About Us

Supplement Devil is a troubleshooting, fact based website for those people who want to be sure that they are giving themselves the best possible chance at hitting their fitness and lifestyle goals.

The supplement industry is a crowded place, and with so many fakers around it’s hard to know which supplements and brands you can trust.

But by taking the latest and greatest supplements and putting them through completely independent reviews we can help you make the best possible choice.

When Was Supplement Devil Started?

Supplement Devil was started in the beginning of 2018, however the idea came around long before then. Since starting we have had plenty of reviewers offer to write up articles and test products in order to help consumers make up their mind on what to buy.

Our mission statement is: ‘Don’t piss away your cash on useless shit’. 

Who is behind Supplement Devil?

Meet the Team:

Ted, Founder

Supplement Devil is owned by Ted and James Larson.

Like you, we got sick of wasting money on shitty supplements and getting no results. So instead have constructed this website and our objective based review using accredited scientific resources to ensure the supplements we recommend work.

James Larson, Author, PT

James is an expert trainer and has a philosophy that focuses on continually learning..

James offers a free advice session for people of all ages and backgrounds; from complete beginners to advanced gym goers. Fitness instructor with 12 years experience.

His combination of active participation in regular fitness training and the integration of periodic fitness programs & comprehensive nutrition will help you to achieve your health goals and improve your quality of life.James’s goal is to create a better life for the people he serves by improving their wellbeing and helping them manage their problems. – Harvard Guide to Yoga / Harvardguidetoyoga.com

Nikola Bugrain – weight-loss expert, certified fitness and nutrition coach

Nik B has also joined the team from the website nikolabugarin.com.

Nik is a qualified personal trainer, fitness model, and owner of The Unit. He got his start as Nik’s personal trainer. His reputation in the PT field is well-known and due to that, established gym.
It is my pleasure to empower you by transferring the knowledge I have gained from both academia and experience. It will help you achieve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals. newportfit4life.com


Supplement devil has also taken on Newportfitforlife.

What Does Supplement Devil Use for It’s Reviews?

We heavily utilise Examine.com and PubMed as well as some good old fashioned user testing in order to figure out the scores and recommendations we give the supplements that feature on our website.

How Can I Submit a Product for Review?

Easy, just get in touch via our contact us page or make a comment on one of our posts! We’re always happy to hear from readers and companies!

Can I Share a Company Press Release for Publishing?

Absolutely, just head to our contact us page and get in touch. We try stay on top of Supplement News in every way possible and if you are eager to get news about your new supplement onto the web, Supplement Devil is here to help!

Book and Program Reviews

Supplement Devil also reviews book and programs. The biggest of these is the Harvard Guide to Yoga which we scored 5/5 and wrote a few different articles about in our expert review.

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