exactly this what sets him apart from those that fail with their diet.
  5. Heavy compounds – to prevent losing muscle mass during his cut, Chestbrah keeps lifting heavy and prioritizes compound movements. This forces his body to utilize calories more efficiently and is sparing to his muscles.

In addition to these, Chestbrah also gets plenty of rest to let his body and mind recover. Without rest, his muscles wouldn’t be able to grow and his hormones would all get out of whack – leading to fat gain and muscle loss.

Chestbrah’s transformation.

Chestbrah Meal Plan

Chestbrah has multiple diet variations. He likes to keep things interesting and experiment to see what works best for his body. Here’s one of his favorite meal plans:

Meal 1: Pro/Carb 8:00am

  • 10 Egg Whites, 1 Scoop Of Whey Protein, 1 cup oatmeal + blueberries (56g protein / 54g carbs / 5g fat)

Meal 2: Pro/Fat/Carb 10:00am

  • Lean Ground Beef, 50g Cottage Cheese, green veggies 200 grams brown rice (55g protein / 47g carbs / 20g fat)

Meal 3: Pro/Carb 12:00pm

  • 2 x Chicken Breast, 200 grams brown rice + veggies (85g protein / 84g carbs / 3g Fat)

Meal 4: Pro/Fat 2:00pm

  • 200g Chicken + 200 Gram brown rice, Veggies (60g protein / 84g carbs / 10g Fat)

Meal 5: Pre-Workout 5:00 pm

  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, 1 Cup Veggies + 100-gram brown rice (50g protein / 32g carbs / 3g fat)

Meal 6: Post-Workout 

  • 2 Scoops Whey Protein / 80g of Dextrose (45g protein / 80g carbs / 0g fat)

Meal 7: Pro/Carb 8-8:15pm

  • Lean Protein of choice, 100 Gram brown rice + 2 natty peanut butter scoops (50g protein / 27.5g carbs / 18g fat)

Meal 8: Before Bed 10:00 pm

  • 3 Scoops of Casein Protein, 1.5 Tbsp. Flax Seed Oil (60g protein / 3g carbs / 21g Fat)

Cutting Diet

When he’s cutting, Chestbrah will simply reduce his overall calories and get a little stricter with his diet.

For example, if he wants to dial in to a single-digit body fat percentage, he’ll completely remove sugars and will only drink green tea and water. He’ll also reduce his fats as they’re very calorie-dense. So instead of eating a whole egg, he’ll opt for egg whites. Instead of chicken wings, he’ll eat skinless chicken breast. Instead of fatty beef cuts, he’ll get lean minced beef with very little fat.

Bulking Diet

Chestbrah’s bulking diet will allow for more freedom in terms of cheat meals and even occasional drinks, but he’ll still keep his macros in the back of his mind. After all, what’s the point of getting all bulky when most of it is fat?

For this reason, Chestbrah will get the bulk of his calories from quality foods. Including peanut butter, avocados, whole eggs, and grass-fed fatty meat. If he wants to amp up his calories even further, he’ll take a weight gainer shake once per day.

Chestbrah Supplements

Chestbrah takes supplements daily to cover any nutritional gaps in his nutrition. His strenuous workouts require additional nutrients that are hard to obtain from food alone, especially when he’s traveling. Speaking of which, Chestbrah will increase his supplementation while traveling to support his immune system so he doesn’t get sick.

Chestbrah supplements include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fish oils
  • Post-workout whey protein
  • Pre-workout
  • Casein before bed
  • Weight gainer when bulking
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